Wednesday, March 21, 2012


a month of wonder,
amazing happenings across our
around our
A month of
Awareness of many things
many I've thought about, talked about
I celebrate
want you to remember
those who have chosen
the path of
Masters of Social Work,
Licensed Clinical Social Work
walk the Social Work path and journeys
around the world.
Clinicians, researchers, practitioners
that have learned from pioneers
with rich histories
and who
each day
"Restore Hope"
as the power of social work
is celebrated in the month
of March each year
and the work is done
in offices, hospitals, hospices,
under bridges and in the streets and homes
and shelters around the world each day.
Social Work
restores hope, lends hands
skilled interventions
by those who have studied the theory
honed their educations into art
with fluidity of movement
they are invited into the lives of others
and those who have the courage to take the first steps by allowing
someone to offer hope.
There are so many
social workers that have made a great impact on the world;
have gained great historical prominence
are pioneers
and walked great uncharted paths
along the years.
Dr Bernice Catherine Harper is one of those pioneers, in the hospice and hospital world
and has made and continues to make a global impact.

Jane Adams, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and our beloved civil rights  activist and quite the hat wearer
Dr Dorothy Height, we miss her so.
Social Workers;
powerful and proud of their profession,
some loud and proud, others with quiet demeanor and steadfast in their work,
the majority
dedicated to what they believe
and to the greater good
of those they provide intervention
positive regard to
their care of
in empowering others.
The National Association of Social Work,
seated in the Nations Capital
to best shape policy and be a voice
on Capital Hill
with a strong membership
leading the way
advocates, as those who stand up.
Seven social workers in Congress lead the Congressional Social Work Caucus and champion equality and improved quality of life for our citizens and do not back down when it is uncomfortable, do step out of comfort zones
on behalf of so many.
Mary Labyak, CEO of Suncoast Hospice in Florida; a Hospice pioneer
was a social worker
a leader in the field of dying and death.
We will miss her
her advocacy, as the hospice world
continues her mission, vision
recognizes that all in life, dying and death
is circles rather than linear thinking.
Soical workers
are the ones who step up and step in
often providing the vast majority of mental health services in this country and are foten the only providers to the communities in rural areas.
And yes, it is true
those with MSW's, LCSW's, doctorates in Social Work
get rather how shall we say it?
Protective of their profession when those without the NASW credentials
call themselves social workers?
Yes that sounds good, let's go with that!!!
The breadth of social work is far reaching,
is hard earned,
becomes skilled and even finer in its care
by the lessons learned by those very folks we are honored to work with and for.
Most of us have been there,
we've learned from the front lines,
the secondary stress of bearing witness,
of seeing, hearing, smelling, taking it all in
going through it,
we form the drum line
and weave a tapestry of society's threads
of colors, textures, tastes...
We are there in the darkest hours, the frightening and traumatic times and when others face challenges, obstacles, and emotional, physical and spirtual upheaval.
Social Workers are the professionals
HOPE and Healing ways
that number is about
65,000 strong
Social Workers!
I'm not about to say
all are great, good, sterling
there are exceptions to every rule.
I will say this,
without a world of professional Social Workers
the world would be a radically different place.
But your hands
over your eyes,
yes NOW.
That would be a world
Social Workers!

Social Work Month
if you happen to BE
a Professional Social Worker
celebrate you!
IFyou happen to know a social worker,
Thank them for the work they do,
cos' trust me on this,
it ain't so easy

March 26 is annual Social Work Day
at the United Nations.
Students, Practitioners and Educators
will convene at the United Nations
to celebrate the efforts ot social workers around the world. the National Association of Social Work President, Jeane Anastas will be there to present her opening remarks and I'm sure she will share HOPE for the present and future to the U.N. as she sets the tone for
The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development to the U.N. secretary general with Gary Bailey, IFSW president and past president of the NASW.
Oh what a world we have
in all its splendor
made more brilliant
by the skills and art
Professsional Social Workers
in our world.

Walk in Beauty,
DRSES, (*LCSW*) with such pride!

*thank YOU social workers for what YOU do and who you are*


fluff said...

Well, Happy Social Work month to you Dr. Sherry. Such good words today. I know, in my own life, at various times, it would have been a very difficult, and almost unbearable time had it not been for a social worker. Bless you Dr. Sherry and Thank you for all you do. Many thanks to the social workers in our lives. Wishing all those who stop by here a Wonderful Wednesday and may your day be peacful and full of Blessings and smiles with every step. Hope the weather is good for you. It is going up to the 80s in SE Michigan today and loving it. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Good day to you Sandy, and thanks for the SOCIAL WORK SHOUT OUT... please thank all those at DMC for the work being done there!
I appreciate all, doing the work,
and 80 in MIchigan, bring on the sun, the magic of new beginnings, the daffodils, crocus, the scents, and buds of wonder.. Blessings to all the great folks of MI
and to you...
Treat you gently

Irene M said...

I wish strength and peace to all the social workers, past, present and upcoming in the field. I know many of them have touched my life from the 70's to the present.
I worked in a hospital with some of the nicest, dedicated people in that department, then, later on in life, the social workers associated with my 3 elders, helped me immensely ! They ROCK and so do you, Dr. SES. On March 26th you all should be proud.
Take care, this hump day. FIRM
P S: Hi Sandy (Fluff), Hi A ! Hi

Anonymous said...

Good morning !!! I am happy be here on my favorite page with my friends.. missed the familiar voices of Fluff/ Firm / COB and others...
Hats off to all social workers !
They are a special breed of folks who make the world a better place with their caring and compassion.. often, they must face some of the most devastating situations, and oh my, the inner strentgh they own...
Often they are the unsung heroes...
Heading out to enjoy a beautiful FL. day, sounds as if spring has arrived in full bloom all over.. 80's in Michigan ?? Sure hope you have some time today Fluff to enjoy the beauty...
wishing the best of heart happiness to all today.. and special honors to all in the Social Service world...
Special thanks to our Doc, always giving so much of herself to so many...
you amaze me Sherry...and I have to say you are doing a superb job and another great service to all with your "keeping it real" videos and blog.. YOU ROCK !!
@ FIRM , been thinking of you... have a wonderful day !!!
hugging my angels ♥ ♥
sign me, A.

DrSES said...

Good to hear from and see all, A to the beach *her office at Honeymoon Island with the purple noodle* and bet the dolphins will be waiting for her, FIRM, in her great spirit and doing it all, COB is takin care of those boys while their mom is in Richmond attending a conference to be better and better for those she cares for in Pulaski Rehab... and folks on both blogs are so kind as they remember to reach out in understanding and appreciation of social work month... others are preparing to walk for MS across the lands and in the streets and around tracks this weekend, while Laura's daughter is clocking 90 miles on a bike each few days in preparation for the MS 150 and others are setting up and preparing to register folks as they sign in and take to the task at hand to CURE MS NOW...
Many are busy, and spring is in the air, and
I appreciate each and every one of you... so happy you are enjoying "Keepin it Real with DR Sherry"
heaing up to the DC area next week, sure hope to connect with old friends once again, and hug that granddaughter of mine!