Thursday, March 15, 2012

Keepin it Real

I went to that meeting
I listened as looking at
Landon's photo
to his
tell his story...
click the above link
tell me
Are you aware

walk in beauty


fluff said...

Dr. Sherry, such sad but true statistics and message. You know where I work I see the results of those things daily. Whether it be by drugs or alcohol alone or the results of someone's abuse of it and getting into trouble, sadness and loss of life, either their own or someone else, through violence, weapons or a victim of driving while afflicted. Only great sadness can be the outcome of such activity. So many of our youth need this message and if it would just hit them and they would change and get help before they end up at a facility where I work or send someone else there due to their actions. If they could just hear this message and it would keep them from ever getting involved. Such a good message Dr. Sherry and praying it could reach someone who needs to hear it that they would be removed from it and live a better life. Bless you Dr. Sherry, loved the video and the colors. Very nice! Have a terrific evening /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Thanks FLuff, perhaps you can find a way to send it to folks in your area? appreciate you and the work being done at DMC