Thursday, February 23, 2012

FAT TUESDAY; It' Mardi Gras Month!

Fat Tuesday
hits Southwest Virginia
Pulaski Health & Rehab Center
Yep that's
shakin it up
Fat Tuesday
at the joint where cuz Angie
is the Activities director
up in Pulaski VA
where those Elders just got a kick
out of
Mardi Gras!
Colorful and lookin like she should
right in the middle of
Bourbon Street
I'm thinkin!
It's Mardi Gras Month
not only in
New Orleans!
Folks in a little town in Virginia
were havin a ball
COB walked in all decked out in color,
in a mask and beads
to light up the room
volunteer for the day
great fun with the residents and staff.
YOU never know
it may just be that the bourbon was under the tables
or the beds
Mardi Gras Mojitos
were being served
in the dining room
they were dancing on tables
to some fine jazz!
But one thing
is certain
COB was dressed for the day,
shined like a brand new dime
lookin for change!
I'm thinkin that they could have played this music
just changed up the words
to sing
"down in Pulaski Rehab"
Life is brilliant
for not just the children,
not just the adults,
also for the
It only takes
in others
genuine caring.
Imagine if you will
stepping outside of your day
taking the time
to dress up
just get your
"Mardi Gras"
Get out there and get
"jiggy with it"
get out and make someone
truly happy.
I hear those residents did just that;
they had a blast
Fat Tuesday
with a lunch,
with beads
good times.
Those in wheelchairs
got to dance
be touched
loved upon
just loved LOVED
in her
Now I have to tell ya,
up there in Virginia
it's a tad smaller
than New Orleans
oh what a time was had
at Pulaski Rehab with the residents and staff
as they just celebrated the day
life itself.
down in New Orleans
the wild was wild
the flavor was colorful
as this year was the latest
thus far in the year
for folks to come from far and wide for the annual celebration
of an Indian Celebration
I can only imagine.
Enjoy the clip below
Who dat Nation
oh can you even imagine
dancing in the streets
music played, the dances that were danced, the cares that were cast to the winds,
the costumes that were worn, the booze consumed,
 the cakes were eaten
now the fast for Lent have begun!
Oh even folks are giving up things like
"social medias; (twitter, facebook, linkedin) for Lent"
dont' ya just love it?
The parties
the costumes (or lack of clothing)
will astound;
the dancing
whether hip hop
one line
to two line
sure to amaze
the Indians and their private parade
and the eyes of the Chiefs
the "struts" down
the street
sure to bewilder and make one wonder of the brilliance
the history
from back in the days
to the day itself.
Mardi Gras
the beads are flying
the booze is flowing.
sights and sounds
sure to amaze!

And as we are fast approaching
we know
only because the end of Fat Tuesday
is the
beginning of Lent
the beginning of Lent
is and indicator of
that lets all know
spring is just around the corner!

Well at least that is my thought
on the matter
as I now look again
at that
jazzy woman in the beginning
of this page
How did she put that outfit together?
Oh what a fabulous outfit
so perfect of
Mardi Gras
up there in
Not even Katrina could stop
Mardi Gras;
Mardi Gras is celebrated in many states, many countries,
and oh my that celebration
is one that is
strong and powerful and goes around the clock more than around the block!
It is one that began with
and now is celebrated by people of all beliefs, all colors
for so many reasons!
It is held after
Ephipany and before Lent
all one can do
is get ready to dress up;
collect as many beads as possible
be prepare to be amazed!
Don't ya just love
Speaking of being amazed;
I now get to the message of this day...
That woman named
her Fat Tuesday
at the Pulaski Rehab
on a cold day where it would have been easier to stay warm in her home.
I'm reminded of steppin OUT and standing UP
for the greater good of humanity,
with honesty, movement, and pride.
There are many who might just
"talk a good game"
but it is in our service to others that we receive fully.
Many may not feel well,
many may want an easy out,
may want to "get", to "take"
but is truly in our gift of giving
that we receive.
I am reminded of FIRM
I believe it was this or last week,
who I kidded about being not first in her comments here,
then learned she was OUT on errands for others in her community
finding just the "right loaf of rye bread", doing for others.
It is in getting out there
using what we have
that we receive
the greatest benefit.
Laura who is a MS thriver
gets out there;
she doesn't sit still
she is ACTION and movement.
She may have MS
MS will "never ever have her".
Some may not feel well,
they are the masters of their destiny
they control what and who they are
rather than sit
think the world owes them
owns them.
COB got out there, she gets out there every day
and makes a difference
in others lives
that is the difference
she is one of so many who I am proud to call
the "hearts of hospice";
a hospice volunteer
a clown
a "Fat Tuesday broad"
that dressed to the nines to get out there and hug, laugh, dance
with elders and make a difference in their lives, their day,
in my book
that is
first class
downright awesome!
Stevie Wonder once said,
"we all have ability, the difference is in how we use it".
Hoping you
to use
all you've been blessed

Wishing you an
amazing day
wherever you are.

Got your red on for the rest of this month friends?
It is National Heart month,
take best care of your hearts...
of course

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Good Morning Friend - Dr. Sherry, that was such a great picture of COB drssing up, beads and colors bright and wild and showing off them pretty legs. Whoo Hooo!!! - must have been a grand celebration for sure down there in Virginia! Looks like a fun time would have been had. I love seniors with those bright eyes and the wonderment they show. That has to be a great job Cuz has there. Mardi Gras is a big thing and here in Detroit we celebrate fat Tuesday by eating, what is called, paczkis (Poonch-kies) big jelly or cream filled donuts. If you never had a paczki you are missing something good even though I have not had one in many years. The traditional ones are filled with jelly or custard and are betwwen 500 to 800+ calories each. I know a few other states/cities have this tradition but in Detroit they are big due to the huge local Polish population. They are very good, very sweet and traditionly fried in lard and filled to the max+ and sold by the dozens. Mmmm - I think I am hungry now - need to eat some breakfast! I have never been to Mardi Gras but I have heard it is wild and a fantastic experience.
Well, got to run and get busy here. Wishing each of you a Terrific Thursday and a day filled with love and joy. Hope it is warm where you are. We are due to get 4-7 inces of snow tonight YIKES!! I thought Spring was on its way - where did you go Spring time? I want you to come back now ~~ Please! - No more Snow!! Take care friends - /Sandy♥

fluff said...

I meant to say that I loved hearing about COB working with seniors and others out there that need those smiles to keep on going. Good job COB - keep up the great work! My favorite "Fluffee" thing to do is entertaining with seniors and special needs children. It is the highlight for me. The smiles are from the heart for sure. When I get to retire some day that is what I want to do more of - seniors, special needs children and animals will be my life♥ - Okay - I am way too chatty this morning. I have been told, on occasion, that I talk too much - you all take care now and enjoy the Blessings of the day /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Hello Fluff, I see you beat FIRM this morning!!! OMG, what in the world... Now you have just got me drooling for a "paczki" and I will just have to find my way... and good you added that second line or COB would have been on a plane to Detroit! LOL
500-800 calories each? and I'm betting you can't eat just one!
SNOW? ohhh no it's a balmy morning but grey day in FL, and I'm thinkin more rain is coming. Blessings to all at Detroit Medical and those doing the hard work... Best of all things to you and those u get all dressed out for there! Chatty? YOU? keep on coming and chat away dear! Let others know of our page, and invite them to join us here... they will be welcomed, slurps to the 4 leggeds you care so well for !

Irene M said...

Hi there, Thursday peeps.
I wrote on Wed. comment early this morning, for those who care to read it, go back. COB: you go, girl, shake it for those Q-tips !
Believe me or not, just yesterday, I went to PUBLIX to buy the remaining Polish desserts mentioned in the comment! Rasberry are best. They come out only for 2 weeks, then gone. So, Doc SES if you are gonna taste one, head on out to PUBLIX today, or you will wait till next year.
I give of myself, my good fortune, my good upbringing and my extreme experiences with elderly facilities, having been a helper for many years due to my parent's placement in one such place. Keepin it real & happy, I am FIRM

DrSES said...

NOw now FIRM, not everyone knows our loving term "Q-tips"... anD.. some of us, just some of us, "have that white hair thing goin on you know!!! haha
and why am I not surprised YOU know what a "Poonch-kie) is and are already enjoying it!
But "Publix"? REally?
I'll wait for the "real deal" if ya feel me on this, maybe a trip to New Orleans or DETROIT! LOL

Have a great one FIRM, and enjoy it all, drive down to S&S and hug that "sign me A" and tell our Chris she is missed while you are out and about! hugs to ya!

Irene (hum..) said...

Oopps, sorry for the reference.
I am a senior-in-training for sure and have the silver hair, too.
Ponchkie baked in Lakeland, FL and they taste like the real deal.
I did stop by S&S not too long ago and asked for A (anonymously, of course) but she was not on duty.
Chris, not been in touch w/ her lately. Hi Chris !
I will watch my mouth (I mean fingers) in the future. Mybad....

DrSES said...

HAHAHAHA FIRM... i just wanted u to tell folks about "Q tip"
not to admonish you ! silly one, I love your humor...
so keep it goin, and don't be so serious on this sunny thursday!

enjoy dear one.. that sign me A works all the time, so u must of caught her the one day she was off or when in NE for her Dad's memorial/funeral... keep on keepin it real dearone.

Anonymous said...

I am way too far out of the social loop. Had no idea that it was Fat Tues, that Mardi Gras was here, Geeze, don't even know when Easter is except that it is usually sometime in the spring. I really gotta get out more, and I don't mean to work....
Best to all.

Dot/Cob/Mom said...

Love the Mardi Gras music and it is so easy to get to the video now you can read and listen to the music at the same time. Everyone can make a day of happiness for the folks less fortunate than we are. Just go visit childrens wards in the Hospitals, go to Nursing homes and make them smile. It was so much fun and everyone around here are used to me showing up in some kind of finery. Fun, fun, wouldnt it be wonderful to have a national smile day. I think Pulaski Rehab. is going to have a smile day. I intend to be right there and I will have to look in the closet and find something to make others smile. I have several wigs that I can go in disguise. Thanks for all of the compliments of my fine clothes. I think the good Dr.SES bought me that beautiful skirt, dont know who bought me the fish net hose but they were lovely. Keep on remembering to help someone each day and make their life a better life. Remember our soldiers and their family. Prayers for our President and his staff. God Bless USA

Anonymous said...

wow party time and I Missed it. Oh love watching mardi gras from a distance LOL like on video or tv. Not sure I want to be in that crowd. Nice to see everyone this mornin and where is the Q-tip story???
We are winter wonderland out here in CO and being as I don't have to go out right now, I am loving it. Oh the Jelly filled donuts, oh my. I prefer the custard ones.
Hugs on the wind folks and hope your day goes grand.

Angie said...

Good Saturday morning to all! You know I am always late with my comments but better late than never!!
Dot was as always the highlight of the party. I don't know who loved her more, the residents or the staff. Besides me of course. My Auntie is truly a blessing to me~ She never seems to amazing me in her attire, her enthusiam and just a zest for life. I enjoy having her come to the nursing home and helping because she is such a go getter and always ready to lend a helping hand as well as a smile.
I look forward to planning the parties knowing she will bring it and be the life of the party.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week and will enjoy their weekend as well. I usually sit with a lil couple but have delegated that job to my mom today so I can finally have a Saturday off to do NOTHING!!
Blessings to all~~
I love ya Cuzzie