Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Monday Mornin!

No, This isn't Lily's Relations!
Monday Mornin
Rain & Ramblings

Good mornin world! Rain in Florida; snow & ice in Minnesota outside of Lily's den, and some flooding in Virginia I'm told, along with terrible weather in Sedona ...

Prayers and continued heartache for those lives lost and those who are struggling in Haiti ~ along with gratitude and hope in healing for those who have answered the call to go and help from all across the globe. The first & second responders to disaster...
they will need support, love and care when they return to their homes. Please send them energy, hope in healing and prayers for a safe return home.

The celebrities and stars came out with their talents and their voices to raise monies for Haiti.. they sang their hearts out and raise money they did! They cried; they spoke from their hearts, they entertained and their impact was seen, felt and heard. It was "tweeted", it was on "Facebook", it made the national news. And it was good! It was amazing how someone could gather that many people together so quickly, organize such an event at such a speed and turn out such a first class production. Bravo to all involved and all who care.

Sweet Lily the black bear is a wonderful mother. This morning finds her resting well! The babe is doing fine according to the researchers. The sounds are so similar to that of a human infant that it still amazes me! Her movements now are few, mostly to feed and move around the cub, assuring its warmth. Lily the black bear... doing what wild bears do, in her den without human hands to disrupt or annoy or invade has captured the hearts of thousands and made national news all over the world. She has made people forget their troubles, lay down their gripes and ugliness (*for the most part anyway) while giving birth on a live cam! Ah, I almost forgot, guess how many fans Lily has on Facebook???  Over 58,000!!!!!! haha Go Lily!!~!

My new friend Rick Cannon sent his latest writings to me, and it is another lovely piece. He didn't give me permission to share it, so guess you will have to wait for that!

It's a rainy Monday here in Florida and I am ever so busy launching Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life to all that I can. Believe they call it "marketing" and I am still finding my way regarding that!

I will tell you this: I am "blogging like a bugger", "tweeting like crazy" (which got me a punitive reply yesterday from a man who said I did not know what I was doing regarding social networking and that I would probably be called a spammer! He of course is a life coach, marketer,and author), I'm on Facebook and growing the fan page, now at 487 fans! Now as for the punitive coach? Three emails were exchanged: he is now following me on Twitter, (I think so he can write me and be punitive) I apologized for offending him with my *info tweet* about Healing Heartaches, but also said the other 1300 tweets had not received punitive mention!

In closing I will share a very funny story without mention of a name... ready?

I received a direct message from a "tweet" last night saying, "I'd love a copy of your book." with an address...  The person thought I was just going to mail one to her to read!!! On My DIME... hahaha
Ah but the wonderment of technology and the entitlement of the world!!!

'Wishing you the very best life has to offer today and always.

Wanna know my mantra? This was a saying that a dear friend I call "Lady Lord" told me years ago, now it is my mantra:
"I don't take Tylenol for someone else's fever"


author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life


Anonymous said...

Tweet away. Get the word out. See it Believe it Receive it.... Ignore the idiots who are offended. Plenty of them out there. Love your blogs. Keep up the good work.

Linda said...

Good Morning,
While I may not know how to text or how to tweet ( yet)...I do have a "marketing" idea, inspired by Lily, the Black Bear's Fan Page. There are lots of lively discussions going on the cub a boy or a girl...what shall we name the dear one? There are questions for the researchers. Is it possible to have lively and engaging discussions on a Fan Page about heartaches?
I plan to open a discussion regarding " What was one of your favorite parts of the book and why?" Remember doing books reports in school...the teachers were not so fond of "I loved was was great." Perhaps, some engaging discussions would keep people coming back to the fan page, share the page with their friends, and more people would purchase Healing Heartaches. will need to go to the discussion part of the Fan Page to see what I will many favorite parts. I hope others reading this will be courageous enough to share what words touched them!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ses., I too love Lily. I think the idea of picking names for the baby, is it a female or male, these questions are what some of us would love to know. We also like a daily report of how mom and baby are doing. I love the tylenol quote. I will remember to use that real often for the negative people in life, their life must be miserable to critize others for nothing that is really a critical point. I guess some people need to have someone to complain, they probably do not have any friends to listen to their negative. Keep on keeping on.