Friday, June 7, 2013

National Donut Day and National Ice Cream Day!

Friday, Friday, oh thank Goodness it is Friday! What a Friday on top of it all, it is National Donut Day and National Ice Cream Day...
Talk about a sweet Friday to celebrate getting to, as we walk, stroll, roll and dance into the weekend! As we here in Florida watched and listened to the winds, the rain, of Tropical Storm Andrea, we now are smiling in the sunshine as she has come and gone from the gulf waters and our areas.  It's a great day to have a donut in my way of thinkin' while giving thanks once again that all is better than good and the blessings surrounded us with rainbows around here yesterday late afternoon in so many places!

Make mine a glazed please, it goes great with coffee or cold milk; preferably from Krispy Kreme where you can even ask for them to make them while you wait, getting them still warm; oh my goodness gracious!  Bring it on; enough to make my mouth water with the thought of it. What a grand day to celebrate and on a Friday at that, as we move right into the weekend.  As the day moves on, for those who want to show a bit of restraint on celebrating National Ice Cream Day, those who haven't already gone into the freezer and just gobbled it all up once hearing the good news and now having a reason to begin their day with ice cream on top of their Cheerios.... maybe they will wait until later, maybe lunch to indulge and get their celebrations continued on this Fabulous Friday.  Remember those old-fashioned banana splits? Old school style, the ones that just gave you goose bumps to eat, and then the water to wash it all down, and the need to stand in the sun just to warm yourself from the outside in?

 Oh yes, I remember those... It's the weekend. I even remember when Dot/Mom/Cob has visited with the boys and upon asking what we should have for dinner looking to her for the answer and hearing, "I think... we should just go to the store and get all the fixings for banana splits and have that for dinner tonight."  Talk about joyous noise in a house, we all went nutty, with the boys running to jump in the pool like wild monkeys as she ran to the store with her list, knowing it would be a sugar buzz night of wonderment and it was!  So today, for the country, it can be for all, Ice Cream Celebrations; who's in? Brave souls all... you are!

Now for those going out to listen to music, to party a bit, we don't want you to feel left out on this Day of sweet celebrations; and I can't help but think of a lovely and funny woman I now call, "Lt/Gen Dan" aka Shirley Korabek, who joins with Kendra and others in planning and executing the Landon Korabek Jamfest by getting all the musicians and everyone on stage in precision time... As she and the tribe move into the weekend, Here's to them; a little libation to go into the joyous noise of the weekend with sweetness;

 Oh what one can do with a cocktail these days; cookies and cream in kaluah, just about ANYTHING a creative mind can think of a bartender can come up with to satisfy a palette it seems and tonight will be no exception if they are in on the news of it being National Ice Cream Day ...

So then, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, make it SWEET, make it yours, make a splash and make it musical.

The sun is coming on and life is just right here for the sweetness, at times yes, bitter-sweet, but here for you to wrap your arms around and holler like a wolf saying, "I AM AWESOME, I AM HERE, AND I GIVE THANKS FOR THIS SWEET DAY"

 I give thanks for all today;

I give thanks for my most beautiful and SWEET, granddaughter Olivia Grusso, born on this day 13 years ago (oh just how it kills me to say and deal with my baby growing up), yet she is growing up; a sweet, kind, loving, compassionate, funny young teen, and for that I give thanks to her Mama> Joan who is standing and following through and is just like her as she teaches, loves guides her; and is just amazing. Thank you Creator. and So it Is!

Let's go back when and keep u both little for a bit more ok?

Walk in beauty


oshkosh said...

FUN words---happy pics and stories, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OLIVIA----she can also sing!!!!!!

Blessings to all on this day.

fluff said...

Happy Day Happy Day - It's Friday!!! Yeah - National Donut day - my 2nd weekness and I need a jelly stick donut right now. Those Krispy Kremes or awesome! Especially right out of the fryer. Also, National Ice Cream day - my goodness gracious how good can it get - that is my absolute # 1 weekness - Mmmmm chocolate peanut butter ice cream the bomb! Perhaps a Banana Split just might do it up right today.
Happy Happy Birthday to sweet Olivia ☺ 13 years old today. Wow, time sure does go by fast watching those babies grow up.
Wishing each of you a wonderful day and enjoy that sugar buzz tonight after the donuts for lunch and banana split for dinner LOL /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Looking forward to having one of those big home made banana splits soon. Funny as I come from the YMCA I was thinking about reading in the paper of the new ice cream shop here in Dublin. I am so tempted to go and really splurge. I hope the temptation will go away as I am going to visit cuzs this weekend and she is a great cook, some of that old fashioned cooking, green beans, corn bread, mashed potatoes, fried apples, home made pickled beats, home made pickles and the list goes on and on. That is so funny you would remember the banana splits we had for our dinner that was really a hit with all of us. Silly, little fun things that make us so happy. We are getting the rains and rains. We have delayed out trip until on Sat.. Hope the 18yr. old will get home safe from Myrtle Beach as it is supposed to be rough there, his friend had not gotten up yet so dont know. Glad the storm has left Fl.. Wonder if I can contact the 84yr. old lottery winner and tell her I was the one who let her in line??? Blessings to all