Saturday, June 16, 2012

Look both Ways

Look both ways before crossing the tracks! That train just may appear out of nowhere and run over you, or almost scare you to death as you edge veer to the rail if you are not paying attention.
Life is that way at times!
So many times folks get used to doing it a certain way; going about the day as each day before; throwing caution to the winds so to speak.
Forgetting about simple acts of gratitude, of kindness, of genuineness.
Letting guards down or expecting others to always be there to lighten loads, or do it for them.
Responsibilities that belong to one
are easily transferred to another
and the tracks get forgotten about
while folks just zoom across them in their own way, their own pace, running by and doing and forgetting the big ole train called life.
Somedays you feel like the train,
somedays the headlight that gets those bugs plastered to its beam.
how often are YOU the conductor?
The conductor of your train, your life.
Checking the rails, paying attention as you step into your life;
before stepping behind the wheel and taking hold of the throttle
of the day, of your mouth, 
before engaging the gears of the moment, the hour, the very things that will impact the Universal Energy of all.
Will you enjoy the ride and invite others to ride with you?
will you make careless turns, go to fast around the bends and turns and possibly forget to sound the whistle of 
"here I come"
or apply the brakes in time to avoid
those things that you may later regret
or avoid a casualty. 
One a train is in motion,
there is a lot behind it,
similar to the actions and words of a person... at times like a runaway train,
hard to control and easy to de-rail.
Heaven help the person who tries to cross on that little road
and is unaware of what shows up from nowhere
and hits them broadside!
Sometimes with the same impact and fierceness of a train out of control.
I hope you are the conductor,
the one who is rested
in control of your heart, your mind, your spirit!
Enjoy the ride, sound the horn to let all know that you are on the tracks
and responsible in all that you choose!
Take best care of your "passengers",
those you have in your life, that you love, and who love you.
Don't abuse the very gifts that are yours, nor the generosity of their gifts that have been given over time.
Thank you is a word that is so seldom used with meaning these days;
paying it forward is something that is so rich in experience and Love is something that is not described but felt deeply.
Be the conductor, enjoy the views,
take time to share those views with others and ride with gusto.
LIFE is so very fragile and spectacular. 
I sure hope you are the conductor and not in the cattle car as you ride that rail!
DLB says she is riding in a cloud
as that grin continues strong;
she is "dusting" that little car, and just as happy as happy can be;
and paying it forward has never ever been more beautiful.
I hope you will join me in finding ways to 
"Pay it Forward" for someone over the weekend
and if you need a suggestion,
"that's why you have me"!
Prayers going strong and the candles are burning brightly for
THOMAS O'BRIEN and his beloved Mom Debbie Koenig.
Thomas is getting weaker, his pain more intense.
He is getting closer to the Next Place
and we are Standing >We have our hearts and arms around him <
Blessings to all who gather here.
Walk in Beauty


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fluff said...

Thank you for your words and message. Wishing you and all our friends here a Super Saturday. Prayers for those mentioned. Thomas and Mom Debbie, Ali and her Father and others. Been and extremely, hugely busy week for me. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

My candle is burning here in Virginia for dear Thomas and loving Mom Debbie. My heart aches for you and Thomas. God will take care of you and wrap you in his arms, we just have to believe. May your days and nights be filled with the love you and your Mom have shared with all of us. A wonderful loving son and Mother together will win this battle some day again together. There will be no pain and the tears will be of laughter together. God Bless both of you. God Bless Dr. SES for helping us thru your struggle. We will always love you. Blessings