Thursday, October 17, 2013

OPEN UP, now the the shutdown is well what is it, done? #DowntheHallway they went!

It's good for us!
Laughter is good for the soul, great for the body, the nervous system, the brain. It just about beats anything I know in any given day to adjust the body/mind/spirit connection... so no more about politics, pissing contests now that those bladders on the hill must be empty and they have struck a deal to get us through the holidays until the bladders are full again... We are wiser now, more astute, WE THE PEOPLE have learned more in the last months about attempts at keeping us fearful than we have ever known before. Games/politics/attempts at holding us hostage, keeping folks out of open air memorials that honor and pay tribute to the fallen. We will not fall for it come January, how those in power vote determine our votes. 

So for now, I suggest that we embrace the coming winter months with LAUGHTER, with an attitude of great gratitude of all that is within each of us. AS we do that, as the sounds of our raucous laughter fills the air we then will pay it forward to others. It can be its own movement... "the Laughter train > Get on board< or prepare to get infected on the tracks... It is infectious, it is good for the soul or what ails you. We have been fired up, but not necessarily in good ways that feed the soul... Laughter is good medicine. We need good medicine.

 May you share it freely with others. Of course they may look at you funny for awhile but that is rather fun as well. Have you ever laughed so hard that you lost your breath? Stomach ached, ribs felt as though they would just cave in or come out in your hands as you grabbed your sides? That is the laughter that I'm talking about!!! Where you just can't sit still laughter, that is the kind of laughter that fills you up and takes you to a place where your brain does not register all the stress we've all been under for months on end.

It's real, it's infectious, it's healing and it's within you. Take care of YOU... Laugh much, live each moment in wonder of the good, smile... It is good for you. Don't worry about the rest, let it take care of itself, while you remember...

 Just maybe you will get em good with that radiant smile and the laugh that is heard!

You just never know the impact of a good laugh, a wonderful smile and a walk that is distinctly YOURS.

Shine on as you move through your day with great grace, gratitude, and giggles.
Laughter... just like this (well maybe not just like this, but it was very funny)!


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Have the most remarkable of days today, laugh on...
Walk in beauty


fluff said...

Good message today Dr.Sherry, - Coming from a silly clown we know that laughter is indeed good medicine. At our clown meeting we sometimes have laughter therapy Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho. Yesterday, 10/16, was my birthday and I had some good chuckles form my birthday surprises and gift and time out to eat with family and friends. Laughter is considered aerobics for the insides. Have a peaceful evening friends. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Happy belated birthday to you Sandy...may you know great laughter, love and joyous things for this new year..