Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thunder Played Games in the night

Thunder played the drums last night
the gentle rains of fall
fell here, the sounds played on the earth and down the gutters like a tapping, a lovely sound to be certain... as if in harmony with the thunder.

Good morning on this lovely fall morning
as I wait for the light to break and once again be amazed at the beauty that surrounds us.
It was quite remarkable how the light played on the Grand Canyon nearing sunset there; as if a wide brush was painting the canvas before our eyes.
The many layers and then we were honored to see the Eagles soared from below to above the rim
and back again, such incredible flight.
Right there for us and others to witness in addition to the sights and the lights changing by the
hands of the Universal Oneness/God/Creator/
that lives within us.

Last night Buddy Pal #1 sat on the sidelines as the Varsity Bobcats took the field... for the second week his knee has prevented him from playing football.
Now the big question will be ... surgery now or later.
The Bobcats lost their first game of the season last night... so sad.
we have Olivia our little warrior out for the soccer season in Maryland in her orange cast;
D'Vante in Southwest Virginia sitting in pain on the sidelines
Kamryn #10 on the little Bobcats, running and doing, making touchdowns and recovering fumbles and saying his prayers for Olivia and his big brother to be well!
"It was high counsel that I once heard given to a young person. Always do what you are afraid to do."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

And then we have COB (aka Mom, Auntie Dot)...
rumor has it she has backed her beautiful Murano into a tree after having a great lunch with friends... must have been one big tree as it took out the back window of her beloved vehicle :)
I heard of it by text... and all I know is the text also showed me a picture of a jazzy looking blue car that she is now driving as a rental??? {heehe}
Mom does have a "rep" about her backing up skills I will tell ya...
but I'm not saying a word, nope not me.

I did receive this from a reliable source who also says COB (aka MOM, Auntie Dot)
also dialed 911 this past week after cleaning a
hot light bulb that then exploded...
again, just a rumor...
that's all I have to say about that!!!
I also heard that our Chris from this page of Warriors, Breast Cancer Survivor is doing great with the exception that her computer blew up... therefore has no way to access this page... for now!
So, if you want to talk about her, this is your chance!

Exciting NEWS FLASH:
Lily the Black Bear and baby HOPE have dug a DEN... and we are hoping with all HOPE, that they both will soon decide to take up residence for a long nap... with close monitoring by Dr Rogers and Sue and soon a new live Cam to be installed so that 112+ million fans can watch 24/7 like last year in the likely event that Lily gives us more cubs to swoon, and worry and cry over in a few months!
And Lastly, dear sweet Kelly 2 Wolves at 2 Wolves Creations has started a beautiful etching in wood of HOPE and will be donating a percentage of the sales to the Wildlife Research Institute, and is going to make a beautiful memory feather for Lily's brother Cal the collared Black Bear who was Killed this month.
to see her work, it is stunning as is she.

So now that you know my news...
what's new with you?

I'll leave you with a few words from a gentleman who I saw and asked that I pass these words along:
He asked that I remind people of this:
"Tell em doc, I come and see you cos' I figure you and me, well we work well together, you are good for me, you help me keep my self tuned up. Sometimes you may not tell me what I want to hear, but you do tell me what I need... I mean, after all I spent 40k for my car, I get it detailed every two weeks, I paid more than I want to tell anyone for my house... I do the maintenance, and mow and do stuff for my family... and that costs money you know... to keep things running prime, and taking care of things.
So, the way I see it ... I deserve to keep me in top shape, and running to perfection, body, mind, spirit, and you  doc... you help me with that. My wife thinks so too... so the way I see it is ... everyone should have a therapist, an advisor, a spiritual person to come to on a regular basis, to help em stay tuned up... after all if you don't invest in yourself... well doc... you just got to invest and keep yourself held up you know, tell em doc!"

He said it; asked me to tell it, I've told it!
There you have it.

Have a blessed day, invest in YOU
wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

The fire is burning brightly today, with thoughts and prayers on the winds to all who enter here, for all who's names you see often here.
YOU know who you are...
You are being held up today!
Remember, this is your day... it can never be more than what you are going to make it...
go and make it

Walk In Beauty,

For that I give thanks,
so It is!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to finallt be first here !
Sorry to hear about the Bobcat loss. can't win
them all. but you can have a blast trying!
Also , happy to hear Olivia and D'vante are healing.tough to be sidelined :{
I had a vicious week of work, covering for all
who seem to caught an early flu.
I am recouping today. gorgeous day to have off.
No chores in store.. just Rest..
The stories of your trip are welcomed with
enthusiasm here. love the visuals...
I am also to hear that Chris is doing well.
THX for the update...
All of my intended plans for last week blew
out the window... hate when that happens..
I do not like to postpone things like
lunch dates with most treasured people...
beach time and laughing time had to take
place in my head...
Hubby's job suffering many cutbacks in hours..
poison ivy running rampant here... ITCHY !
Let's see... not much of anything
else... staying happy in my heart
and certainly wishing all the same !
Angels dancing on the water today !
Have a great day... STOMP !!!!
(still a favorite activity !)
Sign me,
p.s. Have looked at the art of
Kelly2wolves... AWESOME !!!
are all indian heritage folks soooo
talented ?!!!

Irene M said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Saturday P.M. my comment is as follows: Hi there, soaked to the gills with sweat. Cannot wait for this temp. to fall to a manageable degree !
Now, let's see: backing into a tree, dusting off a HOT light bulb, calling 911, COB at her tricks? Just poking fun, LOL. Glad to hear about Chris, just miss her on the page.
Grand Canyon story very welcome as a visual appears with each word. To the 3 sporty relatives, Kam, DaVante & Olivia, one day at a time, one game, too. Knee, leg & pride will heal, just let ' em. Gotta cool off, so I can remain intact for the rest of this day ! FIRM

Cathy Madden said...

So glad to be back. I had a wonderful trip to Colorado with family. I missed reading all your wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement Doc. As we were at the last day of our stay in the Rocky Mountain National Forest on Monday we witnessed one of those tremendous thunder storms roll over the mountains in all it's majesty. We also took a drive over the Trail Ridge Road and I've got to say in my mind I was singing "How great thou Art" because truly just like the Grand Canyoun there's just not another thing you can say. When you are up 12,000 ft and driving over these mountains it's just the most awesome thing. We got to see Elk and how those males do protect their harem is amazing. Unfortunately there was one hike I didn't go on and 4 members of my family got to see a mother bear with her two cubs. Well, maybe next year. My 87 yr old Mom has said she is ready for her trip to heaven because she knows her 3 children are together in communication and love and was able to witness all of us working in the kitchen together. My husband and I celebrated 41 years of marriage with my family at a dinner at Mary's lodge in Estes Park and what a beautiful view and delicious meal it was. My husband survived being with my family for 7 days and I know that can be challenging at times even after 41 years. Most importantly we were granted a safe round trip driving journey from Houston, TX to Estes Park Colorado. That's a long trip. Many memories were made that will never be forgotten.
Hope DaVante and Olivia heal quickly.

Anonymous said...

Healing Heartaches and body parts too. Sending healing warmth to the young ones. Sad to hear about the tree taking out the rear window. The ways trees just move around and bump inot cars i so frustrating. As for blowing up light bulbs... 911 Calss, never a dull moment here.
I think the man that said we all need periodic tune ups is smart. Keeping spiritually and mentally balanced can be a challenge. Lucky the FL folks are to have access to a great therapist doc. And lucky are we to have the lessons of the blog to help us muddle through life's challenges and celebrations.