Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Advice:

Just a little thought that all can use from time to time. Surprised I haven't seen this as a tat on someone's side or back... the ocean is filled with sage advise as it rolls in, rolls out with gifts, messages, with healing sounds. To stand on the shore or submerge a body in the waters feeling the energy we can't help but look out seeing the vastness of our world. Remembering that each movement is fluid in nature, the ripple effect continuing on and on ... just as casting a pebble into a creek at times only on a grander scale. When I saw this sign I had to smile thinking of the many messages, advice, guidance the water holds for each person in the world in real experiences or in thoughts images, photos or dream states. Likened to each action, each word, each thing that touches or finds its way to another... Lessons or blessins' or both.

No need to look back, not good to turn your back to the ocean even when she appears calm... never know when the tide will rise and surprise you!  Always best to be ready for the changing tides, the shift in winds, the ability and desire to change the sails rather than try to change the wind... most important to stay afloat and keep moving, keep looking at the wonder in the world, the beauty along with the gifts that life has to offer.

To sea life's beauty even at times through pained eyes or storms of life... to roll with the tides.  Yep, there are many gifts and sage advise from Mother Ocean...

Wishing you a day that is outstanding... as I hurry to get Kamryn to basketball camp, and off to Tampa airport to pick up my baby girl Olivia! This is her first solo flight to see the Nana... this house will be rockin as we outshine the sun, rolling with the tides.

  Color me happy .... to be so blessed 

I wish you enough.

Walk in beauty,

 Thank you to those who are serving, have served and their families... those who are working around the clocks to get those fires in the west under control. Deb in Colorado, her son and 4 legged are now safely at home, the evacuation order has been lifted. The best of news as they now settle in with all that is happened, we hold them and those there in prayer of healing from the traumas suffered there.
FIREFIGHTERS are awesome. God Bless them all .


fluff said...

Great words of wisdom today Dr. Sherry. Thenk you so much. Indeed the vast waters have much to offer if one could just be still and listen. Happy to hear our friend is back in her home with her son and furry friend. Hope that fire is out soon. Take care friends and have a delightful afternoon. /Sandy♥

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