Monday, June 10, 2013

It's pool o'clock somewhere

Summer, sweet summer where the pools are ready for the times of great splashes and coolin off after a day of hard work, or just that "chillaxin"... here of course was Dot/Mom/Cob and that silly sweet Kamryn in NC this past weekend. They were the first in the opening of the pool as they looked to have a bit of a love fest, but knowing Kamryn, he was buttering her up for something; and my guess is that is was to talk her in to staying in that pool with him as he splashed, swam under her legs and tried to drown her as often as he could!

Ah time for water, good music, friends, family and the heat... Bring it, let it linger between those afternoon showers and even a thunder being letting us know that the spirits are dancing from the other side and some often riding on lightning bolts it seems.  As many will only dream of once again being in those pools or beside them, or with sand in their feet, they can remember, they can go on those trips from visuals and stories of others; while many more will enjoy the mountains or the indoors... and others might just long for a pool to dunk in on a summers's day or reflect on times spent.

 Two look like they again were having the time of their lives and either she was trying to heal him, or drown him, just not so sure which... as Angie was the one catching it on the camera, I can only imagine... We all can hear it now, "Kamryn don't get my hair wet, don't dunk me, don't be so rough... don't don't" as the laughter and as he then just "had to to it all"... in only the way he could with pool time and good times once again with his granny Dot it sure does appear. Lucky kid, he got two grandmaws in the game and seems he and Dot are having a grand time in that big ole' pool of family in NC!  Healing waters, fun times, and seeing a young blood grow by leaps and bounds much too quickly.
Life is like that it seems; we turn around and diapers are dirty and turn again and sweet smelling little feet now occupy sneakers that are a men's size 10.  oh my.  Where has my upper body strength gone now that I need it the most?

 Beautiful blue waters and Dot seems to be handling her own; although I'm certain Kam is playing the "stop Dot I have something in my eye" card in this photo... Ah yes, heard those lines myself, they get screamed right after he gets dunked, and when you walk away with the promise of I won't .... he swims under you and almost drowns you in the process! Yep ... that's our boy!

 And when you try to leave him... in the pool all to himself? Oh that is when the pitiful sets in, the pleas of someone come and be with me, I'm all alone and the pool is just so big, and "aren't we suppose to be having family time, huh huh huh?" He is one funny little guy to be certain as the basketball hoop is near the pool here the water is waiting, the ball is now pumped up and just sitting here, and before you know it, the fam will arrive.

KERPLUNK, SPLASH, and we'll let the good times roll....

Wont' we wont we will ya, will ya?

So here's to a week of splash wonderment to each of you; if only in your dreams, if but in your memories, if in your realities, and your hearts... may the water be refreshing and the joys be more than you can contain...
SHOUT and do all that brings you joy

 Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Great photos of Grandma and Grandson enjoying pool time and making memories that will last for a lifetime. Very sweet! Thank you for sharing them. We have had a few warm days here in SE Michigan but only turned my air conditioner on 2 times since we put it in. It is not pool weather here yet. Have a terrific day friends. /Sandy♥