Saturday, August 24, 2013

On This Day...

12 years ago, I was hustling past the Pentagon, getting to the airport on an afternoon... flying to Chicago with the cell phone to my ear and cuz Angie on the other end wanting to deliver a little boy as I screamed, "NOT YET I am on my way... just hold on"....
Thankfully she waited as that plane arrived, the cab was hailed and I begged, "HIT IT" and  zoomed to that hospital, got past security and into the booties gown and was looked over by the doctor as he said, "so you are the one we've been waiting for"!
YEP, I am the one, let's get my baby outta there doc!
Oh I am so happy she crossed her legs and waited for the Godmother....

As the screaming and great joys (NOT) began, I cut that little kids' cord and it's been a grand times ever since. I was honored to name Kamryn Elijah and think I gave him his first squishy nerf basketball oh so long ago... Watching him now grow too quickly, laugh loud and hard along the way. His passion for balling has intensified, his ability to make one scratch their head continues as now he turns 12... which he reminded me of as I awoke from a dead sleep to answer the phone sometime after midnight last night!

 He now has the brain that continues to grow, the body that is on growth as well, feet in the shoes that do not wear out as much as need a larger size, 10 1/2 at last report in... To a new school this year, with a ready to go and get it, already thinking of college and where he can ball, the grades must be sterling, the study habits must be learned to be the best... the tasks are many along with learning about which wolf to feed and to feed consistently. Oh the things and the choices to make on this 12th birthday!

Kamryn Elijah; always a kid of kindness, a peacemaker and one who is just funny... how I pray he does not lose that as he grows, as he is influenced by peers, by situations and time. Known to get so tickled he has to place his hands on his knees and bend at the waist laughing, it is infectious... from the time of a wee one. I notice it is harder to get to that bliss for him now; watching others and modeling their "serious" swag... reminding him often that is not always the best way as laughter lives within him and is helpful to others as he walks his own walk.  I think he gets it, but reminders are a good thing.

We all benefit greatly from them, balance is a great act, dance a good thing, limiting sadness embracing the good.  There is enough angst in the world, confusion, it is not always necessary to take on what is not yours...Joy is yours, if you just let yourself feel the spirit that Creator gave you, it shines!

Shine... laugh... enjoy this precious life...

The above was Kamryn hearing about his birthday gift from the Godmother ... he was being told he would be meeting his hero; MICHAEL JORDAN...  and meet him he did in California, oh yea.... he is living the dream as he likes to say.

We just have to get him through the "shy stages" of pre-teen and into social graces of talking! haha
It is coming if it kills me!
Less video gaming and more talking is my thinkin... but what do I know? I'm just the Godmother.

Kamryn born on August 24... got to name the little guy, got to cut his cord... we do have a special connection of the soul. A trust that he knows when he needs to hear a voice he calls, when he wants to talk something over, he calls.
That works; and oh some of the things we have talked about! He was born with all he needs to do all he wants or dreams if he follows his passion, works his plan, receives the support, love and understanding along the way, and at times perhaps even a swift kick in the reality.
Dreams... thrills.... experiences... livin the dream! That's my wish for that Godson of mine as long as he remembers, honor in all things, honesty, truth, compassion, kindness he will be A-OK.

Whoa, it is a wonderful life...

 Happy birthday Kamryn Elijah... celebrate, laugh, and have them take you for lobster, steak and do not forget the appetizers! Maybe this will be the day you try calamari !!!


Elisabeth Kubler-Ross died on August 24, stepping from this world to dancing in the galaxies... Her life will be remembered around the globe on this day as many host dinner parties to "talk about death" as she is remembered on this day as she is still a life force in this world and the next place. She will always be missed.
on this day... we all need to know, not only was Kamryn Elijah born but it is also,

WAFFLE DAY, Knife Day, and Pluto Demoted Day....

So oh what a day it is today... get out there and eat a waffle, cut it with a knife, remember the woman who brought death and dying into the homes of all and helped professionals be more than they were before, as now we love someone to the little rock once known as Pluto, and say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved Godson

it is goin to be a mouthful, but enjoy the waffles
and have a glorious day... wherever you are and whatever you are going through or to.  

Make a splash, get in your happy bubble and play with wonder.

Walk in beauty


oshkosh said...

Happy Birthday Kamryn !!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL blog. You both are truly blessed with each other!!!

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Oh Lord, help me live thru the teen years with Kamryn. I was with him all day yesterday. I had planned to take my car to the garage with a problem and it was pouring down rain. He said why do you schedule your things to do when I am staying with you? I thought about it for awhile and called and canceled my appt. with the garage. So we may have to walk to the garage. I just picked him up and he is staying the night and we will go to Church in the morning and then celebrate his birthday again and again. I think this will be the 3rd. or 4th. time I have celebrated birthday. I did not ans. phone last night after 12am. I did not hear it ring and he was a little disturbed about me not ans. phone. He told me right away that we have to do shopping for school etc.. He is a great kid, just have to tame him down when he has too much sugar.. Ate 5 glazed donuts during one setting and now is into Frappe chocolate from McDonalds. Happy Birthday Kam and help me have the strength to guide you the right way. love and best wishes always. God Bless USA.

fluff said...

Great Big Happy Birthday to Kamryn. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and get all the presents and fun time you want today. /Sandy♥