Monday, May 28, 2012


We remember the fallen
Across the Nation
in small communities to the Nations Capital people are paying tribute
to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
As Rolling Thunder slowly rolled by
This Marine saluted;
from the pages of Facebook I've watched as the photographs and the
"Thank yous" have filled the pages
from hundreds of thousands;
to also include those who have ever served our country, those who are now serving.
I've seen moving photographs, have shared them with others,
have read remarkable stories of those who have family members serving now.
Only a couple have chosen to post reminders that this holiday is one to honor only the fallen; to not be confused with Veterans day, to not be confused with any other day.
Not sure why the need was felt to separate those who wanted to add their thoughts for any who serve, but some folks are like that I guess.
I'm reminded when reading things like that though... Rolling Thunder rides for those who cannot... And we honor the fallen as many are alive and are fighting as we lay in soft beds, as we fire up our grills today, as we gather and remember and honor all.
I am reminded
that the fallen very well fell into the arms of a brother or sister or beside their service animal;
and that person is still alive and has lived through hell on earth as they now remember vividly the losses, the scents, the events
I remember and honor them this day as well.
I thank them TODAY for their service
as I remember them and pay tribute.
There are over 100,000 still missing and unaccounted for today;
probably alive somewhere,
there are POWS still out there
unaccounted for
and we want them home
I honor and pay tribute to that fact
along with those that are serving
I am remembering that saying
"we leave no one behind".
So yes,
I read the posts and am well aware of the definition of our holidays
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
and all the rest.
And yes, I am also well aware
that one Memorial day
we all will add our thank you's to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice
and yet
we would be shallow in our thank you
not to include the ones who arms held those who died on those fields and in beds as Elders
if we did not
pay tribute to those who have also served alongside them;
those who are serving
to protect our very lives and freedoms.
The losses of men, women, service animals
are far too great to not take the time
to remember
that so many occur in the arms of the angels
and also in the arms of those who serve
whether on the field or in tragic ways
here at home.
Yet, I can almost bet that they would want us to remember those who are now serving as we honor them today.
the hearts, the souls, the very spirit
of all in our Military today
take the time
to raise your glass as you move into your day
with great applause and thanks.

God bless those who have protected our great nation and their families.
2nd Lt. James Cathey USMC
and his beloved wife Katherine Cathey
being watched over by a Marine

Memorial Day 2012
With a grateful heart
as we remember
our men/women/service animals
and those still unaccounted for

Walk in Beauty,

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Anonymous said...

While many celebrate Memorial Day as a extra day off from work, a day to boat or picnic, cookout, it is so much more than just those things. This day really is about sacrifices made by so many, for all of us who benefit. So today I am thankful for all who have served, for all who gave their lives to protect ours, for those who serve in the armed forces today, and for all the friends and families who support their service.
Until your bog doc, I guess I never thought too much about service dogs, although I know they make a valuable contribution, and the cost of training them is worth every dollar in the many ways they help people. It stuck me as I saw the picture of the serviceman grieving tow fallen dogs, and the lone dog at the headstone of what must have been his companion. So thank you to those who raise and train the service dogs, and bless their big hearts, loyalty and service too.
Pity the petty who must so rigidly define who we honor and who we remember and when. There are always some jerks somewhere. Hopefully no closer to me than absolutely necessary.

oshkosh said...

I am trying to control myself----but bottom line is, HONOR ALL EVERY DAY! Always somebody gotta be pickin' the chicken S#!@$%%^@$T out of the pepper!!!!
Could have said chicken "poop"--but just don't have the same effect. Talk about trivial!!
LAAWWDD!!! (Sorry).

fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your message today and the heart touching photos. I am in thought and prayers today for those who are still bravely serving in love and support to keep our flag of Freedom standing in this great country we live in. Thinking of my Father who served and fought in Korea and saw so much there he came home a changed man. He never forgot what he saw and left him in a deep depression the rest of his life. Thinking and praying for my brave Grandson who was recently in Afghanistan and now serving in the States. God Bless you and keep you safe and well and bring you home soon. I am thankful and grateful from my heart for those brave military heroes both the past who lost their lives and the present who are still serving. Thank you so much.

I am thankful for those brave military dogs who served with honor - there were so many. One that comes to my mind is Sergeant Stubby (1916 or 1917 – March 16, 1926), was the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.

Wishing each of you and very safe and happy Memorial day and spend time with family and friends remembering why we celebrate this day and counting your Blessings and freedom. When you see a military person remember to give them thanks. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

I sure have missed reading and conversing with everyone.. days have
flying by with hardly any time for me to do anything but eat and sleep,
I have been thinking about you all here and would like to wish everyone a safe and peaceful holiday.
Today 's words, as usual, very
true and thoughful.. It does seem
that somewhere along the the line, we have lost focus on the true purpose of the holiday.. Many people do not know the significance of the day. It is not about parties and big shopping sales and the marker of the first day of summer.. Thanks Doc for the important message and reminders..
I have my flag out, which is (believe it or not) against the rules in our condo association .
I have been thinking and reading alot , the stories and statistics which tell of the thousands of
troops over the decades who have served our country to protect our
Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Liberty we some times take for granted..
Let freedom ring, THANK YOU seems to be not enough to express my self
gratitude for all , past and present,
men, women, families who have and continue to serve our great USA.
Enjoy the day all,
be safe and happy...
hugging my angels..
sign me, A.

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Dr. SES thank you as always for the beautiful tribute to our service men and women. The head stone with the K9 dog laying beside it brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful thing to have the dogs and have them loved so much. Every once in awhile I see where a soldier has been granted to bring his dog back to the states with him. I watched last night until the wee hours all of the honors to our veterans in Washington outside of the Capitol. The rolling thunder passed down our Virginia highways going to DC all weekend. What a wonderful sight and sounds to be heard. I always stop a soldier and shake his hand no matter how young or old he is, just to let them know I appreciate them. My dad served and 3 brothers and they made it back home safe and sound. I appreciate what they are doing and I like so many more people fly my flag everyday and night to honor them. I am serving Hospice all day today as many of the workers took leave to be with their families. Every Day is a Gift. Blessings to all and remember our service men, women, and dogs every day.