Friday, March 16, 2012



fluff said...

Oh Dr. Sherry, such a sad state of affairs it is with our children and grandchildren and all children these days. You know we have had those ED drop offs of DOAs and DIEs many times and it is so difficult. I worry about my step grandchildren, nieces and nephews due to the way things are today but I pray they will show wisdom, strength and bravery to turn away if ever tempted with such things. I think of my 4 step Great grandchildren, the latest one just born on Monday, what temptations these babies will face when they get older and in the preteen and teen years. It breaks my heart to think of that and I hope they will also be strong. I hope by then those temptations will not exist but who knows! Take care Dr. Sherry and thank you for Keepin it Real. Have a wonderful evening and great weekend. I am off to the shelter and hope for some adoptions tonight. This week kitten season has hit us and we brought in 4 mom cats and their litters of kittens. We knew it was on its way. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Thank you for KEEPIN IT REAL... let those in MI know that I'm spreading the word here! thank you for all you do!