Friday, January 15, 2010

Part 5 ~ The Forgotten Mourners ~

"Here the heart is broken, here the spirit enters. ?The prayers of a broken heart call the spirit inevitably heal, are therefore whole"
(Deena Metzger)

And so it goes for the forgotten mourner... forever changed but whole! And so it is good!!!

Our Elders have shaped our world, given us a foundation on which we have built our homes, our values and our lives... they have watched us as we preened; guided us as we readied ourselves for flight!  We've flown from the nests; often landing with a thud perhaps, but gotten up again... some have dusted their wings and been scolded or healed and then set off to soar sometimes high in the sky, sometimes not... but we each are responsible for our flights now, all grown up and facing the world...

We remember them... the Elders; we honor them with each breath each story each tall tale! We are the legacy! As long as we live they too shall live as we remember them ~! And so it is good, and for that we give thanks ... and so it is! Aho!!!

There will be phases and stages during your grief and your journey and your times of "missing". There are seasons of sorrow, times when it is hard to imagine color in your life, much less hope in your heart... I know that to be true! I hope you will remember,
You Are A Survivor... you are the child or grandchild of that person you have loved so~  Joy and hope will return to your world, if you allow it.  Healing takes time, work, tears and desire.

Final thoughts for today:
  • Memories can be likened to gardens for the soul, there to provide sanctuary from the world around us, there to connect us with our past, our present and our future
  • We are a composite of our Elders of those who have shaped and influenced our lives
  • We have been blessed by our Elders in ways unimagined
  • It is normal to miss that, to miss them
  • It is normal to do all of these things while learning to live differently holding on to memories while moving on with our lives in a different and bright light
  • It may help to say, "thank you" as you remember them

"We seemed to think they would last forever ~ those old ones who taught us, shaped us like the clay and sweetened our lives like berries in the summer. We thought we would always be able to ask them questions, feel their skin and play with them in the wind. We thought they would always be like they have always been.. . Maybe they will be; in our hearts, in our memories, in the reflection of how we live our lives... The Wisdomkeepers."  DRSES

Walk In Beauty

author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

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Irene said...

I love this series of blogs, parts, 1,2,3, etc
It HELPS to READ the words, let the advice
sink in, live it, breathe it, remember it.
Healing takes time, so do not watch the second hand on the clock. Moment to moment is not what it's all about. Control, and losing control allows FEELINGS to come out.
I wish everyone a peaceful weekend. F I R M

Vicki said...

A great blog and one that I can relate too...
Keep them up Sherry!
Hope all is well in your world!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this series. Your blogs mean so much to so many.