Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea is showing herself

As I sit on the lanai, with coffee and the loyal 4 leggeds nearby, we are watching and listening to the rain fall, the breeze and bend of the trees today.  We've heard of a tornado in Tarpon Springs, and the skies are grey as our first named storm is under watch and underway.  Our warrior here "sign me A" is of course "Andrea", but if left up to her there would be rainbows and sun filled days with dolphins jumping in the gulf waters rather than the threat of winds, flooding and storms moving in and across the state and up to the North this week.  The sun would be hot, the dance would be on, and all are now preparing to head to the waters edge to look at the caps that are replacing our usually calm and beautiful waters there, while many more are anticipating a rough rush hour to get home safely.
It's officially hurricane season, on the eve of the week-end as we collectively blow hard to blow this one away.  No birds today, no squirrels running across the lanai, just the sound of wind and rain... and those grey skies everywhere I look... Andrea is close we can all feel it, as merchants are getting the sandbags for their stores in downtown Tarpon and praying for it to pass on by.

 It reminds me of the social media, the newscasters and the forecasters, as we get barraged with predictions of all the doom and gloom and "it's past time for Tampa Bay to get hit by the hurricane, they are on top of the list" headlines of late.  Almost as if programming folks to be afraid once again, or to instill fear rather than to suggest that once again it is time to prepare, to gather those supplies that we always have on hand during storm seasons.  Seems these days someone somewhere likes to poke folks into a place of fear or nervousness or stress. As if they don't have enough on their plates anyways.

We see it all the time, we watch as it absorbs like lotion into the skin, into the nervous system just by reading the words or hearing the words of others, it piles on and piles in on people. the thoughts of others, the postings and news that is absorbed like a sponge to the point of not being able to take on more, then overflowing into the Universe.

Just today it happened once again to me, on Facebook with seeing something that was posted and I shared it on my wall for others to see.  It was a prominent figure with a quote that he "supposedly made", hell I don't know if he really made it or not.  Photo shop is so good these days, it's hard to know truth from fiction, but the point is, I did not research, I reacted and I also thought it was rather funny and also demonstrated a lack of common sense so I shared it!  Quickly a friend sent a link and suggested I listen to this person and hear for myself who he was; and he was a powerful speaker, yet I did not agree with all he represents, but he was powerful indeed and he was a Veteran of our country.  Once again I didn't agree with all that he does, but the point being, we see things, and we are somehow sucked in by them, we get an image, and we allow it to take space in our heads.  That's a high rent district, our heads... Not a free space to be consumed by all that we see and hear from others, so again I was reminded to sit back and just gnaw on it, sit with it and relax into it, or move along ...

 Yep, that is the lesson of the day; relax into your mind, take your time and just gnaw on it while being open to receive new information, then keep what is worth keeping and let the rest go.  Use caution of what or who you allow in your brain, that is a high rent district, so do not give that space up to just anything or anyone.  Take best care of you, and please do not let the fear of what you see, hear, and are fed take over your sense of right way relations and acts of kindness.  YOU are your most precious resource, you hold the plate in front of you and can determine how much to put on it, when to dump it for a new and fresh plate.  time to play in puddles, dance in the rain, and pray for safety for all.

Carry on, carry on, YOU are worth it.
 Storms never last, remember that... Tropical Storm Andrea, how bout you just fizzle out and we call it a day now.

Walk in beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends there in Florida. I hope that hurricane weather will pass righ ton by and not cause and damage or bad storm weather. Take care and be safe and I will continue to hold you all in my prayers. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

Say what skin and wart anonymous? Dont get what you are talking about?