Friday, September 17, 2010

Success and thoughts on a Friday

Nana's Girls
(where did my baby girl go)
Morning Friday morning as the darkest of times is always before dawn... the coffee is hot, poured two cups this morning... care to join me for a cup?
2Wolves tells me it is already cold out there in SD ~ Perhaps she will enjoy this hot cup of brew first thing this morning with me via spirit ... reckon?
Blessings to you from my home to yours...
as I reflect on the recent and magnificent journey and the many beautiful people that I was hugged by from all over the world ~
I love colors ~ Different bands/tribes/cultures
blending/changing as the seasons
thoughts learning growing leaning
The Ancestors drumming
The Red Road has never felt so beautiful under moccasins ~

Green is Green Blue is Blue
Some say you should not mix colors but if you do...
YOU get turquoise and I must tell you
Turquoise is mighty powerful medicine too ~

The Red Rocks had many colors in them, much power from the Ancestors ... you could feel it ... you could sense the presence of generations and generations and stand in amazing grace there... and you can do that right now... within YOU

I wish you a day of wonder, of many colors and of magic... and ..Success

 Each time we acknowledge fear, and face it, overcome it, we grow more confident in our own abilities.
We grow stronger, less fearful. We owe it then to ourselves to know what we are afraid of, would you agree...

What would we do if we knew no fear. \\
Well, we would do it all.
Try new things, be brave! \\\
We would tackle every opportunity that came our way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Giving up is easy. Staying the course more challenging. Facing the nameless fear emboldens us.
Some people let irrational fear stop them form making any progress
. Think of the worst outcome?
Horrible-izing goes hand in hand with fear... like that word?  >Horrible-izing< I like that word, it just about says it all sometimes!

Imagining  some terrible fate that awaits us keeps us from exercising our own strength. Why would we choose this path? Is it not life limiting.

To walk with fear, crouched down in the shadows when we are each so capable of looking these fears in the face and facing them down?
"Yes, I see you mountain... now get out of my way!"

Do we learn to be fearful form past experiences, or from magical thinking?
Both, I suppose.
Sad though that we give up our personal power so easily.
In each of us lives the potential to move beyond fear.

To take the bull by the horns and experience the richness of life.

No cloak of fear for me.
I will drag out my cape and pin that big “S” on my chest every chance I get.
 I am fearless.
What a great mantra.
Talk about self-empowerrment!
 Does it get any better than this?

Once you convince yourself that all things are possible, half the battle is won. No goal is unreachable.
No desire of the heart is unobtainable.
 Great adventure is possible.
That gives a fullness to life. Creating adventure. Challenging ourselves in ways we once would have feared.

 So to know no fear, we must believe in our own strength.
We must know without reservation that we are strong, able, and fearless.

"Knowing others takes intelligence, knowing yourself takes wisdom, mastering others takes strength, mastering ourselves is true power."
Tao Te Ching

We have the power within ourselves to master our life. To be all that we were meant to be. To face every challenge head on, and to succeed.

Let each of us know first hand success, because we can, and should ~ Choose wisely friends... It is your life, your breath that is being used today...

"The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.”
~ Wilma Mankiller, Chief of the Cherokee People ~

The fire is burning brightly with healing thoughts and hope on the winds ~ We are together in thoughts and prayers ... Sending hope in healing and light ~ ~ ~ warm and wonderful light!

Nana's girl, Olivia in MD continues with the original wrapping on that broken post surgery little ankle and leg... doc says the mold is holding just fine and does not yet want to touch it to attempt casting ~
Her outlook and spirit are wonderful, she is a strong little warrior with compassion for her Momma wanting to be sure she (the momma gets enough rest and does not worry) to be sure the Nana got home safely... she is quite an amazing little one at 10 years old; the pain lessening with each day, her view of beauty as vast as the Grand Canyon and beyond. Thank you for the continual vibrational energies and prayers from across the world for Nana's girl, she thinks it is "awesome" that so many are leaving love here in the comments sections and on Facebook for her... and sends her love and genuine Olivia thank you's to all ~

Matt and his friend, Aaron are leaving in a few days for IRAQ for a year... Please hold these young men in prayers and thoughts, his wife and family as well. Thank you Matt for serving our great Nation, be safe soldier, and come home to your family and your country safely! We will be praying for you and we thank you ~

God bless you and God Bless our Troops.

To those who are serving this great Nation, I thank you and your families, I want you home safely.
We are together in prayer, in thoughts of all that is needed to remind you out there, we are WARRIORS...

We are always alongside the journey with you, along with some powerful angels... May you find comfort in knowing we are with you always: AND for that I give thanks, and so it is!

FOR:Tampa, our Mayor Iorio, Chief Jane Castor, Tampa PD, all who serve:


Christina, Matt and children, Aaron, Lisa and family, Freda, Linda Katie, Pat D, 2Wolves, Tink..and Mitch, Jerry, Trish, Barb, Anastasia, Mary, Rylee, Lindsay, Ann, Sarah, Ruth, Johnny, Bobby and the Tucker Family, The Spraker Family, Aunt Effie and family,
Kenny H, Michelle, Sandy, Addie and family in Canada,

The Kocab Family, baby Lilly Nicole Kocab, The Curtis Family, Tarpon PD, those serving here and there in Uniform...

Mylee, Mikey and family in DC, Jack M & Janis in OC, Stephen, Stuart Wittel in Pakistan and his parents, Lavie Coltrane and her loving family, Pat in Southwest VA, Andrea Gasse and family here and in New England, Ali and family, Randy and Winnie in New Mexico, Jill Wheaton, Dennis and Lynn,
Irene M, Bernice, Eileen and family, Dorothy, Angela, Elijah, Ode, Linda M, "Southwest VA",
Vicki, Matthew and family, Chris, Lovie, Pedro and Our adopted family in BRAZIL,
Our Black American Bears Lily and HOPE, their spunky spirit, Jill, the folks at the NABC, WRI, Joseph, Cathy Madden, Nathan,  and her family., Cindy in NC Cindy, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA,Judi, Matthew, Natalia, Matt, Mark's family and many friends , Pat, Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr B , Charlie and family, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Joyce, Gina, Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa, Pam, Virginia, Stacey, Elizabeth, Nita, Gary Siegal, Adrienna,Brian Mawbey, the Boyan Family, Jean R and friend Christy Rider, Victoria and hubbie, Stephen, Gayle, Steph, Chris, Erica, Eileen, John, Mindy, Jack, Susan Werth Becken, her brother Mike and family, Craig James Lightfoot and his family, Kenny, Audrey, Ed Saner, Patty Crowley, Bennie, Gail, Jonathan, Moe, Beverly, Dennis, Peter, Trish, Cynthia, Heidi,  and ...

(please feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our circle)

Please lift these friends family and loved ones of these people in your hearts and prayers ~
Just because you have the power and choose to to join with us there are some powerful warriors on this page and in the next place along with some awesome angels ~ together we have banded together with the energy, love and support to facilitate healing and hope for so many along their journey... and for that you should feel pride and great love in connection ~

That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches ~

Walk In Beauty,
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

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Irene M said...

Welcome home Sherry, I am pleased to know your trip was all you hoped it would be and more.
Olivia's update sounds positive. She seems to be a very strong and considerate girl. Healing prayers to You, Olivia ! Coffee IS good this morning, it's Friday. Getting into the beautiful weather of late Sept here in Fla.
Breathing sighs of heat relief. NO FEAR HERE,
I remain F I R M

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME, home is where your heart is..
I've always loved that saying...
no fear here either.. have already faced
the worst fear of my life and have found
the inner strentgh to overcome the darkest
of all that is... I , too, love color,
the midwest colors of the canyons and mountains sure are the very best of mother nature"s
I dream in vivid colors... feel sad for those who
view the world in black and white !
Glad to hear Olivia is holding her own..
May the Angels paint rainbows in our world
tofay... for all to enjoy...
peaceful day to all...
sign me,