Thursday, August 23, 2012

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas (nope)

Prince Harry and his family jewels
all grown up and hanging with beautiful women and Olympic Gold winners!
Whatever happened to the saying
"what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas"
the city of razzle dazzle and where no one blinks much less sleeps?
Now we get to think of little Harry all grown up and serving his country, yet naked as he is surrounded by his groupies shooting billiards naked! What an image, what a thought.
And in the day of cell phones with high resolution cameras, I can imagine it was quite a shot, or ball buster is you will.
I can only imagine the Queen is oh so proud, as he represented his country and relations so lovely in his party on mode with cash flying along with body parts as he had the time of his life.
I could almost get it if he were attempting to out swim Loche and chose to not wear a suit,
but playing pool as if playing strip poker?
Who reports this stuff?
We've heard of little Brittany and her troubles in Vegas, seen stars fall in Vegas,
and those who trip over the lights that are fantastic.
I'm thinking only Jack Nicholson can ride the storms of booze and ladies with class and style and not be affected or infected with press and stories in the lime light; he seems to have a way of avoiding those things or their short lived press.
But little Prince Harry?
Not so sure on that one.
Even in a city that never blinks; seems the new stars and those of fame find their way to those who like to report on their every move.
Perhaps it is that their brains are not yet fully developed as they get out and about using what can only be thought of as poor judgment in their behaviors.
Yet they represent their families and countries as they walk, dance and play in other places while others are watching and forming opinions on their very character.
Sure hope he had a grand time,
I cannot imagine what sort of talking to he might now be receiving from the Queen
or his brother.
That may be a conversation that is not "leaked or filmed" for the world to view or comment on after the fact.
Ah but it would be great to hear that it was all made up, yet the British press validated it as real.
So sad to think this young man has yet to develop his brain and his common sense as he traverses around the world with a pocket full of cash and a bevy of beautiful women all hoping that he will spend some on them.
Vegas is indeed enchanting and one can get eye strain with all the sights to see, the sounds to hear and the people watching there.
Add to that the many hotels, casinos and those who make a living there and I bet there are thousands of photographs of folks just lying around that would boggle the mind.
Back in the day, folks had those to protect them from their antics and behaviors,
and those who were powerful had the desire to go to Vegas and be anonymous in their "fun" times.
They did NOT want the news or the actions to leave "sin city" as goes the saying
"what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".
Yes the times have changed since then,
when folks made sure to protect their reputations, their status in the world and their characters.
I miss back then.
As Tropical Issac is approaching the Caribbean  and the state of Florida,
Vegas looks good about now!
We have our eye on the storm,
but also on the RNC that is taking all the time on the news along with the thousands and thousands that will flood Tampa Bay.
The winds from the voices that will echo through the streets, the night clubs, the restaurants is enough to worry those of us here.
The conduct of behaviors will be interesting as well.
As I overheard business people in a restaurant this week; I was intrigued to hear that they had reservations in a strip club for several from the RNC and that was one more time I had to grin.
Yes, seems business will be booming all across Tampa Bay, and Issac isn't the only thing we have to worry about,
with folks representing them like Mr Akin who speaks about "legitimate rape of women"
and how a womans' body works
we have much to fear.
I'm sure the press will be out, those with cell phones and ones who want to make a buck catching someone doing something that they can then let the world know about.
It just gets me; when I look for news and concern of my neighbors and community and yet I have to hear 
"the RNC is keeping a close eye on the storm and its impact on those who are coming for the convention and fun in the sun".
"We are watching this storm track and it implications for the RNC here in Tampa and those who will be traveling to our city"
What about those of us who live here?
And meanwhile in other countries:

Iran is passing a law that states the legal age of marriage is to be 
9 years old.
They feel girls have reached puberty by 9 rather than 10.
750 children were married at at 9 years old last year to men over the ages of 18.
Perhaps Mr Todd Akin got his knowledge from a colleague in Iran on legitimate rape.
Akin serves on the house science and technology committee.
Perhaps he should be removed from any committee that involves our country and her politics. 
Do not be fooled by his apology, remember the apology forced by Limbaugh and his remarks?
a scary twosome
WOMEN and MEN who respect us
What is wrong with people?
We have a prince exposing the family jewels,
weathermen talking about a storm track heading to Florida yet they are seemingly more concerned about folks coming into town and congesting the roads and their times on the beach than their local residents,
we have politicians who speak what they believe on women's bodies and clearly have no earthly idea of anatomy,
nor respect for the sacredness of a woman and her choices and the horrid issue of rape.
There is a country that is allowing children to marry at 9 years old men old enough to be their fathers,
and we all know that when sexual intercourse is happening to those little ones it is

Yet those men would not define it that way by the words they utter, 
and then they have the balls to try and say
"I'm sorry, it was taken out of context, or some other rubbish" and expect us to believe it"
"We the People"
Wonder how many will be seeking planned parenthood after the RNC has left Tampa Bay
as a result of the cash, the booze, the indiscretions of  those who enjoy the scene, the Hard Rock Casino *that is booked in its entirety*, along with the beautiful women here?
Oh that's right, a woman's body just shuts down according to Akin, I forgot that!
Oh how sick to death I am of those who are trying to sell us the farm in the political world
and yet so many blindly follow
and forget they have daughters, mothers, wives and sisters, or else they just do not care.
We've come a long way since the days that women were beaten, sat in the backs of buses, walked the walk for civil rights
got the vote.
We each own our own life, our bodies, our souls.
Do not allow someone else to choose for you,
whether it is the brand cereal you eat,
or where you stand on issues
we can all get along with respect and dignity
yet know when we are being treated less that equally under our flag and in our homes.

Walk in Beauty


Anonymous said...

No better time for a hurricane than when the RNC are in Tampa. Hell, they have enough hot air to blow a hurricane right outta the state. ignorance is ignorance and they are very verbose. I'm sure the strip clubs will have a surge in business form these models of puritan morals and ethics. Wish there was life on Mars. As for Iran and 9 year old children being married.... Really? And they cite the Qur'an as their basis for this decision. Just goes to show you, people can find a way to use their personal religious beliefs to support any sick and twisted idea they want to further. Mix religion and politics and you get what you deserve. Makes me sick every time I see it. Pretty soon we will have NO RIGHTS. Just leave it to the RNC. Just Sayin.....

oshkosh said...

D E S P I C A B L E!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's up with harry? Why would anyone play pool in the buff, even in Vegas? Is he that young or just that dumb. Whatever. He deserves bad press. What a PRINCE. Where has has common decency gone. where have all the readers gone? Just you and me OshKosh and Anonymous. Guess we are the ones with all the opinions.As for the pending storm in FL, good luck, it is that time of year, sadly.
Be well Doc. we will be thinking about you and home the storm blows the RNC away, and not your lovely little paradise on the Gulf.

DrSES said...

Well Osh and anonymous good to see you here, and can't tell you where everyone goes when I talk about the "hard stuff of today's world", or controversy!

At least ole Harry was the comic relief of the day as he devised ways to turn strip poker into strip bllards and show the jewels while common sense isnt so common anymore and most will sell their soul to get the "photo" for tabloids, but then again he is the trickster of the royal family, so we shouldn't be surprised what that one does for kicks I suppose!

Be well readers and continue to share your thoughts, your outrage, and your feelings here...


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope all is well and you are enjoying your Friday so far. YEAH Its Friday-Its Friday!! Just a few more hours and will be my weekend start. Didn't get to comment yesterday, had puter issues at home and unable to chat at work. Twas a terribly busy Thursday and today is about as bad. Only two of us working here in the office today, me in the office and my coworker on the floor with patients and a Friday in Detroit!!!

Anyway, That Prince Harry is something else! What a funny guy he is. Hmm, playing pool naked! That is a new one! I wonder what Grandma is thinking?
I hope that Isaac stays his distance for you all. My nephew lives in St. Petersburge and is concerned. Be safe friends. Have a great weekend! /Sandy♥

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