Friday, October 25, 2013

Feeling Blessed!

This was my birthday wake up!
"Fire and Ice" with white mountain lilies... my favorites.
Oh I am feeling the blessings, as I opened up my Facebook page with coffee in hand...
The greetings, the messages, the voice mail from cuz Angie and Kamryn singing in my phone just awesome.
His voice sounding as though he was still asleep, and they wondering why I had not answered the phone.
I do believe it was before 7am, so guess I just slept through it, and the 4 leggeds did as well.

I am blessed, to see this day, feel the sun on my face, the wind on my body and the most remarkable of days on this day.

I am thankful to my producer, my wisdom keeper, my mentors, friends and my BFF who has stood beside me through the sun, wind, hail and rain.

Because of you
I am

color me 

My wish for all today, is simple:
May you love, laugh, live with enthusiasm, walk in your own shoes, dance always to your own beat.
Do what feels good while doing no harm 
but taking no shit.

and for today,
That is all.
Carry on!

Walk tall
I thank YOU all for the lessons, the blessings, the gifts. 


Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you today and always. The flowers are beautiful and so are you. I remember the day you came into our lives. I thank my 17yrs. old brother for not wrecking us as we crossed over the bridge. That is a song I was singing when you were born. Granny and Frank thought it was the maid singing in my room, little did they know that you were already here waiting for them to love you with all of their heart. All who came to meet you fell in love with you and knew you were ready to come into this world and make it a better place. And you have done a great job showing us all your love and devotion. Thank you for loving your family and all the people you have touched their life. Your gift of love and happiness has touched all who know you. Have the most wonderful day and enjoy as you have always done. Blessings to you always. Live, love, laugh on your day and many more to come.

DrSES said...


fluff said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Sherry. I hope you have had a grand time celebrating your very special day. Have fun - /Sandy ♥