Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trying To CAtch UP

Notice the faithful companion beside that boat!
Ever since returning from Santa Barbara I've felt a lot like that 4 legged,
trying to catch up with the rest of the world!
Still running or paddling like crazy to get back on track from a whirl wind of
Michael Jordan Flight School
and more excitement that one can contain;
living through the eyes of a 10 year old!
Angie and I stood more, did more and now the adrenalin has worn off
as Kamryn and I are sleeping late and getting up still rather dazed by it all!
Hard to imagine that planning for so long, getting to the main event, and now looking at each other dressed in our Jordan jerseys
as he practices his shots from the pool and I sit in a daze and watch him.
I have the energy of that ball just sitting there,
wishing someone would add more air
so that I would feel like bouncing
with zest!
Even Kamryn is moving slow, his desire is to eat and to lay around on the couch rather than 
go  go go
that does make me feel a bit better!
I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
We are still talking about it
(between our naps that is)
 Quite admittedly I have neglected loved ones, have neglected the writings that I do every day and the inspiration has been focused on seeing the dreams of 765 kids live and in living color.
Watching passion on a court and kids fall and end up bruised, on crutches and arms bandaged as they played their dreams out.
And I couldn't help but be reminded of how each person is responsible for seeing their dreams to reality when their passion is key, their purpose is played out and they are true to themselves. We each have the opportunity to live the dream; to define for self what it is that is important, and to make the best of self.
Whether it is to get up each day and say
or to stay on the bench,
we each make those choices and at some point have to own them.
This trip has shown me the passion of the ones who want to play, want to learn, have to hit the ground hard and decide in a heart beat whether to get up and dust it off and get back in the game or not.
They call it basketball camp
but it is really no different than life is it?
We must decide to play hard, work hard, and when we fall, we must then decide to get up and dust it off or sit it out.
The choice is always ours, and needs to be made quickly before fear and doubt set in.
There are times when we must rest to restore, we must cocoon to renew and to regain our momentum and not allow the pressure or want of others to sway us.
Yet when in the game, when in the movement,
faith and want along with the need will carry us through.
We will leave our mark
our imprint
in the hearts and minds of self and others
by the ability to move through each moment with amazing grace!
The hands of Kamryn 2012
in the sands of the Pacific Ocean.
I hope you are leaving your prints
in the hearts of all that you touch
I am certain that all will feel the warmth of your words, the strength of your actions
the memories that you are making
long after you've been there,
left in the hearts
of all you know.
I wish you enough.

Walk in Beauty
sorry I have been away!


oshkosh said...
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oshkosh said...

You can "catch up" when you feel like it--- so glad everyone had a remarkable and safe time. To YOU and yours, enjoy your rest and reflections!!

fluff said...

Dr. Sherry, good to see your words tonight. Been missing them but I know there was a lot a rest and down time to catch up on for you and Kamryn. Love the pictures and that smile and those hand prints in the sands of times. Soon, before you know it, those child size hands will be twice the size but those memories made the last week are forever. What a Blessing it is to watch a child grow and form the character he will carry on to adulthood. I hope you continue to relax and enjoy the time spent with him. Wishing our friends here a peaceful evening and sweet dreams counting our Blessings. /Sandy♥

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