Thursday, June 27, 2013

July 1 mark you calendars, order your shirts MS HAS TO GO

Ms Vicki's On the River
Holiday FL
Eat ~ Drink ~ Get those raffle tickets for some off the chain great baskets of wonder.
$25.00 includes shipping to you!
Send Laura an email to order, to make a difference as we put it down for the cure!

All proceeds from this event will be doubled
by HOME DEPOT when the check is made out to Laura Roorda.
Checks are then given to HOME DEPOT where they will match dollar for dollar
for MS.

 We all know of Multiple Sclerosis; many of us love someone with this horrible disease. Many have read blogs here with the stats, the stories, the need for the cure, the current research that leads us to know a cure is on the way!

July 1 is going to be one more of the many events happening around the country where folks will gather in community, hope, compassion to raise money for research, for the desire of the NOW to set the sun down on MS.
 Laura, pictured here on the left is throwing this event together; MS walked in to her life uninvited. Her daughter Shawna on the right has dedicated her life to riding her butt off out in TEXAS each year with thousands at the BPMS150, practicing each day, putting more miles on a bike than most do in their cars. She rides in honor of Laura for the cure. Each and every year, Laura flies to Texas to be standing there at that finish line with open arms to meet both Shauna and Dixie as they complete that 170 mile ride after 2 solid days of riding... to reach their goals of raising monies for the CURE.  They will not stop, the bikes will not be put in storage. Their butts will ache, their muscles will seize and there will be times they will crash along with others on the routes. But they get up, dust themselves off, put band-aids on the blood and they ride on. Many will walk for MS Awareness, many will throw money in buckets they see across town, others will organize bake sales, car washes, education fairs. 

Still others will bury their heads in the sand pretending MS does not affect them and move about their day none the wiser or more blessed or educated.

Life can be like that at times.

MS gets on millions of people's nerves, affects the lives of those we love. Here we are getting ready to Help the Sun Set on MS with a view of the Anclote River.

You can help no matter where you are!
Just fire off an email to
Shirts all sizes, $25.00 includes shipping.
ALL checks made out to Laura Roorda will be DOUBLED by Home Depot
to fight/cure MS.
yep you read it here.
Let's go!
Meet some folks who know the importance of finding a cure of this disease while having a great time, seeing a beautiful sunset, throwing back a cold one. YOU might just see a dolphin or two while meeting some fine folks there.

 Whatever the reason that motivates you to get out on a Monday, taking in the sunset, the breeze, the groove, 
find it and show up to Ms. Vicki's on the River.


YOU will have helped. Just by stopping by while doing your thing, enjoying your day, your night... realizing that nerves along with the brains of some fantastic people are being affected by this thing called MS.

Help us set the sun down on MS.


Here's to each of you, my wish that you show up, show out, show compassion, kindness and the very best of the best that lives within each of you always.

YOU can order those cool T-shirts by contacting Laura ...
indicate your size to her, send a check +shipping to get yours. They are fine indeed with original artwork contributed by a friend as seen in the above poster (minus the location)


I am wishing you a day of learning new things, finding new ways of doing old things, setting your laugh to ON as you activate the brilliance of your brain to set off the fireworks of those neurotransmitters today... Outstanding we all are in our own ways, our own times of wonder dancing to the beat of our own drums, in our own time finding our steps.

Stretch into it, move, sway, rock or roll. It's up to you!

I wish you enough. Walk in Beauty,

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