Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rains, Tropical Storm Issac and a bit of Sun

Oh boy, here we go again...
this time with the name of
Issac, a tropical storm is brewing and the meteorologists are saying it could be headed to Florida!
We're already seeing rains that have the pool overflowing, thunder that sounds like the Creator is having bowling competitions with the angels, and lightning playing with 70+ strikes yesterday within 60 minutes here in Tampa Bay!
Oh Issac please wind yourself down and just go away, as many have yet to fully recover from that Debby that came by as a tropical storm and did more damage than many could remember in over 20 years in the area of a Cat 5 Hurricane.
Interesting now though, as we hear those who are keeping an eye on things, showing the winds on the beaches and talking about tracking the storm.
Those who live here aren't being talked about much, but oh boy the
RNC is all the talk.
That is the Republicans and their upcoming convention that is.
The tropical storm and his impact on those who are coming to "officially nominate Mitt Romeny to run for President" are now booking the entire Hard Rock Casino and many other hotels around the area, and whole restaurants next week.
When I listened about the storm and thought of my wet hardwoods from Debby and those who lost their homes, their cars, roofs, and were harmed; I was waiting to hear of the concern for neighbors voiced on the news, and places to offer help to them and those areas.
Instead all I heard about was the impact on the RNC and even an interview of the South Dakota folks that will be attending and oh shucks they may not get to play in the gulf due to the rain.
Florida is being punished by the Republicans although they are hosting the convention the news says.
But, not punished too much as they need the state the news says!
Now how is that for convenience!
They cannot sit in the front row as part of their punishment the news said, nor invite VIP guests although the number has been changed.
Romney needs Florida
so they eased the punishment from what was planned it seems.
I wondered if that man Akin is going to be in my state too.
You know, the one who has spoken out on a woman and rape.
The same one who says that a woman's body just shuts down when raped so it won't get pregnant and so that makes it ok?
He used the term
"Legitimate rape" when he was speaking,
and this is a man we want in politics to represent
"we the people"?
Not this people.
Maybe all this nonsense we have to hear like that is what has the storm fronts rolling in and threatening Florida.
Now there are fences and chain link fences up along Tampa like you cannot believe.
Restaurants all hoping to get a piece of the action; strip clubs too I might just add.
Yet our local news is paying more attention to the effects of Tropical Storm Issac on the convention than to the residents of our home towns here,
and that again has me amazed.
I for one will be glad when all this political crap is done.
Back to regular programming and no more conflicting mud slinging.
I can remember once when a remarkable gentleman we called
Enso Bighinatti told us,
keep your friends close but your enemies closer, so you know what they are up to.
He sat with Presidents and heads of states, was a powerful yet gentle man.
We have been subjected to sentences taken out of context, truths that exposed less than kindness about those who want to strip women of basic rights and respect that were fought long and hard for.
We've seen men who think that women are and still only worth 1/2 of what men make annually to do the same jobs, yet not worth health care or medications that can treat cervical cancers.
We have watched our men and women come home in flag draped caskets, and unemployment and prices rise over 10 years, and as usual we blame everything and everyone on whoever sits in that magical White house without taking responsibility for our own piece of the cake.
Folks like to bitch and moan and yet don't seem to step up to being a part of the solution yet perpetuate the problem by stirring in it til it stinks.
I have my eye on this storm and wonder will it change its path, oh please Issac change your path.
We will have enough to worry about next week as those who attend this big convention bring their issues, their mouths and their money into the city, add to that those who will exercise their right to protest and precious resources will be maxed out as the police and EMS will be working over time to protect and serve.
We'll hear and see social media and anger at all time highs while smut campaigns will inflame and have folks throwing daggers at each other getting not so much passionate as pissed over things that they really cannot control.
Folks will forget to look up,
to embrace each day in its gifts and wonder.
There will be hurricane force winds,
but they will come from the mouths and energy of humans
with or without
Tropical Storm Issac.
As for me and mine?
We'll stay out of Tampa
and perhaps go back to the Disney Channel for a bit next week.
Better yet,
it may be time to turn up the music
just dance!

May your troubles be few, your happiness be grand, and the storms of life be rainbows in disguise.
Dance on dearones!
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope things are well with you all today. Dr. Sherry, thank you for your words. I hope that Isaac keeps a distance from Florida and goes right on by without stopping any time. Isaac is one visitor you can go without. I hope that all those other matters go quietly for you. It is chilly here today in the 60s but supposed to warm up. We had some heavey thunderstorms last night but looks clear today. Take care friends and have a Wonderful Wednesday and remember to count your Blessings!

Anonymous said...

oh, you have said it.. you have spoke each and every word which is
flowing thru my entire body.. Is
Isaac the true threat ??? hmmm.. gotta be wondering about the reasons Mother Nature is in an uproar over.. I have had more than enough hype of the RNC .. really don't give a hoot about all the political junk being brought our way either.. it makes me angry when I am continually slammed with all this BS..
I am intently praying for Issaac to blown away to the middle of nowhere.. leave us all safe and our
lives unscathed.. They are forecasting possible changes in path and intensity.. hope for once, those weather folks keep their head on top of their game...
Thanks for a thoughtful read today
Doc.. you are appreciated.
hugging my angels,
sign me..♥

oshkosh said...

All well said, and Isaac--back off!

Blessings to all.

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