Monday, February 13, 2012

Sending out Warmth

Throw another log
the fire
baby it's chilly this Monday Morning
in Florida!
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Now I understand the deep chill out there
in Colorado
out there in that state of Michigan
and even up there in
New York
But here in Florida
this morning I'm thinkin we can get frozen fresh OJ off the tree!
as I sit and think back to last night
and those
Grammy's I can't help but think
of the opening
and all the many who walked the red carpet
as the show opened wondered of their
"breath", and wondered if they too were wondering how in the world they would pull it off with their own pain of loss
having lost
Whitney Houston
now having to dig deep into their abilities to have
the show "go on"
and make it fantastic.
We all knew the lights and the bling
would be fantastic,
and the best and worst dressed would not disappoint us,
and would in fact amaze us at times.
Bruce "the boss" still looking fierce after all these years, but maybe it was my ears, as I had trouble understanding the words, but settled to just enjoy his energy and be stunned at the depth of his band.
Adele sweeping the Grammy's and her unforgettable acceptance speech,
we went back in time
with the
Beach Boys
and oh those
with the new and the
and Sir Paul
did his "thing"
performers showed that the
"show must go on"
and on and on
and what was up with the outrageous
GaGa and her getup?
LL Cool was a class act
with his opening, his energy
his prayer that he read
and his ability to
move the energy into one of
"Let's absorb ourselves in the Universal healing of MUSIC",
such a truth in the world
no matter who you are.

Music is the Universal Language
that tells a story,
that moves the soul to depths
like nothing ever has
or probably ever will
Whitney Houston take your bow,
dance in the lights of Heaven
along with the greats who have gone before you!

I'm so glad they showed her singing at the prior Grammy's
and the power of when she moved the audience and the world that watched
for when she was at her prime
she was at her best.
And yes
to keep it real
the Grammy's has in fact snubbed some of the best,
while giving out those little beautiful honors to others
over the years.
But last night
they picked one who is destined to become one that we will surely hear more of, one that has some amazing pipes
who sang her heart out
Whitney when she was at her best
who was able to take that stage with grace,
with power
do her proud.
Jennifer Hudson
sure was the one to pick
last night
I hope her life and her sales soar with the eagles
she now will take her place standing strong,
while remembering how wrong stardom can go if one does not monitor themselves and stay with others who can walk along side you with the same honor in a world filled with glamor and pressure
and paths that are sometimes hard to resist along with pain that is often hard to manage.
Thank you Jennifer Hudson for such a moving tribute:

My deepest sympathies to the family
Whitney Houston
May you find comfort in the days and months ahead as you continually are barraged by the media,
are confronted with stories both real and imagined; questioned and subjected to tabloids and stories that you will need to
"black out"
rather than take into your systems.
My deepest sympathies to Clive Davis who loved Whitney and saw the raw and sophisticated talent he helped to shape into a superstar; he loved her, he was there to attempt to bring her back to the brilliant voice she once had.
I remember when she sang,
"Didn't We Almost Have It All"
and all those songs,
what a voice, what a world
life is so very fragile
yes we do have choices in our lives,
but at times
we are not even aware that our choices are out of our own control.
Things can change so quickly.
Choose wisely,
and be aware of your surroundings,
of those you surround yourself with
of those medications that physicians prescribe to you.
enjoy your life,
the good the bad the scary.
On a great note this chilly Monday Morning,
our friend Joey Graff had let me know that his 4 legged nephew Ollie had bolted out an open fence in Marion Ohio yesterday... His older brother Ben was frantic and the search was on...
Everyone on Facebook was putting out pleas across Ohio for "Ollie" and about the time a person named "Mash" had sent me a message on my fanpage requesting a picture of Ollie,
I got that request to Joey,
and he sent out a message:
Oh happy day as it was artic time in Ohio
and I'm sure Ben *Ollie's human* was dancing in the streets* along with Joey in his home!
So it is great news
as today I'm sure the brothers are dancing and getting "slurps" and probably feeding
little OLLIE steak.
Welcome home Ollie you little rascal you,
keep your 4 legged butt inside unless you gotta go potty, you were giving all of us
heart palpatations across the lands!

It's time to get your "shine on" friends and warm yourselves by doing your
"Monday dance"
start off this week finding something to feel
good about...

With that said,

Have a blessed week,
and know;
somebody loves ya babies.

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
oh what a life
order yours or one for a friend at:


Irene M said...

Hi there, Monday.
Yes, I watched the entire Grammy show. Entertaining, small tribute to Whitney, not enough, I feel.
I had my "mammo's crammed" this morning early for yearly screening.
Boy was it eva cold @ 7 AM !
Invited out to dinner tonite.
Too blessed to feel stressed today
Keepin' it FIRM.

Anonymous said...

Where oh where did my comment go? I dont like this one bit.

Anonymous said...

We will always love you. Where were all of the people who loved you? They partied with you and then left you. Someone was in denial when they said you were ok in that bar drinking champayne. You were really in bad shape and someone should have been with you. I think the doctors who gave her all of those prescriptions should be caught and take away their licenses. Another Anna Nicole death that should not have happened. What wonderful talent you had Whitney and the wonder of your voice. You are gone to soon. I hope there is someone to take care of your daughter and guide her from the life she has been living. We will always love you. May you rest in peace beautiful lady.

Anonymous said...

Greetings on the wind friends. Well, Doc..what a loss isn't it. But those grammies OMG. Something else.
Hope everyone is doing well today and staying warm.
hugs on the wind friends.

Anonymous said...

and I am sure there is one man dancing on his desk today !! happy ending to little "ollie" escaping..
nothing like the feeling of a missing four legged...
I did not imbide much of the Grammy show, too much overload of glitz and bling and general b.s. for me, I did enjoy a few performances , and would agree that Ms. Whitney deserved more of a tribute.. what a lovely woman, another gone too soon, perhaps the media will show some class for a change and leave out the judgemental, hurtful remarks of her personal sadness and applaud the great performer and actress she lived as...
Too wicked cold for me the past couple of days, whining just a wee bit and hoping we warm up real soon.
Wishing for all a sleep full of sweet dreams, gonna catch some zzzzz'ssss for me.
Grateful to be here, hugging my angels ♥ ♥
sign me, A


Joe said...

Hi All...

Doc..thanks so much for jumping in and scrambling the folks to find Ollie. I spoke with Ben last evening, Yes, Ollie is home where he belongs, a bit stressed to say the least but at the time of our conversation he was snoozing away on his pillow and blanket after receiving a warm welcome home bath. He was a muddy mess

So far as the Grammy's...I gotta say Jennifer Hudson NAILED it! Im sure she was a bottle of nerves and emotion as she performed. I CANNOT even begin to imagine what that must have been like for her.

One of the beautiful things about music and the artist that brings it to us...the recordings. We will all be able to bring Whitney's voice into our lives...just like we can bring Elvis, Michael, and every other artist we love to listen to back into our homes or car or whatever.

My greatest memory of Whitney will forever be her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl in 1991. Our boys were in the Gulf during Operation Desert Shield preparing for what would become Operation Desert Storm. That performance was/is and always will be the GREATEST rendition these ears have ever heard. Again, the beauty of recording and YouTube we can pull it up anytime we wish.

Whitney- Thank You for sharing your talents with us while you were here. We will forever be grateful.