Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday in all her glory #DownTheHallway

One would think I was lost #DownTheHallway today as I have spent the biggest part of the day trying to get on this blog... seems they have once again googlized things around so that I could not find my way! It is truly amazing that we all have as Dr. Seuss so wisely says brains in our heads, yet we are fed a daily diet of changes beyond our own control...

Lest I piss anyone off I will not even dare to talk about the #Shutdown or the #WhiteHouse #Senate #Congress #House or #Politics... enough other people are doing that and stirring in the over boiling shit pot of government now, that is in effect affecting AMERICANS everywhere.

Is that not enough? Do we really need the weekly or monthly changes on yahoo, google and Facebook as well? Just when we think we know what we are doing, everything changes once again.

Somedays it would make a person thing that someone somewhere with far too much money truly enjoys all of this fear, anger, uprising over things as simple as fonts changing, to trying to shut down or barricade open air Memorials paid for with the blood of soldiers and the tears of the families, friends, and those who walk this soil as America in honor along with remembrance. 

Rant over.

Well maybe not,

where has the common sense gone? When America decides to stand only to be joined by thirsty politicians using the stand for their agendas and air time to further their causes or votes or fame in the moment.... 
Really now, enough is enough.

It is time for the pissing contests to end and for the ones who were "elected" to do their jobs, to shut up and just work 40 - 80 hours a week and get it done. People are weary now, they are about as angry as folks can get. Tired of not being able to trust, tired of wondering if they will pay the note on their home, feed themselves, clothe themselves or be able to fill the tank while fat cats are sipping bourbon lighting the cigar on the Hill.

Take it to the ring, roll up your expensive sleeves on those shirts and duke it out, but not at the expense of hard working people. Speaking of people; I refuse to believe that the harsh, hateful things that folks say about each other based on their votes, or party lines, color or creed will divide them in humanity.

If we do not stand together now ... we are destined to fall for bullshit or be run over in the process of those who refuse to bend like the willow for the greater good of all.

How they vote will indeed determine my vote.

And folks wonder why the expression "go postal" came to be, and still is a threat in our country... As other countries watch us, probably laughing at us. As Queen Elisabeth is probably shaking her royal head wondering what in the world has happened over here... so am I.

where has our kindness gone? where has our humanity and spine gone.

Where has WE THE PEOPLE meaning all of us taken off to that we now feel such fear, such ugliness.

Are we going to now turn into our worst selves as we question each other with the same questioning we are now having of the news media, the people in our government...

When are we going to stand in Unity once again as AMERICA.

It is past time.

I wish you enough to stand remembering 
Our colors do not run
the good must always outweigh the bad
within and in all ways for we are the people that our the legacy of the fallen...
This is our AMERICA



Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Ok Dr. SES you got some firm words going on in this blog. I do back you 100%. Why cant they get rid of the politicans of both parties and start all over again. They are not working to take care of the mess we are in. Older people are scared too death they think their SS. is not coming thru and all kind of thoughts going thru their head and there is no one around to answer their fears. What a disgrace to close the veterans monuments and have the veterans to go crazy and throw the fence borders into the White House fence. Denying the families of the burial expense for the soldiers that are not coming home to find a decent burial. Cut the saleries of the congressmen, senate, white house and all of the politicans and get this mess straightened out. I heard whether it is right or wrong that the President and First Lady employ about 600 people to fill their needs in the White House???? What is wrong with that?? Someone please come and help us out. The current politicans is not going to help. Cut the people that is guarding the x-presidents, their children and families. Yes, maybe should guard the presidents but dont take it so far for a lifetime.
Something has gotta give. Dont blame you Dr. SES for your words today or anyday. I remember when you was a First Responder at the Pentagon, how many of those folks that survived got any help from anyone? Yahoo you should be ashamed of yourself changing all of this bull---- so no one knows how to use it. We should change all of our accounts cause there are no instructions on how to solve problems. Enough is enough. Lets give up computers and go back to the typewriter. Thats all folks. God Bless USA. God Bless our soldiers and their families.

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