Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer and it's beauty

Yes, here we are already, June 8th and Tropical Storm Andrea has blown through the Gulf, leaving her message that it is Hurricane Season in Florida, yet the beauty is now taking my breath away in just awesome ways. From my angel trumpet that greeted me above and outside the lanai today, to the sweet smell of jasmine here on the lanai, and hibiscus in bloom, life is good today!

 As we light our candle for those in need of strength, lending our flame to assist in their burning brighter in illness, in bad news, in tragedy that we all collectively heard about in Santa Monica CA, we continue to lift up those in Oklahoma as well. Looking for the good as we hear of things that rattle us to the core, while remembering to stoke the embers that are alive within us, while lending the light to others that are struggling in the hope that they will also look toward the light that shines within and pass it along. Looking for the good, with hearts that beat strong, as they find their dance, their faith, courage, hope to move through it always in ways unimagined.

Life is good today.

Embrace the fragrances, the sights, the sounds that bring you that peace, the comfort, the motivation to do what is before you with amazing strength, grace, hope even at times when rolling over and going back to sleep seems like the better plan, at times it is that very movement that will propel you into action. Emotion is motion, is the very thing that let's you know, it is YOU that controls your brain, the messages of "I can, I will, I am".

Life is good today.

If you are able bodied, on your knees, on you back, in a chair... dance... move the energy, the fear, the worry, the indecision into action after thought, after inaction.... into motion and allow the Universal Oneness of the Creator to give you what you need to say YES to your life, your precious life and dance in whatever way you can today, while looking for the beauty of summer.

 Life in all it's glory and its mysteries...

Go for it, Life is not a dress rehearsal; 
I wish you enough

Walk in beauty


Anonymous said...

Thanks for some very " to the point"
words today .. yep. life is good. and so much more..
we always have the ability to make a choice, just about everything we do is a result of a choice we've made..
sometimes, perhaps the choice was not the best, and most other times, we are not aware that we actually made a choice.. tricky stuff.
Today, I choose to be most grateful, for all which surrounds me .. I will choose to ban negativity from my small corner of the world.. my attitude drives my happiness..
being that it's before noon, a bit early for me to be up and at 'em.. I will kick back, enjoy my coffee and think of what will keep me busy today.. LOL.. I may even choose the option to do LAZY . some days are just meant for us to simply enjoy.. would like to wish for all a day full of dancing spirits, sunshine skies and rainbows..
have a great day warriors!
stomp !
sign me, hugging my angels,
♥ A.

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for your words today and the lovely photos. The angel trumpet is beautiful. I am grateful that the hurricane Andrea bypassed Florida and pray for protection in other areas of bad weather. Take care friends, have a wonderful rest of the weekend. /Sandy♥