Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The connection of the web... we are all connnected!

We are all connected in the web of life; whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves and it affects the greater whole of each other... LOVE WINS

A Metaphysical Approach.

Every thought, every wish, every dream comes down to our own belief in our ability to bring the reality to our selves. If you can “see it” if you “believe” it can happen, you will receive it. 

This goes both ways… If we put out into the universe a message that is positive, we bring positive results to ourselves. On the other hand, put out a message of doom and gloom and that to will shape the outcome...  If you think you can or think you can't you are goin to be right.

Choose your thoughts, your beliefs, your steps and your choices wisely...

Now this is not to say that hard work and a personal effort is not necessary to bring about the change we want to see, but our belief in the reality that the outcome will reflect what we “put out there” plays a bigger part than we may know or what we may believe. Many have self limiting beliefs, or have been through the school of hard knocks and heartaches and somehow given up on themselves, on life and all its wonder, the gifts, the messages and signs that are still there for each of us.

We often defeat ourselves by believing deep in our hearts that we cannot possibly succeed. Or that our efforts will not be enough, our prayers (wishes) will fall on deaf ears. Or, that there are no ears out there at all. Not true. Just because you believe it…. Just because you put that energy out into the universe, you can transport the dream into your own reality.

Visualize the reality of the wish/dream in full force. See the outcome with as many details as you can paint into the picture and I KNOW you are on the right path to bringing about the results you seek. When self doubt fills your heart, go back to the picture you have painted and stay focused on the result you want. Don’t defeat yourself by concentrating on a bad outcome. This only saps your energy and throws a monkey wrench in the plan. This really does work!

Start small…. Put a small message out there and keep reinforcing it every day. The result you seek will come. There is so much we don’t know about universal energy. But we do reap what we sew. You have heard me say “Leap And The Net Will Appear” many times.
Another truth. Just believe…. Really BELIEVE. You will be amazed at the power our thoughts have. So take a chance on you. On your dreams coming true. Empower yourself!

We all have this innate ability to really bring into our path opportunities to realize positive outcomes. I’ll await your feedback once you have experimented with this very life changing shift in attitude. If you fall back into old self-doubting thoughts, just sweep them away and replace them with the picture of the positive outcome you desire.

It is all about what energy we put out there, and the Universal Oneness. Connecting with a Higher Power. And for that we will give thanks, And so it is. You are too precious to give up or give in... Make the plan and remember the sage words of Maya Angelou, "Nothin works unless you do".  Cast off from the dock and set your sail...

Walk in beauty

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Well said my friend..well said.