Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh The Sights You'll See..

Ever have one of those "lay around and enjoy" kind of times?
Oh what a sight this was when in Santa Barbara as we were on the waters there, and saw all these critters just holding tightly to there spaces!
One little fella kept trying hard to get UP, to secure a spot, but would fall repeatedly and then bark his displeasure at the rest for not budging to give him room for a spot!
Kayakers were out in full force edging awfully close for a better viewing of such beauty; as our Captain used his microphone to tell stories of a Great White that had been there just days before and had eaten half a kayak and person at the very same spot!
It did no good to sway them, as they inched forward invading space of these lovely creatures and "THEIR HOME", and you could tell our trusty captain did not appreciate it one little bit.
This sight is so famous as is its residents there that you can see them on postcards all over Santa Barbara!
Yet those on kayaks move closer and closer for a better view.
See that little one?
Oh the many trials of getting a place on top and out of the waters we kept rooting for him to succeed! After about 10 tries he was indeed successful, and the boat erupted in applause!
Oh how they bark and bark, their sounds of grunts and barks fill the ocean air,  and others just stretch and look perplexed as to why human eyes are staring and those little kayaks or perhaps sticks in the water with funny looking humans in them get so close!
We are funny, us humans!
I enjoyed so much "watching people" as I always do.
I think I have passed that trait onto Kamryn and cuzzie, as we had a blast people watching while out there.
If it moved; it got and grabbed our attention 9 out of 10 times!
A wave, a person bold enough to enter the cold Pacific Ocean and those that were seen to be swimming in it, when only touching our toes seemed to numb them.
Seeing Sea Lions, baby seals, brown Pelicans, and Egret and even a blue Heron was special.
But oh the people and those with children out for great times; only to hear them holler, yell and grab hold of them like they had just been caught shop lifting really caught our eye.
We were good.
We never stopped them to weigh in our opinion on having attitudes of gratitudes!
We laughed, we watched, we listened on a tour about all of Santa Barbara
we absorbed it.
We tried not to let news from home or events that were unpleasant jump into the moment or the times being shared.
We even wished that the times of sand would wash away unpleasantness or things that we can do nothing to cure, to fix or to change.
We left our footprints there
and saw the fragility of things,
just as quickly saw that leaving a footprint can quickly be washed away
as can be troubles if you just stop and be still.
Time and the willingness to let go allow that visual to take hold.
Life is a great teacher, sands of time if we are blessed to witness them can teach well.
When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
So sad is the student that is never ready.
So sad is when people choose to spend their lives in misery and in the making of others to feel diminished or powerless or unloved.
So glad am I that love is surrounding so many that I chose to involve myself with
it is a choice!
Somedays would that we could all just get on that green buoy like those sea lions and be our own fan club!
With no one disturbing our views
no one throwing lures in our waters
or making "plunk sounds" in our peaceful places of our mind/body/spirit
May the gentle waters soothe you
the winds touch your face and make you feel loved.
May the Creator bless you richly
the desire to stretch move you to great heights
as you soar like the Eagle
Walk In Beauty


fluff said...

Hi Dr. Sherry, Enjoyed your message and words today. Love the pictures! Would love to someday see that in person. Such is life of a seal lion climbing up and falling in until he finally gets his place and can stay comfortable and unbothered. Sure glad you all had such a grand time. Thank you for sharing. I hope your day is a good one and all is well for you and family and all our friends. Take care /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Yep--- ALWAYS enjoy your words. ♥
Glad you guys are just enjoying your rest, and each other. Stay Blessed!!