Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday thoughts on Mattresses!

It is amazing to me the number of beds available to consumers. The continued ads we see of mattresses that will give the "perfect sleep", those that are so great for the backs, great for a super night sleep assuring us we will wake fresh and ready to conquer the world. Then I meet folks around the country where the majority of them tell me they do not sleep well at night. The stress of their lives prevent them from sleeping, their brains jump out and on to the next pillow about the same time they are ready for slumber.  It is only this morning I do believe I have figured part of this out...
It may just be the mattresses folks are sleeping (or not sleeping on) that is the biggest part of the problem!
As we are surrounded by ads, by those in the mattress specialty enticing us to lay on this one and that one, to try out the comfort of firm, medium, soft mattresses for a few minutes before purchasing ... to try them on if you will for comfort before buying as they tell us how great our lives will be once we start sleeping again... They make the offer for the "set" yet fail to tell us, or remind us that houses are built on SOLID foundations.

 That solid foundation turns out to be the frame and box spring! I met a delightful woman at Mattress Firm... YES right here in Tarpon Springs, and boy did she know her stuff! A deep and comfortable mattress that we lay on has to sit on something... It sits on box springs that rest on the frame. Without those two being sturdy, being solid that mattress will ultimately not do what it is intended to do! When getting that mattress, be sure above all else to get a box spring that is STEEL, nothing less will do! No cardboard tops or wood, just steel. A strong and sturdy box spring will give the foundation that mattress needs to give you comfort, and sleep!  So today, I give great props to Mattress FIRM of Tarpon Springs!!!

Folks fail to tell the consumer that, for fear they will not spend and extra $50-100. for the upgrade. What happens next is that over time, (6 months to a year), the results become less than what is hoped for.

Yes, people do not know what they do not know. Count me as one of them.

But, this time it was a great learning curve as all of a sudden the mattress began to "creak", in places a mattress shouldn't creak. As I sat on the edge to put on shoes thinking I had lost my mind, wondering what in the world where in the world was the sound coming from!  
The comfort was not as comfortable in ways that I could not quite explain.

A trip to the store with a description allowed the kind woman to do the paperwork on the warranty, just like that, painlessly. A young man shows up to take a photo of the bed, to measure the comfortable top mattress as he tells me  he visits home everyday with box springs just like that, all of them being junk.

Bottom line? Within a couple of weeks a letter arrives, I go to the store to upgrade to an all steel box spring while asking the kind lady why in the world folks don't explain these things. Here reply? "Well I always do, but customers do not like upgrading no matter the cost!"

Upgrade me upgrade me... A house cannot be built on an unstable  foundation. People need to sleep well in order to function at their finest. 

So just maybe those who do not sleep well, are not sleeping on a bed with a good foundation... YOU are worth it, check it out be sure that your frame is solid, your box springs are steel before you go and put that mattress on top. 


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May you have the best week ever!

Walk in beauty,

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