Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh, "Go Fly a Kite"

Well hello Friday, it is indeed, "Kite Flying Day" February 8th. And I can just imagine now folks running outside to get their run on and heft those kites to the air. I hear it is raining in Seattle so badly one cannot see the majesty of the mountains there; doubt kites are flying, it is the middle of winter and snow has schools delayed in many states, so probably the snow men and women and snowball fights and sledding trump kite flies, but then again "what do I know"?  And to really beat the band of kite flies is the NorEaster that is now being touted as "historical" and has folks watching the weather:

 Whoever deemed this "kite flying day" must have bumped their heads unless they are on an island in the Caribbean or Hawaii I'm thinkin . Even here in Florida it's cloudy with a great chance of rain, yet not windy enough to get that ole kite up and flying so much as wanting to run along to hoist it to the skies. Ah but the expression is not lost on us, "Go fly a Kite"... now I needed that as I was on the phone with ole Hewlett Packard or HP as it were... I of course received that trusty empty box yesterday; and the many directions including a form asking me to describe the problem. Should have been today and then I could have written with my sharpie pen, "GO FLY A KITE", rather than etched the words, "check your computer for my lengthy file"!
 As I promptly within 30 minutes had it packed and drove to the local Fed Ex store had it in the trusty hands of those who will ship it back to them. Not a bad turn around... now we wait. Still no follow up call from the case manager, no response from my blog that I tweeted to ole' Meg or placed on the facebook of HP ... yep I sure do love customer caring support and concern of word of mouth publicity and thoughts of how we as consumers are treated.
GO FLY A KITE is my thinking here and buying a MAC sounds better every day.

So this Kite Flying Day parked in February is just something isn't it? Wonder if they are doing that in AZ today... maybe in the Bahamas or Jamaica or Aruba or Hawaii. I cannot imagine NY having the space to fly a kite, or Virginia putting down their shovels or taking off their mittens to fly a kite today, or D.C. having the time to fly a kite with all the rush hour traffic and traffic jams that would cause. Perhaps those folks now stuck at airports trying to go North and flights that are cancelled could fly a kite as they seem to be blaming the airport for the weather and the NorEaster for the delays? Now there would be a place to sell some string and some kites, give folks something to do while they wait it out maybe, and give some color to the airport with all the wind that is going around by the echos of unhappiness as the airport folks are blamed for the impending "historic" storm of February 2013.
When reading about this day of "Kite flying day", it stated to go and find a "sunny place, pack a picnic and have a challenge to see who can fly the kite the highest"!

Yep thinking someone might have just bumped their head on this one today, but it did make me smile with the thought of folks out in the cold, mittens off standing in the snow trying to have a picnic while getting colorful kites in the air!

Thinking I'll stay in my happy place where I agree and do believe as Dr Seuss once said it so well:

 Wishing you a fabulous weekend, and prayers going up for those in the path of the NorEaster.

A special shout out to NRV ELITE who this weekend will be shooting for a Cure as they take to the hardwoods in support of Breast Cancer in Christiansburg VA. 
 I invite you to send me photos of your kites as you take to the skies today!
Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. No kite flying here in SE Michigan. We had a pretty big snow storm last night and it is still snowing. First started as sleet so ice covered everything. Then the snow which made it even more slippery. Took double time to get to work and many schools are closed today. Cities north of me got hit a bit harder. It is cold out there also and very windy. If we tried to fly a kite we would probaly fly away with it. If we held on tight enought we might make it to a warm place LOL.
Wishing each of you a Fantastic Friday and a terrific weekend. I hope it is warm where you are.

DrSES said...

Well Sandy, just as I was saying... whoever thought this fly a kite day up thing was not thinking bout you all in Detroit, those in MN, those up North where that NorEaster is heading or in VA where schools were cancelled or those in MD having snowball fights... maybe the kite flying will have to happen on icicles today... be safe out there and get home quick before that ice makes the traffic even more trecherous... blessings on the suns rays from the sunshine state today... where I have not seen one kite in the air!