Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August !

August already? Geez, the time flies I just looked an it was June. Oh how I love my summers, so slow it down now, hang out a while August and just take your time here... yes yes I know it also is known as the "dog days of Summer", but that's alright too. We have cold showers, most have A/C, most have the ability to chill when they need to, and still get a small break in the rush hour traffic not having to deal with those yellow buses that stop every 50 feet for the kiddies. C'mon now summer you can just slow yourself here... what's the rush anyway?

Folks complain of the heat, yet not so long ago they complained of the cold, the sore backs from shoveling snow and lacing up boots and putting on socks! Now they only have to throw on the flip flops and go, seems like a far better plan to me, no coat, no mittens. The light is better later, the traffic is less, the warmth good for the bones and Vitamin D at a premium.

Ever notice how no one complains when they see someone in a bikini or two piece top out and about in the day to day life? But heaven help us if we see someone out in a bra... the world might just end; why is that I wonder?

Ah sweet summer; how I love it.

Many not so much, as they begin to think about getting the kiddies back to school, the high cost of having to take them to buy supplies, clothes, shoes, the latest and greatest things that their friends are going to be wearing when they take to the halls once again in September.  Those who wonder who will be the adults teaching and if their children will learn, be safe from harm, leave the safety of home to ride buses, stand in lines and learn something each and every day while also learning to be better people.  As for the kids? Oh my, they will once again soon have to have a schedule of bedtimes, of getting up early and following someone elses rules and expectations, of homework, less gaming and doing and going. Soon vacations will be a thing of the past and forgotten unless the family keeps it in their minds through conversations and/or pictures. Marvelous memories so easy to let go of unless we keep them moving in the frontal lobe of the brain for the kids... as their brains develop and grow it seems... Summer in all its splendor and "wow" moments.

Oh the many tasks and thoughts to keep straight in life and in the last month of summer.
Now we enter August; a month also known as the dog days cos' as the heat gets turned up.

These 4 leggeds here are already showing me the signs; sleep, walk to the next spot and sleep some more! Energy is down, the sleep is up and coolness is the name of the game.

August 1 is also known for the Joyce Kilmer poem "Trees" was first published in 1913 "Poetry: A Magazine of Verse! Just so you know that the 1st day of August has been noted as quite a day.

August now lays claim to both Godsons' birthdays, D'Vante and Kamryn born in the same months both growing, changing, with their own thoughts, minds, walks into their own people.

August, also today is:

Friendship Day
National Minority Donor Awareness Day
Girlfriend Day
Respect for Parents Day
Rounds Resounding Day (row row row your boat)

And, did I mention:
on any day... It also is quite wise unless they are wearing a pair of Michael Jordans to not take them walking on hot pavement unless you are walking barefoot beside them.

 So, as we welcome August into our homes, our cars, our lives... may we enjoy each moment, each day. Cos' we all know that they go too quickly and once gone, well, you know the rest.

A view from above just to get your awe on today...
and from this person in Florida, let me just end with this....

Jesse Jackson, if you have a home... please leave my state and return to your home. YOU are not helping here. In addition you are insulting, irritating and pissing off a tremendous number of educated, enlightened people with your racist hatred. [signed, Dr Sherry E Showalter]

Prayers of peace, hope, faith, compassion to all. to those standing, serving I thank you.

Walk in beauty,


fluff said...

Yes, it is August and today I "Fluffee" is excited because today starts National Clown Week Aug 1-7. Fluffee has NEW hair ~~ bright bubble gum pink with long curls and pony tails with colorful bows and a sparkly little butterfly on top of my head. Looking forward to the next few days out and about clowing around with the kiddies making balloons and face painting with my clown alley clowsn. It is a joy to be Fluffee.

I am actully not happy since it is once again pitch dark when I leave for work in the morning. Summer passed quickly and daytime hours are shorter. Boooo Fall/winter Stay around for a while summer - we love you here in Michigan.
Hope everyone has a terrific day and if you see a clown this week give them a hug and thank them for bringing smiles to so many. /Sandy♥☺♥

DrSES said...


Anonymous said...

I "second the emotion" Jesse Jackson, go home, if that doesn't work for you I have some other suggestions of places you might go.... they're Hot too. Just sayin.
As for the dog days of summer. Gotta love the light. Be well all. Enjoy.