Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making your own dance

Welcome to Thursday... It's a great day to DANCE, a fine day to listen to some music, make up your own steps and just get your dance on.  Anyone can give you the music, but you have to find your own beat, your own steps, your own "rhythm" as you move through, push through your days.  Dance is good for the body, great for the spirit and the soul. Tappin the feet is as old as time itself, if no music is playing you can always whistle, you can sing, you can hear a tune in your head. Life is just that amazing!

Create the dance that just may be the next new trend, just remember where you are when you start "twerking" as we all know and most have seen what can happen when that happens!  Dancing, as old as time itself... It just feels good.

 We can all enjoy a good dance, a dance with the broom, with the vacuum, out on a night on the town and with a partner. Who am I kidding? We all have probably sat somewhere and gotten great laughs watching those that dance with wild abandon on dance floors over time, or wished we had the nerve to join in, or... have joined in and danced not caring who was watching! Dancing is great exercise, super for the nervous system, and I don't have to mention a great weight loss idea as the pounds seem to fall on the floor. We've all seen that happen on shows on t.v. as the stars drop pounds while competing on shows. Kirstie Alley comes to mind when on that show Dancing with The Stars, although I still have trouble believing the reports she dropped to a size 6.  But folks on that show sure do learn some fine steps along the way!

Dancing even in wheelchairs is great for the spirit, seeing little ones take to the ballroom floor with grace and enthusiasm shows the spirit of movement and the love of music. Seeing Elders tap their feet and sway their bodies reminds us that we are never too old to move it, to be moved by it, to enjoy the fluidity of rhythm and the sounds that somehow fill us up. The sound of music that has a way of making our bodies move without our awareness as it touches us in a place where there is no place space or time.

The dance lies within everyone that has a heart. It knows no time, no distance, no limits unless we limit ourselves. There are some that think as I do, age only matters if you are a cheese, a wine or scotch. This short video rather proves that point. Dance on!

 Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope the music is playing, your toes are tapping, and that you don't really care who is watching. Find your steps, get your Dance ON...


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