Wednesday, June 12, 2013

thoughts on yard sales live and virtual

Wooden corner shelf $8.00

Yard Sales, garage sales... now on the internet, in the newspapers, and oh my on Facebook and virtual social media connections of sales through a wonderful media of opportunity and great prices... One's persons junk another person's treasures it once has been said, and still seems to hold true.  I see it all the time, as I scroll through Facebook and the communities all over the world that have connected with online sales and gatherings on sites to sell those once held treasures that they have now grown out of or need the cash and are ready to part with... I like the idea actually, it prevents one from having to secure a permit for a yard sale, prevents you from having to lug all that stuff into the yard and price it all, to give up the weekend while hoping a big truck will show up with folks that offer a price and take it all at once!

Yes, yard sales, garage sales and those who love to hunt for treasures along the way, or spend a lovely day going from one to the other and picking up 'stuff' here and there... and then of course there are those who know a true treasure when they drive by slowly and come to a quick halt!  They see it from a distance and yet remain calm offering just a buck for a vase after casually talking about the weather as they take their finger and rub it around the vase lip feeling for imperfections and just know its worth as they then grab it and go with that twinkle in the eye! Oh yes, those wonderful finds are out there, and often are worth so much more than paid for at the curb or online if you know what you are looking for... Blown glass, artwork, sculptures, jewelery, coins, books, one of a kind sort of things that those who know just know!

Of course there are the games, the toys, the baby stuff, the CD's, movies, phones, clothes, jeans...

 It's a part of history, it's as American as cherry pie, those yard sales, garage sales, and it is now taken to a new and even better level as it has hit the almighty internet and Facebook in communities that have their own pages to put up the pictures and items and descriptions for those interested without having to leave their table while enjoying a cup of coffee!  Folks bargain right there in the comment box, they set the price, and bam, it is done! Sounds like a grand plan to me...

Yet, there is something about driving down the road and seeing a sale set up in the yard, even if not in the mode or mood to buy... seems everyone just slows down to take a peek and wonder... I just wonder if they have something I can't live without there!!!

As I sit with my coffee and glance into the foyer I see those three boxes of clothes some still with the price tag on them that I now am not able to wear... and think of that yard sale in the near future to benefit MS with my darlin Laura... I can't help but think it would be so much easier to take it all to the donation sight around the block here... unload it, get the tax write off and call it a day.  Yet, there is something magical and fun about watching folks show up with their coffee and search through your loot as if on a mission and then try to bargain over a .50 item that is worth $50.00 isn't there?

Life is just like that and it is good; as long as you can laugh about it...

 So then, today I will think about not looking at those bins of clothes and instead wonder on how to sell those beautiful villages of Dept 56 or whatever they were that are collectors things for the real price rather than the yard sale price... after all they do no good in boxes and I'm just not feelin it anymore... maybe someone else is.

Hope you are having the best of days even if at times it is a stretch, keep laughing and looking cos' you never know when you might pull up on a treasure...

Prayers goin strong for those in CO and the raging fires there... may they be contained and folks be safe... our warrior EE has let us know that homes and lives have been lost as the fires rage there, and many are being on alert of potential evacuation of their homes, hers included... we hold them in thought.
 As firefighters respond to communities in need we thank them...

Walk in beauty,

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