Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Through the Rains

Tis rain time in sunny Florida! Boy oh boy are we having some rain, thunder and lightning so quick that the ole' weather man is having a hard time counting the dots... yet reports the strikes daily on the news.  Yesterday and last night were no exception as the rains fell hard, traffic was creeping along and then a double rainbow delighted those who were breathing well enough to notice it!
Through the storms of life or rains that are in real time, often if we take the time to look up we'll find the beauty sneaking in on us... reminding us that storms never last but are often necessary in the world, in our life and for our soils. In some ways it washes it all clean. By now we should be sparkly clean here I'm thinkin' and maybe just maybe our muscles are a bit tighter after that white knuckle drive over the bridge yesterday and that traffic as well.  But oh my, what a rainbow... just a shame there was not a good place to pull off to just enjoy it, but another reminder of life in all its wonder. Sometimes one has to take things as they are, enjoy in the midst of what is happening and keep moving along. 

Looking around today, the pool is full, right to the very edge of its self from all that rain; the grass is greener than it was and the flowers are standing straight up as if screaming for the butterflies to come and enjoy them!  Morning is quiet, rain drops still can be seen glistening as the sun finds them for the day. Blue skies with puffy white clouds and the temperature is still cool to the feel. Yes, quite the rain, the thunder, the light show has left an impression here... expect it will return for another stage presence around rush hour today, just cos' it can.

Meanwhile in the news: another was arrested in GA at a school after threat was there do harm kids. After parents, loved ones and a community was put in harms way... In that beautiful red dirt place I have just been in; Oklahoma City; a young beautiful man was jogging on a street there, loving his life when three kids drove by and shot him dead. Teenagers, shot and killed a young man who was doing what he loved; running... minding his own business, probably listening to music and having a great day. Now? He is dead. 
Why? As they showed the pictures of three kids from the local high school the disgusted police officer said, "they said they were bored, they decided to go out and kill someone. We are going to prosecute them as adults."

News around the Nation seems to get worse everyday, think I'll stick with the weather; with the similarities of how the storms of weather emotions, storms within resonate with those going to it, through it or are confused by it... even those who fear it.

Storms never last, and sometimes in the greatest of storms, there will be gifts. When you look UP, look around or even when you look down.

Look to the rainbow; its beauty will fill you up, it may be a message for only you at the time you need it most... it helps to keep your heart open and your eyes wide open through the storms in order to receive the many gifts that are surrounding you...
There is no distance.
Wishing you all that you dare to dream, as you dance yourself silly today... if only in your heart and mind!

 I wish you rainbows

Walk in beauty

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