Thursday, February 21, 2013

It DOES take a village or Community to CARE...

Just one person, one light, can be so powerful... as they extend that light to another and the results can extend to light so many in the darkest of nights or times, as that match or light is used in communities and hearts with such intensity and brightness. YOUR LIGHT, your brightness, your light within...
It does take a village, a community to outshine the sun and it begins with each of us, in the hope and mission of one for another.
From within, and within our own communities, to those on the other side of the world or on the other side or our country when we reach out and ask for a light when ours is dimmed by the day, the storms of life, or circumstances. When we feel the light dim of another and want to offer our light, our match to another or help to stir the embers while offering help or warmth to our brothers or sister, or children who need guidance we are all connected.
It may be that community service would be well to instill in our schools from middle school upward maybe even in grade school, to teach and learn from. Instilled in corporations as a part of mission and values while on the clock in communities to foster that sense of "we are all connected both near and far" on our soils.
One match, one light to extend to another. 
    All burning brighter, all coming together for the greater good beginning within and extending to others in our community and greater world. From the little ones to the Elders, to those who are ill and the ones who love them.

For those in Florida near the Tampa Bay area, this is your time to ride and to STAND UP for community and one who needs that light this weekend. This is a time to extend that light, and to be all that you are for a beautiful woman in the community who needs your light. A woman who is in the fight of her life, for herself and her family.  There's a party goin on this Saturday in HOLIDAY FLORIDA and it's a time to "shine your light" for 
Louise Eegan Duckworth Benefit
Feb 23, 2013
1936 Albacus RD
Holiday FL
Buying a ticket, gets you a great time, dinner and all the enjoyment you can stand, along with meeting some great folks in many communities, and the proceeds go straight to Louise and Joel Duckworth.
Can't make it but want to help?
 Joel Duckworth @ 1051 Island Avenue Tarpon Springs FL. 34689
There will be a BIKE SHOW, raffles, live music,  food at $7.00 a plate.
This is an event not to be missed
and the reason?
 This is the reason.
One woman, Louise (aka Wheezie) is fighting for her life, she has NO insurance, and she is in this battle against CANCER to win her life for herself, her light that shines brightly and for her beloved husband, family and so many who love her and will gather on Saturday to show their lights while emptying their pockets to support her. This woman has spent her life in her work for others in the community, and now we look to the community to stand for her!
It does take a village, it takes a community, it takes CARE, Compassion, Kindness, and the desire to "pay it forward".
This is a call to STAND. 
It takes a village and a community.
This beautiful woman plans to be there on Saturday, she has a light that shines brightly and many who love her, I hope you will get on your bike or in your car and join her on Saturday.
IF you are across the globe, send some healing her way.
WE are the light that shines and makes this world a better place in our love of each other and it begins with one match, one love, on reach to another in thought, in hope, in help to another.
May the Creator hold you up in the light always "Wheezie Duckworth" and may you and friends and family feel such love of healing always.
AT some time in our lives we will all need someone to stand by us.
Won't you stand? 

    Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope this day has brought you joy and peace as you count your Blessings. Prayers today for Louise Eegan Duckworth. I do hope the event on Saturday bring enough support financially and emotionally for her and her family. I hope it is a good time for all. It indeed takes a villiage/community for such things to show that much needed love, support and compassion.

It is really cold again today in the teens and tomorrow we are expecting heavy snow. I do hope it is warm and the sun is shining where you are. Take care friends /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Ses! Louise has been paying it forward as long as I've known her! A wonderful wife, awesome Mom, unbelievable friend, and never a stranger that she doesn't reach out to. No one deserves such pain, but this kind of pain and suffering is just wrong! I will be there, cash in hand for the 50/50's, raffle's, plenty of good food, and great cause! I hope many will come and mention the blog is how you found her. I hope this makes it through. Tried to post the other night, but it didn't accept it....I appreciate, and I know Louise will too! With love, hope, and gratitude,Laura