Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oh the SNOW...

Happy Saturday to everyone and just everything! I've been hearing from good pals out in KS; seeing the photographs and even from my friend Stephen Bright who works through the snow thunder in KS for that wonderful organization of COMFORT KEEPERS... the snow, the drifts, the roads of horror as he braved it in his SUV to rescue staff stranded and then made his way to see patients, clients and ultimately to his office. The stranded cars, the tow truck business thriving and the plows that were stuck and even those that in their quest to clear roads managed to plow snow right against driveways rendering vehicles unmovable to the ones who needed to get out!
Yes winter has again made its mark in the Midwest, and continues to astound folks... Just yesterday reports came in from Chicago stating that the cold and severe strom there had in fact decreased and postponed "murders" in the city! Yes you read it right; now the snow of 2013 has taken the cake. Murders are postponed due to the weather in Chicago!

  this is the view from behind the wheel of Mr. Bright as he attempts to get to those Comfort Keepers in KS... and ultimately found his way to his office. I do believe he has spent a couple of nights on the couch once he got there safely, after tucking patients in, after rescuing staff. The only ones on the roads are those who have to be; the first responders, those who are in the business of caring for others, those who just have no other choice!
And today, we hear of Colorado being next on the list of the SNOW, and just so those out west don't think they are being picked on by Mother Nature... New England is bracing for yet another dose of the white stuff as well.  The third snow storm in 3 weeks for the East Coast and New England. Prayers going up for all being stressed, affected and in harms way all over the snow lands and cold lands.

 the good news is?
1. Spring is indeed getting closer.
2. Remember that Chicago has had a postponement or delay of Murders as a result of SNOW and cold weather.... so perhaps that is the answer. We just send the arctic air, all the snow year round to the windy city, and crime and horrid things will just stop and desist.
3. YOU can write very creative things in food color in the snow

 Hoping you all have your creativity out and have bought out the food coloring in your local stores when you were able to get out... Now this is a sign whose time has come... Make some fun, some rainbows, color that snow and leave your prints in living color.
Wishing you all warmth, good times, and great patience in the snow, the rain, the thaw and the sun... Sending you hugs on the suns rays...
Be kind to each other and gentle with yourself.

Walk in Beauty


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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends. Sure been a long and busy day for me. 9:30 and finally sat down. I am tired. I hope all is well. Those having all the snow pile up are having a tough time. We had a pretty good storm and a lot of snow and cold but not quite as bad as was expected. I hope the event for our friend tonight was a grand one. Take care friends and may your rest be peaceful as you count your Blessings. Yes, Spring will be here soon - I hope /Sandy♥