Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Oh what a day to just feel the LOVE ... folks have been standing in front of racks and racks of those Hallmark cards for days, weeks as they looked and looked for the just right sayings and thoughts to mirror their very own sentiments and feelings to share with their special loved one on this day. People have searched and searched for the off the hook special event, restaurant, or thing that will just fill the heart and mind of the one that makes their heart sing each day of the year to share on this day of Hearts and love and magic. Kids have been busy in schools and at home creating Valentines' to share at school and with their friends and "BFF's" today. It is a busy day, a day dedicated to LOVE. And the Valentine business industry is betting it will be sucessful as well. I've seen those on the streets of US 19 here set up for a week now with buckets of flowers at local gas stations and just shake my head wondering how they will plan to keep those flowers fresh, who provides the fresh cut to them so that they keep taking water, who changes the water for them and keeps them safe from the hard rains of yesterday and even wondered if they pay someone to babysit them over night. But I doubt if anyone will get roses that are not already blown by today or after work tonight to give to that special someone!

And in those shops that have to pay rent, and employ others; those folks in flower shops have been up for days preparing the roses, trying to get the orders in, to condition, de-thorn, remove the packing pedals, keep the water fresh and clean and have to make room for roses and other magnificent flowers while having them look their best... Up all night and day arranging them to look just right as they hire those drivers and arrange those tickets to then have folks on the roads and on route to offices and homes with the grandest of the grande! As they work hard to ensure fresh flowers delivered to customers and then exhausted they know the unhappy customers will ultimately call with complaints of what was received and even say things like, "he/she knows I don't like white roses, I wanted orange/red/mixed colors and at least two dozen!"
 And oh boy we cannot forget the candy, the chocolates that will be bought from the candy stores, from Walmart, from Godiva, and the joys and sugar highs and then tomorrows fine half price sales that will last a couple of weeks as St. Patricks Day sales pick up and folks just are giddy by it all as they hit the gyms to try and lose what today's indulgences bring!

Oh yes we must give props to the restaurants for tonight the lovers will gather for meals to grand to even entertain, as the music entertains and the champagne flows, and love fills the air... It is a magical and most wonderful day, love is in the air indeed.
From the little ones who are crafting cardboard cards of I LOVE YOU to moms and to classmates, to best friends who are sharing the love and good times, to boyfriends and girlfriends out on the town and vowing to love forever and to those who have committed to each other to be there in the good the bad and the ugly, and to those who will use this day to remember. It is a day that the message is resounding: A day to focus on LOVE, and its message could be used to change our state each day of our lives if we would only choose it.

A day to also watch out for that little cherub as well: Imagine if you will having an arrow hit you by someone like this?
Beware of cherubs in depends running around with a bow and arrow trying to hit you with that arrow!
Oh yea, let's here it for Valentines Day!
Not just for lovers of the opposite sex who share a romantic love, yet for ALL lovers and spouses who have committed to each other; for friends, for children and their parents, for parents and their children, for all our relations, by blood and by choice.,
a day for LOVE for everyone
those who love each other and who share that candy and flowers and good feelings and know that LOVE can last forever and then some.
Oh yes, there will be love in the air today, this afternoon and tonight.
It will be romantic, it will be fun, it will be between lovers, between friends, family.
LOVE comes in many forms.
And yes, there will be hot sex and wild times on this day by those who are married, and those who are youthful. The best advice on that one, is to wrap the present before you give it, if you do not want a surprise that you then must be responsible for or to make hard decisions about after the moment of bliss for those who are crazy in love for the moment or the night.
yet, there will be a deeper meaning of this day for so many more folks,
and that meaning is 
that goes beyond impulse, beyond purchases
and into the soul and settles there promoting a feeling that is unlike another or triggers memories that will sustain through tears, rain, thunder and lightning. Through life's struggles, highs and lows, through heartaches and into healing, through laughter and through pain, people will make choices and some will find through all of those things and then some, that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or for a lifetime of learning, loving, and beauty through it all sharing many Valentines along the way, and holding on to LOVE each day and everyday.
And it is then, only then that folks know
   Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and everything here and in the Next Place, may you feel love always.

Walk in BEauty


Anonymous said...

and wishing everyone a truly
Happy Valentine's Day!!
I enjoyed the blog as usual,
and love the idea of love filling
the air all around the world ~
Have a wonderful day !
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Enjoyed your words today and the photos made me smile. Wishing each of you a very Happy Valentine's Day. Hope it is a grand day for you. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

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