Friday, August 2, 2013

The Thunder/Lightning awe summer...

Oh my how how the thunder and Lightning beings like to play... Scaring us at times with their antics to be sure. August is here! The daily storms, thunder/lightning has become a daily adventure... Waterspouts now seem to be showing up in Tampa, captured on camera's and phones, seeming to appear from nowhere as the storms arrive daily. They are quite amazing, and I hear from a captain of "Chute Me UP" in Clearwater that they are not that uncommon a sight in the Gulf here! I sure would like to see one, so far only have seen the photos, heard about them second hand and they sure are impressive.

Summer and its joy, we look good even tho It's Hurricane Season here in Florida! The light shows at night are breathtaking to be sure when the lightning jags and you cannot count 10 seconds until the next... as the thunder rolls above the skies darkness. Ah, but the time of change is all around us and within us to be sure, often distracting us from looking eye to eye at the beauty that most often is the result of the thunder, lightning and storms. Remember, storms never last... they just make us think that they do. And that my friends includes the storms that often erupt within....
There is nothing quite like listening to the thunder beings as they play in spirit land. The rumbling, the wondering ... will it rain, will the lightning bolt and fill the sky? 
Living in the lightning capital of the world, I now see a lot of spirits riding on the bolts of lightning! And oh my goodness... the rainbows that can fill the sky after times like this. They can take your breath away, but only if you notice them! From here to there to just everywhere.

  You would be amazed at the number of people that have never seen a double rainbow. I've been known to pull my car off the road and just sit and watch a rainbow, in awe at its beauty, filled with gratitude that I had for that moment been blessed with its presence. Remember the post about the Redbird? Well it wasn't long after that post that I received an email from a dear woman to share with me that her son made his presence known by way of the rainbow, not once but several times... Could it be that the lightning and thunder beings are the dance, the music from loved ones that they are coming and bringing a gift.... and the gift is that of the rainbow?  
Perhaps we would be wise to to listen for the thunder, to watch for the lightning and to pay attention for when the storm is passed... And then there is the story of Jaren's Mom who is frequently visited by Jaren by way of rainbows, butterflies and dolphins... She is blessed indeed to have so many visits from Jaren this way. I remember hearing from her, excited confused and just thrilled so long ago. She told of being at her sacred space, thinking of Jaren, hoping for a sign. Her voice I will never forget as she let me know that while sitting on the beach, she looked up and saw a perfect "round rainbow" circling the sun! With a little research she discovered it is not possible to see this from the ground! Go figure, but she did!!!! Messengers indeed...
Many of us stand in awe of a storm, some distressed, afraid of it, mad or just inconvienced  by it (I sure was when I first moved to Florida; not too fond of Lightning Beings it took some time to become friends). Others are soothed by storms, thrilled by the sight, sound, the thrill of watching storms, of seeing the waters change, moods change. 
But there are few of us who miss the ceremony of storms in all their glory~ Just as few of us miss the impact of the storm within that affects our equilibrium and makes us forget that we are warriors at times! Here's a thought to stretch your imagination ---- Some have thought storms to be signs from the spirit world, messages from those who have gone before us. There are even some who believe that its the drummers drumming the dance of life, a celebration from the "other side" if you will! But then again, there are those who see the storms and thunder as an inconvenience, a storm is a storm is a storm and it will pass and life is the same as it has always been, and you just don't think about it!
But  for others, they pay attention and think. And for thunder beings,they pass quickly making noise, having fun, like so many emotions. Intense at first and then transforming... into rain, into new beginnings and sometimes a rainbow! If you pay attention! 
Reminds me of loss and grief that way, often out of our control, coming and going at will, interpreted differently depending on who is experiencing it. Often leaving us drained and weak in the knees, sometimes soggy OR sometimes refreshed and renewed or re-birthed!
Maybe it's really painting colors in the sky, messages in our hearts.

 Maybe we really do need to look through different eyes, to gaze differently than we ever have before. We need to pat ourselves on the back sometimes as we move through our day-to-day lives and recognize and remember that we are the warrior within, that we are survivors, that we are growing and healing and being kind to others along the way!
Sometimes we look so hard for something/anything that we are unable to see what is within. Messages and signs that we often are too busy, too hurt, to consumed that we don't even notice that are there, just wanting us to notice....Miracles can happen when the first rumble or drum beat of the thunder sounds....
The drum of life beats within you, waiting for you to join the dance of life, to celebrate this most splendid moment of your life! Troubled, heavy hearts often lighten after the storm... Usually feeling relief that the threat of that moment has passed. Amazing how it resembles change, loss and grief that way! The first colors of the rainbow can and often do take our breath away, can make us recall, remember and re-connect. The thought of the thunder and lightning beings can teach us to listen and look... and allow us to hope for the message, for the rainbow at storms end. Healing Heartaches, transforming us into life differently looking for rainbows within and all around while maintaining the mind-body-spirit connection in all that you are each day that you are. I wish you enough as you find the rainbow!

""I have made myself what I am" (Tecumseh, 1810)

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