Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The snow moon was stunning last night, seen here in Tarpon Springs FL, and it sure has been named well across parts of the land. Record snows and cold are being felt across the Mid-West and New England once again as snow continues to fall. That enchanting moon made its way through the clouds in a mysterious way, while so many are counting down until spring and devising ways to maneuver out on the roads today and get where they need to be in order to do what they need to do for so many dependent upon them.  The snow moon while beautiful to see, was probably not seen by those who had been out in harsh weather, those who were shoveling and bending and doing so much in those places of storms and ice and such cold. Wind and rain are the name of the came today in the sunshine state, yet it is balmy almost after a night of the splendid moon here.  A day of gratitude after seeing the moon in all its glory and beauty. Hearing now that the newest of storms out in Kansas and places like that has been named, "Rocky" as it is sure packing a punch on folks and areas across  CO, to MI, to IN, to OK, ND, SD, ... and we cannot leave out New England where the weekends seem to bring them snow and more snow.
With such heavy snows and severe cold during this time of the year, this moon has also been known to be called the "Hunger Moon" by Native Americans as it also makes for slim hunting. We have seen some weather of this year and watched as many survive what seems to be the worst of the worst, yet survive the strongest storms with resilience and hands that extend to another in homes, communities and on the roads. The best of people come out to help in times like this. First responders, community members are the ones we find extend and are behind those stuck cars, pushing and finding strength to move mountains to help another, working together, and getting the job done. 
Just as Stephen Bright of Comfort Keepers in Kansas bundled up in his snowsuit and got in his vehicle to find and secure staff safely who were stuck on the roads and get them to safety, he got to patients in need and made sure they were tucked in for the storm with food and medications along the way. Now today we hear that thousands and thousands are without power, trees that were gorgeous and lush are not about to fall over from the weight of snow... Many in dark at home as the sun begins to rise... Yet ole' Stephen Bright is goin to outshine the sun and the white stuff already in his SUV and on his way to do his thing and lead staff for others... Just as Crossroads Hospice in KS under the leadership of Janet Hessenflow makes sure that her staff in green will once again have all they need to tuck their patients in for the snow that fell and is falling, the treacherous ice, and are out there in blizzard conditions; a plan was in place with safety and patients first... it takes a community and it's 24/7 for folks like that. Those folks in KS and those communities know each other, work together and often will join in on whatever is needed to get things done! Bravo and I wish you all the warmth and safety as you brave the roads today and then home to your own sanctuaries called "home".
Just as the Guardian Angel Hospice of Indiana don their purple working under the leadership of 5 strong women who lift them up they all spread their wings in the snow to make things happen for those they provide care and support to, during the snow moon and in the brightness of the snow, when it would be so wonderful to bundle up at home and or make a snowman standing on his head at home. WE hear some talk about what a dredge it is to suffer through the weather, while others are the weather, extending themselves to another and being as unique as each snowflake that falls. Many are finding their way out to Nursing Homes, Hospitals, ER's, Hospices, where they are open no matter the weather; to 911 dispatches, police departments, fire departments, to places where we depend on.  Once again proving it takes a community of caring, and doing, not sitting back and thinking on it or finding reasons that it won't work.  Oh the people who just stand in the light of the snow moon, the sun, and no moon at all.

Behind the most daunting of clouds is something remarkable, something Bright... faith and belief may just astound you in the darkest night or the darkest of times.
keep the faith friends, spring is on the way!

Now remember... things get a bit wacky in times of the full moon, days before, during and after. So be safe out there, don't wear your feelings on your sleeve, and grin a lot. Smile a lot, even laugh a lot. It will help!

Thank you to all those who are out there doing all those things that others cannot in this snow time and anytime there is a need.
Thank you to all who are serving our great Nation.
Thank you everyone and everything.

Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Snow snow everywhere. The snow / full moon was indeed lovely last night but, as you mentioned, a full moon brings out much activity in the hospital arena. Prayers for those in the area of the snow storms. Our big storm snow is predicted to begin this afternoon and last through tomorrow sometime. I hope I get home before it starts. I als hope we are bypassed some though and it is not as bad as it is expected. Take care friends. Stay warm. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

Loved today's blog SO much! You ARE wearing your feelings on your sleeve on this one... :-) Beautiful!

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Wow the beauty of the blue moon. It is so beautiful I caught my breath while looking up at the wonder of the world. Oh yes I went out this morning and was I surprised to find my steps was iced over and my driveway a wee bit slippery. I forgot something and had to come back up the steps very carefully. I grabbed the broom on my way down for a crutch. I had to go to Bingo. The residents was very surprised I was out and about but I did not want to let them down. A friend said to be careful going home and I said if I could not drive I would ride my broom. ha. Thanks for all of your words of wisdom and knowledge we need in our life. I am praying for all of those folks who do not have electricity, hope they can stay warm. Keep on keeping on and stay well. Praying here for all of our friends who have gone to a heavenly place, and to those whose life is not a productive one of loving family and friends. God Bless USA.

Anonymous said...

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