Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thunder, Rain, Gray Skies on a Saturday

Kamryn with his new hair stylin
compliments of 
Angel his stylist here in 
Tarpon Springs at E&E !
He has his hair looking like the star he is, with an attitude of great gratitude for his summer of wonder, living the dream!
Now ready to get home and begin a year of great things in school he has had his dream become a reality.
This is the last day of vacation here in Florida with my jumpman Kamryn
and oh we have surely had the best of times! 
I have had the best exercise balling with those hoops in the pool that I can remember!
Maybe I should leave that  net up and continue the motions of shooting those hoops even if my Kamryn is not here
for my arms and upper body strength, but it sure wouldn't be as much fun
as I was in the role of mentor and coach and watched as he made
71 in a row this past week.
Good I was in the water since it didn't hurt when I fell out
on the number 71 in a row that kid shot!!!
We laughed and I hollered over that focus!
that's what I'm talking about.
Now wouldn't it just figure here on our last day together the skies would open to rain and what is looking to be a dreariness fill rainy day as we now face our "so longs" until the next time?
I remain hopeful that this rain and thunder will give way to a sun filled afternoon, as we make our way into our last evening together though,
we have shot more hoops than I can count, seen movies, and last night started a new tradition for a Friday night dinner of?
to celebrate his practicing
and once he gets home
he will rest for the night and then on Monday he will go to and meet his new baller friends at the
AAU in Christiansburg VA.
Yes one more basketball camp for the Kamryn before the school year of 2012 begins!
This time he will do a 3 day camp at the 
and then in October our boy will try out under the leadership of
Julia Skinner there who directs the
of southwest Va.
He is over the moon about that,
as it is nothing but balling to teach, lead, mentor kids on basketball while competing in tournaments in travel under the leadership of Coach Skinner and her staff of Coaches that are tough yet caring and compassionate as they work with these kids and develop their passion and skills.
 Striving for Excellence
I like that alot.
It takes a village to support and love and nurture.
During times of sun, rain, hail,
and even those times of great drought, when together we can do incredible things while showing our faith in a dream, a person, a child.
Teaching one to believe in self
and fostering kindness in others.
Yes it is true,
what you put out does not always come back;
yet imagine if we didn't try.
Rise and GRIND
the motto of the NRV ELITE
and one that all would benefit from adopting.
Looking at the rain as liquid sunshine, knowing that all are being watered and nurtured, and will grow.
Taking the time to put it out there, to let it be known, nurtured and to wait and see the splendor
oh the splendor
of the dreams
and the beauty after the storms.
CReate the day you imagine
and be your STAR
the thunder is the drum
"Those who danced were once considered insane by those who could not hear the music"
Dance like everyone is watching and just have fun with it;
focus, dance, shoot the hoop dear ones!
Walk in Beauty



Dot/Cob/Mom said...

Living the dreams and making memories for Kamryn is our focus in everyday life. Kamryn is a dream in the making for a better life for all. He is focused, hard working and he eats, sleep, plays basketball. He has voiced his oponion of only playing basketball. He will meet opposition by some people but we must remember it is all about him. His friends will cheer him on as he cheers them own to the sports of their dreams. His family will stay right beside him in all that he wants to do. We give thanks each day for his determination and making his dreams come true. MJ camp was a great thing and his enthusiasm has not stopped since he came to Fl., each day he has been throwing the basket with his Godmother from the poolside. On one of their games he shot 71 straight points for a hoop and holler that could be heard from the Godmother all way thru Fl.. Keep up the good work Kamryn and do not let anyone take you away from your dreams. Thanks to the Godmother, DLB and support from your family you have made many memories in the last 3 weeks. Now it is time to get to school, make that honor roll and roll with the NRV Elite basketball team and their great Coach Skinner. Good luck we will be here for you.

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Hope your Saturday has been great and those rain clouds there in Florida have moved on. It has been beautiful here in SE Michigan. Mid 70s and the most beautiful deep crystal blue sky I have seen in a very long time and the humidity down. Shelter was extremely busy today but still no adoptions, lots of lookers though. Kamryn, the haircut is fantabulus and a star for the star. You are going to do great with your basketball and all is going to be just what you dreamed it would. Have fun at the baseball camp. Take care friends and hope all is well. Hope your evening will be peaceful as you count your Blessings. /Sandy♥