Friday, August 31, 2012

Welp, The RNC Convention is ready to Leave Tampa!

Color me happy about the balloons!
Wouldn't that be just too much fun to stand under 100,000 ballooon released from the skies as a child not knowing what was happening?
 Not being one for politicking, I don't really watch these things nor get in the mix, nor the traffic... what bits and pieces I got on television and traffic snares that I did see were not what I call worthy of the mind boggling amounts of  money, time, travel being spent on what was already known though!
Sorry, I mean no respect here, just observations, on this the morning of what is to be the 
Blue Moon
and that blue moon's effects and seeing it come have been being felt all over this week, from ugliness, to weirdness to just outright ridiculousness.
If I were to pick something exciting in what limited exposure I did have though, it would have to be hands down the dropping of 100,00 balloons at the end! Oh how exciting that must have been to experience, and be a part of.
I did watch the little children as they became thrilled beyond words and leap into the air to catch and retrieve them.
It is a miracle they were not buried in them but oh they seemed to have a grand time until a grown up grabbed them up in arms and one young girl finally was able to capture a big white balloon with stars to take back stage finally at the end!
Oh adults are so civilized, as they stood and watched yet did not get into that action, such a shame that they missed the opportunity!
I did see Ann Romney tell of her most perfect love and make a plea to voters assuring all of us that we could trust her man as she looked stunning in her red dress that was valued somewhere at 2,000.00. 
Talk about the million dollar mom! She sure does know how to dress and make her man look grand.
Yes a woman in a dress that identifies with the regular folk up there singing her song and standing by every day people and their day to day struggles while endorsing him.
I still wonder how it is that congress allowed 80 million dollars for security for a convention where 2 in Tampa were arrested at a protest and 5 in Pinellas County. The costs to do this are staggering to me, when everyone already knows who is in the running.
I did hear a couple of prominent men stand and endorse Romney while bashing the President and outright lie according to CNN fact finders and the news; some of their statements I indeed researched myself, and yes they lied.
I read the incident of two in attendance that three nuts to an African American CNN camera person and said that was how they feed animals; only to be ejected from the convention; and yes that was confirmed as true.
It did not bode well I heard from those in power there.
Perhaps a bit much Jim Beam or Jack Daniels had been on board prior to that slip of consciousness?
Yes it seems all were quite happy, and I did hear that man from NJ, Christie I think it was and see him.
For a time I thought perhaps he was running for President as he talked of himself and his love of his mom and dad, his home and his accomplishments.
He reminded me of Jersey Shore television or the Mafia, and he later made a surprise visit here in Palm Harbor where the punished Florida delegates where staying at the lovely resort known as Innisbrook in Palm Harbor.
While speaking to that group, he let them know that it was imperative to get the vote of Florida, and that quite frankly he was not overjoyed with the lack of enthusiasm the prior two nights on the floor of the convention, and wanted them to really make some noise for Mitt.  He talked more about his love of his Mom, and women there as well.
Condoleza made an appearance i was told and boy did she ever come off strong and angry.
Guess she is a bit peeved since her last job and wants to make a bid for a new one.  She is a bright woman and spent time also talking about what hasn't happened by our current President yet didn't jump to take any responsibility in the state of affairs prior to his appointment.
Many have decided that Ann Romney is "hot" and really something to look at since her appearance! Many have decided she is better looking than Jackie Kennedy ever was, or than Michele Obama is. I'm not sure how that applies to anything unless they liked the way she spoke and giggled and wore that 2k dress.
Or maybe it was her talk of Mitten as she calls Mitt.
I do know that this blue moon is affecting folks!
Then tonight was the icing on the cake,
as Clint Eastwood mosied up to the stage with no script and extended his 5 minutes to 10 making those who run a tight ship a bit nervous wondering how to get the "Make My Day" man off the stage as he used that growing voice to talk to an imaginary President Obama in a chair looking over his shoulder.
From there he rather moved from one topic to another, losing his horse from time to time as the crowds yelled for more remembering back in the day when he was at his prime I suppose, but the theme that ran through all was,
"Let's make the President look as bad as we can, so that perhaps Romney and those who love him will look better."
As the stage crew and those in charge of minutes and seconds paced and wondered how to get the star off stage he growled on to the delight of the crowds.
I have always wondered about those who have to bad mouth others in order to make their own agenda stronger.
Why is that exactly?
Mitt took the stand or the stage to the applause of many, and it rather reminds me of a concert or a cult when signs like that wave, folks weep at words spoken and promises get made that any reasonable person know are not quite possible.
I get a bit angry when I hear someone profess the love of life and sanctity of this and protection of that and religion and politics get so intertwined that I have to remind myself what it is they are talking about.
MItt says he is all about the middle class and yet he and his bride don't really have a clue about such things, they live in a different world; wear clothing that the middle class have never had on their backs; he spoke about that company that now Obama shops at Staples thanks to it. I haven't heard about Obama making purchases at Staples and what has that got to do with anything anyways?

Yet isn't' that the company that put so many out of work as a result of its grand success and millions?
I'm not an expert on any of this, but when he mentioned the name, my ears perked up a bit.
When he started throwing numbers around without even a slip of paper in front of him, trillions of dollars to the penny, I had to wonder how much of this was real.
He confused me about Obama saving the planet and the shore line or the rise of the tides...
How exactly was this President suppose to accomplish great things and success when just about everything he brought to the table has been shut down by Republicans that held the seats and vendettas against him?
I cannot help but think that many things our now sitting President has done were undermined and the truth of all the many and myriad of efforts put forth were shut down in a hot minute as a result of who was sitting at the tables in the discussions and final agreements to pass things along.
But again, I don't really do politicking.
And it seemed the entire convention there were too many times people heard about how important wives and mothers and stay at home women were to the working machine of America and those men who go out to do the job.
Was that placating or trying to get women to vote and not remember all of the many disrespectful, disparaging things that have been said not so long ago?
The fact that 56% or so of women vote and do not like the fact that many republican men in power have stated that they will soon have no right to choose how they care for their bodies may have something to do with all this, or that we still make less on jobs than men do!
I just don't think I understand all of this; conventions to nominate a man we've been hearing about for what seems ever; one who we already have known is running for President yet he accepts his nomination tonight and everyone there cheers and hollers and weeps as though it is new news.
Just imagine, while this event provided jobs and income for folks and the city,
imagine how much money was spent out of pockets and from businesses who paid to send people to this huge party of three or four days.
Many I'm sure will stay on through our weekend here since it is a long one with a promise of heat and sun here.
And trust me when I tell you,
it was not all work while folks were here, there were massive parties in the city,
the Hard Rock Casino and clubs about town where liquor and the finest of foods flowed like the Nile.
Big names were here, entertainers and folks that you just cannot imagine.
But here is my thought;
why again is it that we have to have religion pushed down our throats; someone else's values pushed at us,
have to hear that life as we know it is all someone else's fault
and lies come out people's mouths who stand, look into and around audiences and cameras while telling us we can trust them with our lives and our country?
I truly do not say this with disrespect to any party, I merely state it as a question and a fact.
It would appear to me that the past 4 years have not been enough time for anyone in that White house to turn things around from the previous 8 years or 10 for that matter
in what has been happening in the world.
Mitt spent the majority of his speech slamming President Obama
and telling us of his values and religion
and under his gilded Vail letting us know that he does not believe in a woman's choice as he has on the pants and plans to wear the pants of our country. I see no reason to continually beat down another in order to make yourself feel or look superior in the process, and for those reasons I do not think he accomplished his mission outside of those who are his followers and those with big pockets and similar beliefs.
I am truly happy that he and Ann and their children and grandchildren are of the 3% being able to afford homes, horses and 2k dresses and probably suits that cost the same by Oscar De
they are not the majority of USAll
Yes I am reminded why I don't watch or get hooked on those things, what little I did watch made me a bit wild and on this tangent.  Good I did not hear the guy he hugged at the end when they both forgot to unbutton their suit coats so that they would look better on the camera, oh yes that is the one running for VP, nope can't say I like him and what he believes in either in regards to women.
And thank God I did not have to be exposed to Akin!
He was probably off looking in his own made up anatomy books or calling NIH for more information on how to cure gays since he has informed reporters that all they have to do is drink breast milk for a couple of weeks to be cured if male, and if female to drink something else, but he would leave that to the reporters imagination!
Can we together describe this man in one word?
And then again there is Mitt's biggest supporter, ole' Donald the Trumpster who admitted he has no regard for women and had even looked at his daughter and her body thinking that if she were not his daughter he would date her and have a sexual interest!
Where do these people come from and are they all related somehow to Rush?
Oh I am so glad I did not tune in and see his horrid self on the stage of the RNC.
But soon enough Tampa will be Tampa again, the traffic flow will get back to where it was before the road closures and big fences and our police working round the clock to protect and serve not only the haves but the have nots,
those who got in the doors but also those who wanted to protest them.
Those who attended will have memories to reflect upon and stories to tell once they return home, momentos to put on shelves and ultimately will find their way to boxes in the garage and long from now will be collectors items that get sold or not.
 We'll hear about it for days to come as the next round is due in days
and heaven help us when we get to the debating times
and those who haven't registered need to so that they can VOTE
as it is their responsibility and their right.
You don't want to be caught bitching in mid-November and then saying oh what difference did it make I didn't vote do you?
Only to know that every vote counts
even here in Florida
unless there is a glitch that is.
And stranger things have happened so I am told and if memory serves me correctly!
So then,
I'm thinking I will see as much of the next one as I did of this one, or maybe less... I just seemed to have come in on the wife and the few that got me to thinking, but oh Clint, you should have stayed home and stayed on the big screen.  It was like the movies though, at times a bit surreal and one could only hope it was make believe and not reality.
It did NOT make my day!


I love that Tampa was such gracious hosts and our city showed so well during their stay.
Our Mayor, a democrat did an outstanding job, and I hope he is now able to rest before heading out to the Democratic Convention!

My continued respect and gratitude to Chief Jane Castor and the entire Tampa Police Department during a week or month of preparations, trainings and wonderful care of our city and people.
And we have the democratic convention next...
More time, money, things and resources to confirm what I do believe everyone already knows
President Obama is running for re-election!
How I hope that he will stand and those who are with him speaking will use their own words to speak on what is important in our America.

Yet, now the gauntlet has been laid down and I feel certain he will have to address the things that Mitt and his pals, along with the Republicans have thrown out there. It is sort of like having to defend yourself now I guess, but I do hope that people will think and will make choices that are good for the whole rather than be sold a bill of goods that are not good.
We are a proud country, one that has withstood the good, the bad, and the ugly. From the words of enemies to the actions of others.
I still think that elections and offices and decisions can be made on the quality of the person rather than the degrading of each other in an attempt to make yourself the better choice.
I also believe,
but I believe in honor, integrity, truth.
Perhaps I should write myself in 
for President.
OH god not that, I would rather have someone put bamboo under my nails
than that responsiblity or pressure.
Seriously, a 2k+ dress to wear and talk about how a person relates to the regular run of the mill person out here in America?
Still shaking my head on that one.

Please dear ones, be careful in what you watch, listen with your senses to what you hear, and think carefully before you buy what is being sold by those who say they KNOW how and what is best for you and OUR country.
I will not let anyone make me feel powerless or guilty for loving my country and exercising my choices and rights along with my responsiblity.
This is our land,
the founding fathers were the
First Americans! 
Remember if something or someone says something that sounds or is too good to be true,
well you know the rest!
Laugh dearhearts, even if you have to laugh at yourself.

Have a fabulous day as you prepare to view the 
blue moon tonight
and get into that long weekend
and maybe get you a great comedy from the RedBox!

Be careful out there, shield well
YOU know how that moon is!

Walk in BeAUTY,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I did not watch much of it either last night. Lots of talking!

It was another wild drive in to work today. Has to be that big blue moon doing something to people. The moon was big and bright this morning on the drive it so I know it affected some of the kooky people on the road that early. Work will be hopping again today and Oh Brother! Just wait for tonight! Friday an d a Blue Moon! Glad I don't work tomorrow! I have a friend, who works in another department here, and she was bringing in a bowl of blue jello with blueberris and blue whipped topping and was dressed all in blue! Heh Heh. Her department is having a Blue Moon Party at lunch. Everyone is to where blue and all the food will be blue related. They are going to have a good time. They even plan to play the "Blues" music. Today is my last day of work for 10 days. Ahh, can't wait to be off and able to do things I want - plan to sleep until I am not feeling sleep deprived as I do most days. Besides my other three evenings at the shelter for adoptions I will have one full day for shelter work taking the animals that need to go to the vet or for spay/neuter, clean my neglected house and mostly hang with my 3 precious furry friends who bring such joy to my heart and home.

I wish for each of you a very nice and quiet day as you count your Blessings. Happy Blue Moon Friday Everyone☺ /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

There's gonna be a revolution. Remember that old hippie song? I'm ready. Where are the organizers and where can i sign on?
Glad the convention is over and damn glad the next blue moon is two years away. this one has sure brought out the crazier side of people. Screwy week. one more day and the week ends. GREAT!!!!!
Hope everyone has a good weekend. Celebrate something. Kind of funny that people get Labor day as a day off.... Why not labor on labor day and get the next month off to celebrate life? that's what I'm talkin about.

Ashley Coffren said...

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