Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Twerking", it's good for YOU!

The news is in... and it is GOOD NEWS,

"Twerking" is good for US... it increases metabolism, it makes us feel good, it tightens out butt cheeks and our muscles, thereby making us feel better! Babies are doing it, doggies do it, and we have a word now found official for it in the world for what we all were jaw dropping when Miley Cyrus grinded on stage with her tongue looking rather like a giraffe... 

Why my goodness, that child was "twerking" for her health! I feel so much better now knowing she was only showing folks how to feel better, to get their exercise on and now they too can do the same thing in their homes and on the streets... 
 Now one and all can get their "Twerk On" and know they are benefiting their cardiac and butt health at the same time... and ultimately visit their good ole' chiropractor if not cautious.

If in Palm Harbor, Dr. Kevin Gallagher is the bomb and I'm sure can fit us in after "twerking for our health" if we need him.

 Who knows we may indeed need him, need a new outfit to get our Twerk on, something like spandex, sweat pants and a tongue guard to allow us to concentrate on the thrusts, the movements and the beat of the drum as we tuck out butt cheeks to the music.

I think she only went wrong when her tongue fell out, her clothes fell off and she picked an object of desire or who picked her with such blurred boundaries... Oh wait; that was the name of the song I hear! Silly me.

Should your next workout include "twerking" please let me know how it works for you, let me know of the successes, the giggles the movement since you will be doing the 2013 version of a dance that began years and years ago. 
Twerking is essentially a modern version of an African dance called mapouka, or “dance of the behind.” It, too, involves the rhythmic shaking of the butt while facing away from the audience, but the traditional way is considered much less obscene than the modern variety.  I tell you, it was the lack of clothing and that darn tongue that she is having trouble keeping in her mouth that found its way to her knees during that routine that has just caused the outrage, or maybe it was the paltry amount of clothing, the whiteness of the skin matched with the whiteness of her bra and panties...
One of the first pop-musical calls to twerk on the dance floor was 1993’s “Do The Jubilee All,” by New Orleans–based hip-hop artist DJ Jubilee. "Twerking" has recently become so popular that people are uploading YouTube videos of their pets and even babies doing it. Now those are quite comical I have to tell you, I have almost laughed myself silly, and even the adults give me a giggle from time to time, some with booties so bouncy that if twerking does that to a person, I cannot imagine every doing it in my life.  Who after all would want to carry that much junque in their trunk I ask?

As a dance trend, it's sure to be short-lived. Remember how cool you were doing the Macarena or the Cupid Shuffle until you saw you grandma doing it?   I did enjoy seeing the Army vs. Marines doing the Cupid Shuffle recently... always competition even through dance!  The important thing is to JUST DANCE I always say...
"Twerking" ah, I would guess that ole' Patrick Swazye is having a ball watching all that from a distance, they sure don't dance like they did when no one left Baby in the corner.... or the days of the slow drag. At least we wore our clothes, perhaps that is the biggest difference and what folks find as so very offensive.
Twerking is rather like butt humping and ain't nobody got time to be watching that!  or do they?

hahaha, they do say however 60 minutes of "twerking" will do ya good!

Good luck with that... of course exercise is good for ya, but be careful out there, where, when and how you "twerk"...
Yes, probably more short lived a dance than the news we'll continue to hear of little Miley and Mr Thicke as they both cash their checks  and how she has grown...  how silly is that?

But while it's in, go ahead, shake it like there's no tomorrow... just keep your clothes on and your tongue in your mouth!  REady to get your "twerk" on?

Have a sterling day, and remember

put on your clothes, tongue in your mouth and 

Walk in beauty



Anonymous said...

Funny pictures Doc. Miley was totally offensive. Anyone can take things to the extreme and she sure did. Where is common decency? Of yeah, this is 2013... Offensive, lewd and obnoxious behaviors are all the rage. Twerking is maybe not new, but she elevated it to a whole new level of disgusting. Whatever happened to colorful outfits an bedazzling costumes for stage performances? And our parents thought hippie clothes, and pot was beyond the pale. Every long for the good ole days when men wore pant that covered their underwear? When peekaboo fashion was for the boudoir? False eyelashes were rare, and the expectation was civility and some degree of modesty?
Thanks for the laughs with the photos, but I pass on any exercise that would tweek my back out!
have a great day!
This gives hump day a whole new look.

Anonymous said...

get your twerk on ??
I surely choked on my coffee while reading this ~quite refreshing to see 'society' gone wild after the obnoxious display put on by Mss. Miley, her moments of infamy have surely reaped the results she obviously was deprived of.. I was not personally offended, rather I was embarrassed for the young lady and shocked o realize at that very moment, I had transformed into my grammie ~ her words of shock at "what has become of these young people today ".. how times have changed at what is now uncensored and allowed on television as family friendly viewing.. lol..
Thanks for the humor and the laughs today, I'll say I agree with the above comment that twerking has brought ' hump day ' a whole new meaning..
the visuals of a flash mob twerk session in my mind ! ewww..
have a blessed and fun day y'all ~ and yep, get your dance on !
sign me, ♥

DrSES said...

well now that you have weighed in... omg, HUMP day and twerking, yes yes a whole new meaning, just please please keep your tongues in your mouth when doing in public venues... that I just cannot allow into my brain or i might just bust a vessel in my brain...

let's twerk again, like we did old school summers, ohhhh let's twerk again like we did back then... .do you remember when?

hahaha DANCE DANCE DANCE.... and wear your shades friends, always wear your shades...