Thursday, September 16, 2010

HOme Sweet HOME


Just landed... HOME

That's me all right: three bars on DAT there sleeve: PhD with the Red Rocks of Sedona behind me ...

OH WHAT A FEELING... to be with others from all over the world... gathered together in fellowship, in accomplishments...
Many of us had already received, hung, and framed the parchment... have our practices, our ministries, our lives being further enriched by this special ceremony... this gathering...

It was truly amazing . . . and I was so blessed to be surrounded by so many... and held in the arms of my family of Mom, Aunt, and life long friend and souls' sustainer~ while those who couldn't make it were calling, crying and rejoicing from a distance...

And now that I think about it... the distance wasn't that far! It was WITHIN my being, with each heart beat!

Know that prayers were sent for and to all that gather here while in this most sacred home of the Ancestors!

Returned home to my ever lovin four-leggeds who had their very own human here to care for them!!! They had their own vacation ~

AND... what did my eyes feast on after that four legged love in?

Kelly2Wolves beautiful gift had arrived!!! And wow, it took my breath away, as did the lovely words she had written on a card to me, along with the beads of the Cherokee Nation bracelets she sent ... Thanks Sissy all are remarkable.

I feel you and the power of healing in it!

That's it for me...
Prepare for some magnificent photos my friends...
Don't mean to blow my own horn here,
tooot tooot tooot

Olivia is benefiting from the prayers and thoughts.
No cast yet, but the doc says the mold
is fitting so greatly he doesn't want to disturb it for two weeks...
She is a WARRIOR
continue to hold her UP
in thoughts and prayers

We hold each other up here!

Mom continues to heal her leg from CA complications of healing the wound of surgery.
Great news: they got it all
Not so great news: She is fiercely independent and doesn't like to be held down... so healing is not as speedy as should be... she sees doc again next week, but oh boy did she climb and do it all, see it all and be it all in Sedona and the Grand Canyon, along with Aunt Linda!
We had a spectacular time
with each turn in the mountain roads,
each breathtaking moment
HOPE you don't get bored as the
stories come
once I get some

Blessings to all
Oh how the fire is burning brightly with the smells of cedar and sage filling the air from my home onto the winds and to you with thoughts of healing and hope

Walk In Beauty,
Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

welcome home and sincere
congratulations on your accomplishments!
prayers of healing continue for
olivia..... the warrior !
Looking forward to the stories and
Angels in your dreams tonight !
sign me.

Vicki said...

Welcome home! Glad your back in dear old Tarpon Springs!!!!!!

Irene M said...

Could not miss a day's comment, so Ms Sherry:
Congrats to you and yours on your wonderful
acomplishment and venture across the desert.
Get some rest and have a good weekend......
Bet the woofies are glad to see you back.