Monday, August 20, 2012

Had to Watch The Disney Channel!

I'm a bit like this little sad looking sea creature this morning!
Saturday evening the family and I had our adventure to Sanford FL for our overnight in a hotel,
had to send the family off from there back to home on 
Allegiant Airlines!
We found us a place to eat called
Colorado Prime Beef
once there in that little town
before going to hotel for the night of laughs and giggles,
and the next morning at 5am
Kamryn and Dot/Mom/Cob
climbed on the complimentary bus to the Sanford Airport
so we could get a few more
Z's before the drive back to home without them.
Kamryn was seen packing before leaving here, as he sang his song of 
"this is how I pack it".
Only then to be "outdone" by Dot/Mom/Cob
with her rendition of "rapping" her own version!
What she didn't know was he videoed her doing it; she was hysterical, and in her moment of glory, she managed to get the dogs barking and they ran out of the house voicing their disdain and amazement!
I am now searching to find where to send that video to the
Worlds funniest videos as Kamryn and I have laughed ourselves silly over it!
what a hoot and a holler that was
and to think
who is that crazy woman?
Yes we did have a joyous time
stress free and more fun than that now empty pool could contain!
Oh what a quiet home to return to.
No dribbles of the basketball,
no splashes in the pool or giggles to fill the house,
to jump out and fall in the pool to thrill Kamryn.
The dogs have searched everywhere for him; they scratch on the guest room door for Dot/Mom/Cob to come out to play.
They bark at where Kamryn's backpack was in my bedroom and look at me as if to ask where is their playmate.
Last night my "roomie" and bed buddy was not there to watch the ritual of Disney and engage me in those incredible discussions that only happen at night time it seems.
I was lost!
Ok ok
I have to admit it:
I am still shocked by it:
I watched that daggone Disney Channel once again, although oh how I dreaded it each night as if it were a ritual of soothing the mind for him.
No violence, only giggles to soothe the mind of a child on a screen.
Yep, I did it, put that channel right there just to have him close to me, as I reflected on conversations that still amaze and amuse me,
conversations that  still have me wondering where they came from
as I miss both he and Mom/Dot/Cob
this morning.
Remember the saying;
when the student is ready, the teacher appears?
It seems that this tender aged student was ready after Michael Jordan Flight School.
The conversations ranged from near death experiences to the bible, to fears and things that go bump in the night.
Conversations on life, death, terrorists, mean spirited people, dreams, nightmares, kindness, saving money, and hopes, kindness and compassion.
Not typical bedtime talk in my way of thinking, but conversations of depth when time for sleep and when open to receiving and giving.
It was eye-opening to me,
it was humbling,
it was a time of great trust and understanding.
The house is quiet again,
as I lay down last night and attempted sleep my phone rang,
almost scaring me to the floor I answered Kamryn's call.
He called to let me know
"I miss you a lot"
and we talked a few minutes.
that's when I had to turn on that daggone Disney Channel to be able to sleep, just as Kamryn does to empty his mind of his day!
it's time to get back to reality and to the work at hand.
Kamryn begins basketball camp tonight with the
NRV Elite in Christiansburg VA.
He will play with them all year now
on the AAU there, as he lives his passion and hones his skills and strives for excellence as is their motto.
Schools are starting their new years across the country, and he is soon to begin his.
A grand vacation was had by our family in Florida, although we missed D'Vante, the first time he has not been here now that he has a job, and beginning college!
Times do change, as do those who grow up.
So many paths to be walked, so much to be grateful for, as feet grow so do those who walk in them, and paths that are walked are walked best with those who will serve as companions and guides offering sage wisdom along the way, knowing when to play, when to reflect and when to lay back and watch.
Now is the time to work,
and make the time to shoot the hoops and continue the exercise that Kamryn had me doing while he was here!
But I sure hope I can change the channel as I've seen enough of Disney to last me til' the next visit at Christmas!
Blessings to all who gather here,
and those you love.
Be all that you are,
knowing you are more than you imagine!
“You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew." Pocahontas
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Good to read your words today. That is tough that family has now gone back to their homes. It is like that empty nest syndrome many are facing now as children are readying themselves to go to school. Sounds like you had a very nice time and Kamryn learned a lot more than just basketball skills and how to have fun. The inquisitve mind of a child is amazing! The things they think about. It is good he has you to mentor him for those life things he is looking for answers to. That is a time he will never forget. Probably better to watch that Disney channel rather than other stuff on TV these days. Wishing you and our friends here a very nice and happy Monday. Hope the weather is good for you. It is sunny but chilly here today in the 50s. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

In the words of Sandy:---Tough, Empty Nest, and MENTORED by the best.

A drained kind of Peace. I know your heart is dancing, and your mind is trying it's best to process it all so your heart can handle it all over again!!!

What a wonderful family!!!!

Anonymous said...

so quiet is NOT all that it is cracked up to be. Can we call it the Disney Dilemma? How sad that is a few short weeks, one can become dependent on the Disney Channel for sleep. Speaks to how hard it is to knock out a busy mind at the end of a long day. sounds like you and kam have had a long and glorious vacation. would love to see his "What I did on summer vacation essay".
hope you get settled back into your routine, be well doc.

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Empty nest syndrome, yes it is sad. A new experience today. Angie(Mom) and I took Kamryn to Christiansbug, Va. to Summer camp for the CBurg Elite Basketball Camp. He was very happy to meet his new Coach, she is a nice lady and loves her job teaching these young boys basketball. I liked her immediately, she is a genuine lady. She stuck out her hand and said in a very strong voice HELLO KAMRYN and they shook hands. She said get your shoes on and throw some hooks. Angie and I had to leave because it is a no parents allowed while they are in Camp. We watched him on the Court as we left and sure nuff his first ball didnt go in and I can hear him say now that was a practice, the second one went in the basketball hoop. Dr. SES I think he wants to come to Fl. and live with you. Turn on the disney channgel now. LOL. Blessings to all. A wonderful vacation stress free, missed our Dvante. College is calling him.