Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lovely Calm Morning

The waters were rough and waves
were crashing against the shores
of the beaches here yesterday.
Roads flooding, people running low cars and big ole SUV's through that water like they thought a prop was attached to the rear bumper,
forgetting or not knowing or caring that the waves they create will create more trouble for homes nearby that are already threatened by water!
 Many showed out at the beach yesterday to see it, to play in it
to watch what is usually calm and beautiful, now churn with fierceness and with wonder in the last days of
Tropical Storm Debby
that has left all shaken and shaking their heads.
She lingered in the Gulf waters is what made this so remarkable,
closing the Skyway Bridge for days now; a first for the area and the books.
Not even during hurricanes has that happened.
Many were evacuated in New Port Richey as the waters kept rising
and danger was viewed as necessary; many taken out by boat
from their homes.
Fierce rains, waters, and flooding.
Some of those same cars that we saw barrel through the high waters, we later saw STUCK in the high waters... hard lesson to learn, since common sense isn't so common anymore I guess.
There is always beauty to be found
during storms
times of wonder
and times like this.
 The usual beauty of the Gulf and colors of the waters is what made me want to live here;
it was during a hurricane that we looked for our home here,
as we drove and looked
and searched for somewhere to eat 
in the middle of a hurricane!
But this Debby?
She surely did leave a mess for folks to clean up, she left a mark with her rains, her winds, her lingering ways
and her tenacity.
On Sunday when it was at its worst
Tarpon Springs, the sponge docks little streets were flooded and you could see photos of folks in boats;
and yesterday
businesses were OPEN
and the sand bags were outside the doors although part of the main street was still with tremendous water, yet the water
could not compete with the 
tremendous spirit.
People were out and about,
they were looking and assessing the damages, living and laughing
and doing what they do,
feeling blessed.
The Sponge Docks
the people
Tampa Bay
will get back to business and will look for and to the sun as Debby makes her way East now.
This is just 55 seconds of our calm and beautiful Sunset Beach!

Wherever you are today,
whatever you are doing
make it your personal best

Take best care of YOU
and the rest will fall into place.

Prayers goin strong for Thomas O'Brien's Mom Debbie Koenig
(I'm trying real hard to not blame her for her name sake on this storm)
Prayers strong for EE, (I'm trying real hard not to drive to CO and slap her for Debby the tropical storm also)
Thoughts and a shout out to 
Irene/FIRM stuck on Siesta Key
where as of yeterday
there was no access to the mainland
and the flooding and stuff is goin mad there and sewage is spilling
and good she is in a fine resort
loving the waves and the waters!

Blessings to all who gather
 C'mon through the "gate"
and there you are!
I'll be waitin on ya!


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. What a mess Debby has made. I hope all will be well soon with the clean up. Those winds were fierce. My nephew, in St. Pete, said he never saw it so rough but this is only his second year in Florida. The pictures and videos are amazing. Be safe and hope things continue to improve. Take care everyone. Prayers continue for Debbie and for EE, Ali and her Father and family. Irene, hope you get home soon safe and sound. Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

Irene M said...

There is not enough germ killer for me to use on my legs and feet.
The water is receeding, beach sand gone, replaced by sole killing shells, debris and YUK/MUK.
But............. the sun is out, waves calming down and I am here till Sunday, Ah ! Sun-day.
Thanks for the concern, hope all is well in your world. I am grossed out but remain FIRM

DrSES said...

Bet you got you some off the hook shells! Happy you are safe.

Thanks fluff for thinking of all dear one...

Prayers for COLORADO...