Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Day for Good thoughts, you get to choose

I can imagine this may be the sentiment out west and in New England as the snow has once again raged on areas that are still digging out from under plowed in cars and the winds are howling, the temps are falling, and folks are trying and trying to get to work, to get to patients in snows and ice, while wondering who angered Mother Nature! Spring is really on the way, as I noticed it is a bit lighter later in the day, and that we should be just about ready to entertain flip flops while putting away the boots and sweaters! Yes it's a great day for good thoughts, a day to breathe deeply and exercise good decisions for those out there in harms way picking up shovels and trying to do it all and be it all with clearing driveways and forging into the roads while facing all sorts of dilemmas and stress where snow has stranded too many to mention. Some have gotten quite creative, building snowmen standing on their heads with legs of wood sticking out the top and boots to top it all off! Others have decorated the yards with food color saying "Enough, Ain't got time for this".... but so many others are just trying to get through it, and many others are clapping their hands in joy about the look and feel of yet another winter wonderful white land of snow!
Pretty it is, especially if you don't need to get out in it, don't need milk, coffee, or feel the need to get out and about.
Oh my, the photographs are beautiful, but it's good to see from a distance for me.
Safe and warm prayers going up for all those being affected and feeling the snow chill out and up there where another record snow is in the making and plans are being made to do what is needed and be what is needed for so many.  May the guardians of safety along with common sense keep people safe and away from harm once they are on the street and behind the wheel.
Speaking of wheels and going around and round, more prayers for those who were harmed in Daytona at that horrid crash that left parts, wheels and debri flying into the stands from the race. A day where a woman was in the line-up, where the roar of the engines was deafening and the race went on, and round the track and there was a winner...
The Oscars, the beauty, the wonder, the talents, the reviews and those that talk about those things; later criticizing or slamming or telling us why or not one should have won. Oh the choices, the views, the thoughts of so many who weigh in with opinions, good bad or indifferent.
Good thoughts as we enter a new week; a week of great possibilities and endless ideas running through hearts, minds and nervous systems. Some made with pure intentions, some with judgments, some with great care and planning, all choices; some reflections of memories and some just happens chance. Humor still will assist all in coping, particularly in those cold and snowy lands we hear about along with the areas of needing a hand with the activities of everyday life.


   Yes, those good thoughts will be at times hard to get to, but they can be brought to the front of the brain, and then a deep breath will seat them there if you choose it.
Choose wisely, step carefully and steer yourself in directions that take you to those good thoughts this week... It's a great day to embrace good thoughts, do good deeds, to be gentle with you with each breath.

 May you walk in beauty



kelly 2 wolves said...

YOU GOT THAT RIGHT SISSY Would really like to have my flip flops on! the snow here is finally passing but it been 2 weeks of gruling snow removal bucket loaders slowly making their way though towns to clear road ways, cloudy gloomy cold days, But today is beautiful blue sky! hopefully the temps will climb to the high 40s at least and melt some more away we are seeing ground in some parts here and there LOL, Oh give me sweet spring, I am tired of doing the Tim Conway shuffle as I navigate around icy patches. Love ya girl keep up the good works!

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Seems this winter is just piling up that snow. Another big snow storm is headed our way in Michigan tomorrow as forcasted. Hope it bypasses us for the heavy snow. I'll be glad to see the Spring soon and hear those familiar Spring birds early in the morning. It has been a long, cold and snowy winter. I hope those affected with the new storms will stay safe and warm.

Thank you for your kind words this morning from the Sunday blog Dr. Sherry. I am feeling sad today for the loss of my dear friend Valerie but happy she is no longer suffering. She was not only a best friend from the heart for many years but a mentor for many in animal rescue. I will miss her terribly and so will those who have worked side by side with her in animal rescue. She was an awesome, strong and brave warrior and is loved very much. She fought that cancer for a very long time.

No definite word/diagnosis on Baby Peyton - He was able to come home from the hospital last night with a higher dose of anti-seizure medicine.

Take care friends and stay warm. I do hope the sun is shining on you today. /Sandy♥