Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to get your dance on, the light is changing!

Dance, Sing, get your hat on
it's time to 
build fly from the nests
and enjoy the rest of the light
while we can!
Well I slept without Disney lulling me to sleep last night!
Yes I do miss that little guy,
but after hearing him tell me about the first evening of
and that is was "hard hard hard"
but that
Coach Julia Skinner
was the "best coach ever"
I felt better!
Oh my we've had the rains since they left here, and now it's time to get the dance on, to get back to business with all that got put on hold while enjoying each hoop and the sound of 
"swoosh" as that ball went through the net!
Time to dance, to focus, on the big stuff, the speaking to those hard working health and mental health professionals on self care out there so they can be their best for those they provide care to.
I continually "tip my hat" to those who are providing such critical care to those in need of care each day and night.
As I think today of those in Aurora and the first responders, the survivors and those who are now coming from that state of shock and numbness out there from the acts of horror,
I am hoping that they are seeking and finding those to provide care.
From the ones who first responded to the scene, to the survivors and the ones left behind, along with those who now protect this murderer in the jail, 
I hope they are finding ways to provide them seminars and ones to come in that have distance from the act
to provide supportive care and build them up!
When we think of the light changing it is interesting these are the months that professionals and those in roles of caregiving need the the support it seems.
As the light changes and fall is upon us, we head into the holidays, the times of dark that fall and the need for support seems stronger.
As weather changes and light changes
those who are on the roads are leaving in the dark and returning home in the dark, their level of Vitamin C is lower, their resistance is lowered
and their stress seems to grow by leaps and bounds!
We must remember to dance
to now get out and about as much as possible, even if only for a little bit to absorb the sun.
Those with limited abilities and caregivers alike; need the sun
to shine brighter within.
Just as the bushy tails will soon be gathering their nuts for the coming winters, we now must gather our resources for the change in light and change in seasons!
Dance on friends, gather your resources now, so that you are not feeling depleted as the sun changes.
Notice the gardens and their yields that they have provided you, the colors that have brought you great joys, the people that have grown and stretched in front of you, the laughter that has filled you.
Can it as you would can your vegetables for the winter.
To open at will when you need it the most!
The same with the sun; enjoy it, watch it as it plays off the colors of the trees and changes each day.
Things are growing and being nurtured by its light, by the rains that seem to find their way to us daily here in FL.
Would that I could send some of it to the west where they need it so badly!
Enjoy each day and all the wonders in the world of you!
Tip your hat to those you have the chance to, the experiences you share,
"live the dream"
with a dance in your soul!
 Ah, yes
the day is looking good
if only we believe and hold tight to 
I tip my hat to each of you
wish you all that you dare to dream!
May you have the best day ever
as we watch the light change
and get all the Vitamin C
that we need
to have all the energy to get done
what we need to today!
Blessings on the suns rays to all.
Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry - thank you for your message today. Yes, times are changing and fall is fast approching. It will be at least 8 months before I see light in the morning on my way in to work. All too soon the drive home will be darkened as well. Those are tough times for me when the daylight is so short and my office has only 2 windows where I need to actually leave my desk and walk away from it to look outside and see if it is day or night, sunny or rainy. I have worked in this facility for 31 years and 4 office areas and have never had a window. One day, I will have a window, I just know it. Might not be here but I will have the pleasure of looking out a window during the daytime. As the holidays are on the way yes, those who are givers of time and life surely need assistance and support to keep on going and doing what is needed. I hope they have that person they need to relieve them for a time.
Cute pics there of /Sandy♥

shng you

oshkosh said...

Enjoyed the pictures,and the read. You always have wonderful thoughts to share. This is just Tuesday, and seems like it at least ought to be Thursday. Wish the weather would stay just Fall here 365 days a year. It is very pleasant for a change. Tired of going from extreme heat, and soon into extreme cold.
Wish all a good today, and rest of the week.