Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finding your stance

That Dr. Seuss was just a brillant one.. Schools should make his books mandatory reading from kindergarten through high school for wisdom and sage advise. His quotes should be used in therapy sessions mentioned in friendships and family dinners often! Not having children in grade school, I was fascinated at first, then found my mind went quickly from fascination to disgust as I learned teachers are now using a book to instill fear and stress into the brains of the little ones. There are chapters for "stress" with a child standing at the sink in a kitchen going on to describe the "stress", with butterflies in the stomach! Rather than teaching children about roles in the home, rights and responsibilities, chores and the excitement one can get from those magnificent butterflies in the stomach... they are teaching children STRESS symptoms... Setting them up for the next new diagnosis while making parents want to just boycott books while making most shake their heads in disgust. Really? Seriously? I would be on that school board in a hot flash wanting to know "what are you thinking here"?

  What is positive when giving life lessons through education of how to feel stress when 7 or 9 years old? We all are in a constant time of change, everyone changes, situations change, people change, the seasons change... Kids change from breakfast to lunch as they sear images into their brains, as they think, wonder, explore butterflies and wonder. .Life can sometimes be rough; it can knock us off balance at times... and when that happens,
how we react will often depend on
how we position our stance.
You know, how we can immediately react and"balance" or reset our stand...
kind of like being on a balance beam if you will, it's all about the balance!
Sometimes we stand just like any other day, and if you try this you just might be in for a big surprise.
Have someone help you on this.
Just stand straight and have someone you trust stand in front of you;
then have them take their hand, their forefinger and just press/push against your shoulder...
It probably won't take too much pressure and you will notice you "lose your balance"
Just like that!
Caught you off guard huh?
Now, time to reset your balance I'm thinking.
Focus, feel your feet, on the ground, plant yourself firmly... feel deeply in your stomach and connect the two solidly.
Seat yourself firmly and solidly planted and connected.
ask your friend to try it again.
Solid now right?
That is how you stay balanced, with a stance that is solid.Your core being in line. It may take practice, it may have been that you have been off the mark for years, for months, for situations, for trying to do or be more than you are. It may be that your focus was here rather than there, that your desire to do for one was greater than another, your need to work more than you should, to work less than you are able...
You may find you have stood up once to often when the boat was hitting those waves a bit hard, finding yourself on the ground wondering how did you get there!
Once you find your stance, work on your core strength, work on what you feel you need to do in order to create or re-build... that is when you will find the center again.

Then when those moments take you by surprise, you are solid. You can get back easier to you, the divine source within. Things won't disrupt you from your stance so abruptly.
Feelin me here?

The life experiences are meant to "shake us" to move us in directions sometimes unimagined, and that is ok,
change is all around us.
we can feel and BE in control of those major quakes and unexpected times if we are on solid ground from within... by grounding ourselves and our stance.
Ever been on a boat?
Hit a wave or two and noticed how your stance changes on its' own?
Got your sea legs goin?
Been hiking?
Walkin' up hill and notice how your body shifts, you lean into it...
It's all in the stance!

Been on a ladder lately?
Notice how your body changes?
You become more alert in your movements,
more present with each step,
more aware!

If we know deeply from within
that no matter our circumstance
or the cards that are dealt
we can
with amazing grace
through the storms of life
still weather it
without falling down
without losing our stance
securing our stance in our mindfulness

Stand UP
Stand strong
Be the YOU that you are

Walk In Beauty

Thoughts on the wind to all as the fire is burning brightly
We Are gentle warriors here,
that is the HOPE
in Healing Heartaches

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