Friday, August 10, 2012

bubbles and safety zones

Kamryn inside a bubble
having the best time
as I laughed til I cried!
Maybe it would be a good thing if we could just put those we love in bubbles like that, to protect them from harm, to keep them in safe zones so that they could rest, play and have fun, knowing they are safe from illness, from worry, from the actions of others in the world!
They would be free to play and to experiment with trying to stand and run around in circles and splash others harmlessly, yet be immune from fear and harsh realities and those things that go bump in the night!
As I was thinking of all the insanity in the world, and even in family systems I couldn't help but think of Kamryn enjoying this experience of the bubble he was in while we were in Santa Barbara.
As I watched it, tried to take photographs and video of it,
I believe I laughed so hard I bent a nerve in my temple!
The release was a wonderful thing as tears stained my cheeks watching.
My only regret?
Asking the folks if I was too big to try it myself!
We then returned home and reflected on our time and the magic of the trip; cuz back to work sleep deprived with the change of time.
D'Vante turned 18 years of age;
and now working and readying himself for college.
We get a hysterical phone call from Angie telling us that in the process of a caravan of trying to take a broken down car to a shop to be worked on with her mother wanting them to travel on an Interstate;
 D'Vante an inexperienced driver in Angies' car, and Angie in the blazer with major engine issues...
She is riding in the right lane and D'Vante is behind her as she looks in the rear view mirror and witnesses a 18 wheeler come by him so fast and furiously that he hits the guard rail!
He could have been thrown into the fast lanes of a major interstate and only Creator knows the "IFS"
that could have been.
Thankfully all are safe,
the blazer was left on the side of the road awaiting a tow after smoke was coming out from under the hood.
Life is so very precious and fragile
in a heart beat all can change.
Sometimes for the good, sometimes the not so good
Both were badly shaken, both were and still are shy about getting in the car.
Angie's car now needing major body work, D'Vante not wanting to get behind the wheel.
Kamryn of course heard just enough to know that something happened in Virginia, and became nervous and concerned.
The bubble burst.
Safety was threatened.
Common sense is not so common it seems; when a back road to the destination would have proved much smarter and safer for all concerned.
Fear is born from hearing bits and pieces of information; from being a gentle spirit and being concerned about others, and being worried.
Hearing someone who has witnessed potential harm and is filled with angst and tears, and not making sense while needing an anchor; tends to ramp up the nervous system's response.
The adrenalin surges.
The safety net seems to be like a bubble that pops quickly.
It takes time to talk things through,
to listen and work hard to not react, yet to provide support, and to keep it simple.
It's time that we put each other in our own place of power over our fears, to extend past them and to reach out to understanding of self into other.
People do not laugh enough,
yet they talk rather than listen
and live in past stories rather than begin new chapters.
Too much time spent looking in the rear view mirror will keep one from seeing the now along with where we are heading.
Fear can stop a person dead in their tracks, but in talking through the fear, one can turn it into opportunity for success.
 Fear can truly be an illusion that can be taken out of ones' vocabulary if you choose to walk or run through it.
Blessings to all who gather today,
may you have a bubble type of day with sun surrounding you as you bounce through your moments in a world that feels safe to YOU.
Laugh more
even if its at yourself!
Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Dr. Sherry, Loved the picture of Kamryn in the bubble. I have watched people on TV trying to do that and laugh so much. It would be so much easier to put our children in a Bubble as they grow up to protect them from the world and things around them. But then, they would never learn how to overcome those obstacles that are set before us in many ways. I am sure trying to walk in a bubble would be a lot of fun though. Wow, I am so sorry to hear about such a horrific event that happened to Angie and D'Vante. Thankfully, they were in the protective Bubble of our Heavenly Father who kept them safe from the harm that could have taken them from this world. It is so scary to be involved in an accident and very difficult to even think about stepping back into a car. I pray they continue to heal from those inside scars of that accident and able to calm down. I am grateful that they got away uninjured physically. I know that had to be terribly frightening for Kamryn and you also to hear about it over the phone. Take care Dr. Sherry, family and friends and have a very nice weekend coming up. Let's remember to count each Blessing as the days go by. /Sandy♥