Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime; have a splash

The water is callin' wherever you are, whatever you are doing... It's time to jump in, get your feet wet, feel the summer heat!

It's time to lay back, chill axin, and living for the weekend as many are making plans for the long awaited vacations, beaches, mountain tops or stay-cations to just be.

Whatever it is, whether in your mind, in your dreams or in reality... make a splash, make a jump that creates ripples all around felt by all in good ways.  Each thought, each good deed, each wag of the tongue, each word... the ripples will affect or infect all.
 the heat is on ... in ways that we can control the remotes, the volumes, the neurotransmitters of our brains.. the messages we send and receive with enthusiasm, good words well thought out before getting that tongue rolling in ways that allow us to smile wide, laugh often and enjoy each day in new ways delighting ourselves and those we meet along the journey.

The waters are waiting... we've all seen them in our minds eye. some of us can get to them easily, while others dream of the opportunity to make that splash, that dunk, that moment of toes in the water and ass in the sand.  Find your way to that moment, take that deep breath and let yourself smell the salt air, the wind on your face, see the dolphins dancing and take the plunge.... come up to the surface and celebrate the wonder of YOU!

 Wishing you an outstanding day of sunshine, of music that moves you, memories that heal you, and the want of more... to motivate you.

It's countdown time here; the Kamryn and Dot are due to touchdown in 2 days followed by my Olivia 5 days later. It's party time for us then...
With all of us being kids splashing and eating banana splits for dinner, now it just can't get much better than that after days of toes in the water and, well you know the rest!

 I wish you enough!

Walk in beauty


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for the lovely photos and thoughts of summer time and water fun. Would love to be there today on a beach or near a pool. Chilly here in SE Michigan this morning. Was 59 on my way in to work. Needed a jacket but supposed to get to the 80s later on. I know you are counting down the minutes before family is together. That will be a wonderful time. Have sparkling terrific day. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...