Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Week-End

Hold tight to your ruby shoes, click them three times, and get your weekend up and going where you want to go... Many are on the roads to places known and unknown while others are at home, "there's no place like home"....

Labor day, the farewell to summer celebration it seems.... just can't get with that myself but many will be celebrating the end of summer as they welcome the fall of things and back to routines of school, of cooler weather and the joys that the darker months bring. 
Others will be spreading blankets for concerts, great gatherings and hope the rains won't find them (the raindrops have begun here)... the skies a bit gray, but it's early, so best to get that out of the way so the sun can shine baby shine! Many will walk that last walk on the beach today, etching the sand the feeling the air into their body and brain for the rest of the year, those things that will warm them during the dark and cold months ...

 They know that water is something they can count on to be there when they return, the tide will roll in and roll out as they labor on through the months ahead as the seasons change along with the light, the times the moods ... it will be constant in its changes.

Labor Day, heaven forbid we forget the retailers along with those who hit the malls and the stalls for reaping the savings that lay in front of their eyes and their wallets this weekend... While many will try to relax there will be those who labor on labor day along with those who try to find the bargains that we hear about!

Labor Day Weekend, the last hoorah for the kiddies before they get serious at school, buckle down learning and re-learning how to study, to follow the schedules that parent(s) try to set once again for a successful year...

Oh yes it is a busy time for so many, as we also have to keep our eye on the news in order to worry about whether we will engage in things where we have no business... Syria comes to mind.  Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

Happy Labor Day, in other words this weekend the message is,

 Thank you to those who are laboring on this labor day, to those who are serving our Nation, may you be safe. We want you home.

Walk in beauty

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oshkosh said...

JUST DANCE!!!!!! Everyone have a good Labor Day week end!!!!!!!!