Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Under the cloud, and lookin for the good

Grey Clouds never last ... go for the blue ones, look for the good, keep moving.... with your eye on the bright cloud and the horizon! Only good messages, good thoughts and consistency will keep you in motion and with the brain giving you want you want, you are driving it; rest when you need to, then feed it well while lookin for the good, and contributing to it as well.

As the old saying goes, when you think you can't > YOu must<  if you choose to and if you really want it for you and the greater good of all.  Those dark clouds and negative words/feelings will and can seep into your nervous system and just find a way to settle there becoming your familiar, becoming felt in your steps, your words and your daily way of living.  We've watched and continue to see the devastation of Oklahoma and the hearts that have not given up while standing strong through the rubble, while mourning now burying their loved ones and trying to figure and do in order to rebuild gasping and gathering the strength needed to put on foot in front of the other together as community. Collectively looking for the good as they grieve, as they struggle, yet as they move keeping their eye on the sky and hope alive in their hearts through it all.

Each of us extending our own light in hopes and in our own personal struggles do that each day, and are stronger for it, are moving from under clouds while looking for the good, often finding it within ourselves in the process and often its against all odds or advice as we filter out the negative and embrace the blessings and the good messages and the very good things that surround us daily.

 During moments, those many moments when we just find ourselves wondering; we have to take a deep breath and look around; ask for what we need, and just look... there are signs, there are messengers, there is a light within each of us so bright that we forget and that we are a beacon of HOPE to not only ourselves but to others if we choose to let it shine.  Each in our own way, if we just take a moment and notice the dark cloud might be there, we only have to move or out run it for the moment...

We only have to shift our focus to change our state, to practice mindfulness and let go of the b.s. and find our words, our joys, our happiness through tears, pain, loss, and confusion.

 Even when you feel like you are on a leash, you can play, you can scratch your back and roll in the grass and enjoy yourself forgetting everything for a bit! Life is still beautiful in so many ways, and it's right here right now for each of YOU.

 Just take one step at a time; it doesn't matter how you take it, whether you have knobby knees or if you have to strut or cross your legs, just move into it... just move!

Before you know it,

 YOU just might spread those wings of yours and be tickled to life and surprise yourself ... and outshine the sun...

Have the best day today, and know YOU are worth it. I wish you enough.

Walk in beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Your words today are so heart felt. I loved the photos in story also. You are awesome Dr. Sherry and so much appreciated and loved. I wish for you and all of our friends a happy day with peace and joy in their hearts. Thank you for knowing and understanding. /Sandy♥